2014 Plans In the Works for F-Series Gearup Challenge

The engines and tires are barely cold from the last race and we are well underway with plans for 2014. The schedule is coming along nicely, and set for an official release in the very near future. We were planning to release a tentative date schedule but opted for a confirmed date and venue release to ensure no confusion for the upcoming year. We are confirming a very similar schedule to the previous season as we feel it was very challenging to our racers and teams to have such a diverse track championship. As the series is building good relationships with the tracks and their staff we are promising that the upcoming season will be an even more enjoyable experience for all. We are aware that traveling and overnight stays add considerable amount of expense to the experience. We are working on a fabulous plan that will see F-Series racers benefit from considerable hotel discounts at participating locations. Check our site shortly as participating hotels will be available on an accommodation page.

 Besides scheduling we have been very busy working on several improvements, some of the enhancements will establish solid guidelines and ensure a level playing field in the coming season. One change will see a smoother more accurate race day schedule, while retaining the ever popular track time the series has become known for. With additional staff and major sponsor involvement we are sure that the events will take on a whole new look and professionalism while retaining that fun atmosphere. We are extremely excited about one aesthetic addition to the series and without spoiling the surprise everyone will have to wait for round one to see for themselves !!   

Many question revolve around rules: Researching many programs past and present we have come to the conclusion that a series with a single engine program, are not just more beneficial to the customer but also attract more interest. As our class structure offers both options and does allow most popular engines we will not see any major changes to the structure. One change announced earlier this season is the addition of the very popular Mini Rok engine this change will see the program expand the single engine concept to our junior racers. 

2013 was a very successful season for both the F-Series and the NESKS as entries and overall interest was at an all time high. With so many supporters, teams and families working together we are sure certain that 2014 will be a huge success. We have many good surprises in the coming season but one is sure to get a little extra attention as we are introducing a constructors championship battle that will see the most wining chassis in the series gain a very prestigious title. We are currently working on a points formula and prizes package that will see all manufacture be part of this bragging rights battle!! We encourage your chassis importer or representative to register their brand for eligibility. Make sure to stay in touch with www.f1series.com for all the latest details…………

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