Pro Clone to Pay $10,000 to Win at WKA Daytona Dirt

WKA and Daytona International Speedway have set the purse structure for the Pro money classes that will headline the 2013 WKA / Tri-State Dirt World Championships December 27-29 at the DIS Flat Track.

For the second consecutive season Pro Clone for senior racers age 15 and up will headline the big event. The Pro Clone main event, with minimum weight set at 375#, will once again pay $10,000 to win Sunday night, Dec. 29. The Pro Clone class will pay back 10 spots.

Last year, Lawsonville, North Carolina’s “Disco” Donnie Nall scored the big Pro Clone win in a class that saw 72 racers attempt to make the main event. Officials expect similar numbers for Pro Clone this December.

Saturday’s headliner for senior racers will be Pro Animal (375#), which will pay $2,000 to win and pay back five spots. Most senior racers choose to run the Animal Saturday and the Clone engine Sunday.

But senior racers will have a third option in 2013 for their flat karts. The new Pro Gas Animal (370#) division will run Sunday and pay a cool $2,000 to the winner, plus a new WKA Pro Gas Animal engine. In addition, the top-five finishers in Pro Gas Animal will be awarded a Pro Gas Animal engine kit, in an effort to push the class into the Speedway Dirt scene.

The fourth senior class will be Pro Champ (Animal 425#), which will run for $500 to win and pay back five spots. Pro Champ will run Saturday.

Junior 3 racers will now have two big Pro money races to choose from. Last year, only Pro Junior 3 Animal (Gold) ran at Daytona Dirt. Junior 3 teams requested a second Pro class, and WKA officials listened.

Headlining Junior 3 will be the Pro Gold main event, which will run Sunday and pay $2,000 to win and pay back five spots. Last year, Georgia’s Blaze Burns took home the top prize in the 35-kart field.

Joining Pro Gold will be a Pro Junior 3 Clone division that will run Saturday along with the Junior 3 Box Stock (Clone) trophy class. The new Pro Junior 3 Clone will pay $1,000 to win and pay back five spots. Pro Junior 3 Clone will be no plate, small pipe, open clutch.

Junior 1 and Junior 2 racers will each have a pair of Pro races to contest.

Pro Junior 1 Heavy (purple Animal) will pay $1,000 to win and pay back five spots on Saturday.

Pro Junior 2 Heavy (blue Animal/flathead) will pay $1,000 to win and pay back five spots on Saturday, as well.

Sunday Junior 1 and Junior 2 racers will switch to the Clone engine with the headline division the big Junior Clone – open for racers age 8 to 12 – which will pay $2,000 to win and pay back five spots. Junior Clone is green plate, open clutch.

In addition to the 4-cycle Pro racing, the big Unlimited All Stars main event Sunday will pay $1,000 to win, pay back 10 spots and offer a $2,500 purse.

Here’s a breakdown of this year’s Daytona Dirt Pro class structure.

–       Pro Clone: $10,000 To Win (375#)

–       Pro Animal: $2,000 To Win (375#)

–       Pro Gas Animal: $2,000 To Win (370#)

–       Pro Champ: $500 To Win (425# Animal only)

–       Pro Gold: $2,000 To Win (320# Gold Animal only)

–       Pro Junior 3 Clone: $1,000 To Win (320# unrestricted Clone)

–       Pro Junior Clone: $2,000 To Win (age 8 to 12; 280# green Clone)

–       Pro Junior 2 Heavy: $1,000 To Win (age 10 to 12; 290# blue Animal; 280# blue Clone)

–       Pro Junior 1 Heavy: $1,000 To Win (age 7 to 12); 265# purple Animal)

Pre-registration is open through December 13. Go to HERE  to download the Daytona Dirt entry form.

Mail completed pre-entry forms to WKA at 6051 Victory Lane; Concord, NC28027; fax to 704-455-1609 or scan to

Directquestions to WKA Office at 704-455-1606.

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