WKA Daytona Dirt Senior Class Structure Announced

One of the biggest dirt karting events of the year will be set to go off once again this December 27-29 at the Daytona International Speedway quarter-mile Flat Track, located outside turns one and two of the DIS superspeedway.

The WKA Daytona Dirt World Championships, which last year boasted over 825 entries between two days of racing, will take center stage in the dirt karting community during the final days of the year at the World Center of Racing.

With many racers eagerly waiting details on this year’s event, officials are pleased to announce the class structure for senior classes at this year’s Dirt World Championships.

Similar to last year, a full slate of Briggs Animal and Clone divisions will be offered. They will be as follows.


Box Stock Medium (350#)
Box Stock Heavy (375#)
Box Stock Super Heavy (400#; max kart weight 200#)
Box Stock Senior (375#)… age 35 and up


Animal Medium (350#)
Animal Heavy (375#)
Animal Super Heavy (400#; max kart weight 200#)
Animal Senior (375#)… age 35 and up
Gas Animal (375#)
PRO GAS ANIMAL (375#)… $2,000 AND race-ready Animal to win.


Champ Lite (410#) Animal only
FCKL Senior Champ Mix (425#) BP Clone or Animal, no restrictor on either
PRO CHAMP (425#) Animal only… $500 TO WIN

Officials have plans and all intentions to run 2-cycle classes – one each day – at this year’s event. Details are being finalized on the pair of 2-cycle classes that will be offered, and details will be announced soon.

Parking is $50 per spot (12’x40′ space). Contact WKA’s Keith Shampine to reserve parking at 704-455-1606 or keith@worldkarting.com.

Maxxis Spec Tire at Daytona Dirt

WKA officials are pleased to announce that all 4-cycle classes will run a Maxxis-only spec tire at this year’s Daytona Dirt World Championships, December 27-29 at the Daytona International Speedway Flat Track.

The only classes that will not run a Maxxis spec tire are any 2-cycle classes that are offered. Those classes will run open tire.

WKA officials are delighted to work with Maxxis for the second consecutive Daytona Dirt show and greatly appreciate the support from Goldspeed USA.

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