Morning Coffee: Thursday – October 17

Karting’s Mass Marketing Machine

Social media is key to the growth of karting

I’m pleased to say that the first edition of my ‘Morning Coffee’ went over pretty well.  Great feedback, which is nice.  I want to thank everyone who ‘liked’ and ‘shared’ the blog announcement on Facebook and those who ‘retweeted’ it on Twitter.  This is the kind of reaction and support we were hoping for.  We also had a few people comment in the EKN Global Member Discussion section below, which was fantastic.  Big thanks to Bill Wright, Brad Johnson and James Boswell for posting their thoughts and opinions.  This is a key component of EKN v2.1, as we’re really looking to facilitate an increase in topical and timely discussion focused on the happenings in the sport.  We’ve got so much going on in karting these days; so many awesome events and big announcements…we need to talk them up and spread the world.  The EKN Global Member Discussion window that follows each and every editorial post on the site is a perfect place to foster this type of community interaction.

And it is from this concept that I draw attention to one of the most potent tools in promoting our sport to the public.  Every karting enthusiast who now embraces the power of social media can play a role in the marketing of karting.  It’s all about pushing karting content out through vehicles like Facebook and Twitter, putting information on the sport in front of our own unique personal social communities.  That’s level one in building awareness – educate the people you know, the people you’re connected with online. Yes, you’re likely already taking the steps to promote yourself and your racing program through your Facebook updates and Tweets, talking about the sport, and that awesome.  Keep it up.

So what’s the next step?  I challenge you to start pushing out more content, more stories, more news and more reports.  EKN has always enjoyed thoughtful and intriguing dialogue, and its editorial and discussion is perfect for sharing with your friends and family.  See a cool new editorial feature or report on EKN?  Put it out to your ‘Friends’ and ‘Followers’.  It only takes a click of the mouse button, on the specialized ‘Share’ line-up that we have placed at the bottom of each article.  Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr, Pinterest or Email…the direct ‘Share’ links are all there for you.   One click and you’re spreading the word on the sport to your community.  And if even one of your recipients does the same, sends the link onto their inner circle, you’ve broken new ground.   You can do this with an article, a press release, a column or even a cool or informative forum thread (just cut and paste the URL and pass it on).

It doesn’t take much to be part of karting’s mass marketing machine….only the click of your mouse.


10 thoughts on “Morning Coffee: Thursday – October 17

  1. Hi Rob,

    I’m really looking forward to seeing more “Morning Coffee”.

    Many of us who have been around the sport for so long (ouch!?) appreciate your unique, informed perspective.

    That’s not to say we all always agree!! LOL!!

    However, one thing I think we can all agree on is that positive, constructive discussion of important topics is necessary for the long-term health of karting.

    I look forward to seeing what you brew up next!!

    • Thanks Bill! I appreciate the comment.

      The older I get, the more I’ve been trying to get myself to focus in listening to other people’s opinions. We all know what ‘opinions’ are like, and everybody has one. ;-) That said, gathering different view points is so valuable at developing new ideas and new thoughts. I know that people will often disagree with my own opinions, and I’m good with that. Just as long as we’re talking, it’s good.

      I ‘m excited about the idea of sitting down most mornings to discuss my thoughts on the sport. Just be fun.

  2. Rob, You may cover this later as you mentioned but what would stop the curb flying? What could Garrett do to lessen the severity, smaller curb or opening the corner? NOLA is a pretty nice spot, wish I could have been racing instead of flagging the TPKC event.

    • Brad, I think that the best option would be to simply remove them and have a straight run through those areas of the track. The backstraight would have that typically awesome hard braking zone that leads to so much passing. If you blocked going into the last corner, you’d lose exit speed and would get passed in T1 anyway. They’re just in the wrong places on the track, IMO. But, the track has already been homologated, so to make changes would require the investment of bringing over the CIK rep to sign off, which is expensive.

      They can remove them, nor can they really stop the karts from using them in an realistic way, so grinding them down a little will likely be the only real option.

  3. Fair enough. Here’s another one for you, if you started from scratch on a track, and wanted a right left complex like NOLA has after the straight or at the opposite end that was a low fly zone, how would you fix the issue? Little bit more space between apexes? Just curious so that when I win a mega lotto and build a mega complex here in Tx. I can say I had input from a prominent karting proponent. I imagine that no matter what the “racer brain” will take over and they’ll fly them anyway.

    • You know, Brad, like I said, I probably wouldn’t use a chicane in any design that I came up with. That said, yes, they can be a rhythm section, and if laid out correctly, can penalize for a bad line.

      I expect that to make them work, and to eliminate both the ‘need’ and ‘ability’ to fly them, they would need to #1 – be at a slower part of the track so you couldn’t fully jump the grass, #2 – have more left to right motion to actually become a true ‘esses’. If they had a more signifiant turn back on the other side, the speed needed to actually jump the curbing would send a well past the turn-in for the next corner.

      Again, I personally see these as challenging part of the track that require precise turn-in at the opening corner of the chicane. If you miss the opening corner, you’d be late on the second turn, hence penalizing you on exit speed. If you make a mistake, you pay for it. Isn’t that the basic design theory? A track needs to be a challenge to drive the perfect line. If you make a mistake it costs you.

  4. Rob,
    Great to find this site ! I watched KRN Broadcast from Nola on Saturday & Sunday and was very impressed, with both Track & Broadcast ! You ( and Stu ) did a EXCELLENT job of announcing ! Looking forward to Grand Finals next month ! Keep up the good work !

    • Thanks James! I’m happy that you tuned in. Alain and I are handling just the trackside PA play-by-play for the Grand Finals, as Ken Walker will be on-site to provide the call for the live video. Ken is the international voice of Rotax, but I know there has been talk of me helping out a little. It’s always an honor to work with Ken.

      Happy you found EKN as well. Feel free to poke around and check out the new site design. All the best – RH

  5. To all involved at NOLA Pan Am Rotax race Sunday,
    From the announcers calling the races, The F1 scoring positions on the left side of the screen, Race Monitor, Blog, Hearing the karts (very important in my opinion), The producer calling the camera shots following the action (Great camera locations, angles and panning), INSTANT REPLAY!!!, The LIVE interview with ??? (lady from New Orleans) about the TV spots during the Saints football game and upcoming Rotax World Promotions In The U.S.A. No audio or video crashes.
    To the race of the day in Jr Max and the very talented young lady, Ashley Rogero, who’s last lap, flying through the air pass, won the race!!!
    What is Karting all about ? What do you tell new people interested in our sport ? I tell em about the great family fun, challenge, life-long real friendships, Winning, Loosing, DNF’s, DQ’s, Sportsmanship (Ashley skipping tech so her friend and teammate can get a spot on TEAM USA ). And as soon as a video of that race is available, I will post it on my facebook page, and show my friends and neighbors what karting is all about.
    I tip my hat to you Rob and everyone who loves and promotes OUR GREAT SPORT.

  6. Rob,

    Having been part of the European Karting scene and the one here (as I am sure a lot of fellow readers/subscribers have) I think the Europeans have us beat due to relatively close distances that keep them all on one page. Unfortunately I have seen the opposite at times here in the states; but, the thing that can help bring karters together, and to a new level, is social media. You hit the nail on the head and I have seen in the past few years, karting in North America become tighter and more competitive than ever. And I think a lot of that has to do with social media. I, for one, can’t wait to see what the future holds for karting here in North America. And the new version of ekartingnews is a MASSIVE step in the right direction. Here is to the future of karting in North America! Cheers!

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