WKA Announces Online Training for Race Officials, Master Tracks and Race Series

WKA is entering an exciting new era as it begins to offer live, online training for its Race Officials and representatives of WKA Master Tracks, Race Series and Clubs. These online seminars will make it possible for Race Officials and representatives from WKA Master Tracks and Racing Series to receive valuable training without the time and financial commitment needed to attend formal classroom events. The seminars will be presented using GoToMeeting.com, a popular online training application used by many major corporations.

Initially there will be two distinct seminars.

Race Official Training
The first of two online offerings will be Race Official Training, a seminar that has already been delivered in a classroom format several times over the past three years. This seminar is designed for national, divisional and local race and event officials. As we have with the classroom seminars, the online seminars will be presented in an interactive format allowing for questions and interaction with other participants. All of WKA’s national race officials have successfully completed this seminar as have some of our divisional series and master track officials.

Included are job descriptions for virtually every position on the race event team including:

  • Race director
  • Flagman
  • Corner worker
  • Grid steward
  • Chief scorer
  • Technical inspector
  • Gate Keeper
  • Registrar
  • Scale operator

This seminar will be offered on Monday, October 28 at 7:30 PM EDT. It generally runs for about 90 minutes. At the end of the seminar, those participants wishing to apply for SFI/WKA Race Official Certification will be provided with an open book exam that they can compete and return to SFI. Those participants who pass the exam will become SFI/WKA Certified Race Officials.

Club, Track and Race Series Management
Where the Race Official Training described above focuses on individuals directly involved in the conduct of race events, this seminar, Club, Track and Race Series Management, is designed for the people who lead, manage and administer the organizations behind the race events. Its objective is to help provide a solid organizational foundation with strong sustainable leadership, good business management and sound financial controls. It can provide a roadmap for creating a new club, track or series or a checklist to review an existing organization.

The information presented is based in part on WKA’s own experience in bringing the Association to its present healthy financial position. The seminar will be taught in an interactive format which will provide opportunities for participants to ask questions and share their own experiences in running a successful organization.

Topics include:

  • Organization Structure – mission, vision and values
  • Annual Checklist
  • Personnel – organization and event
  • Members
  • Event Operation
  • Contracts & Settlement
  • Schedule
  • Registration
  • Scoring
  • Points
  • Performance Tracking
  • Financial Tracking & Reporting
  • Track Benefit and Insurance

This seminar will be offered online using GoToMeeting.com on Monday, November 4 from 7:30 PM to 9:00 PM.

The cost per person for either seminar is $125. Individuals who attend both seminars can do so for a combined cost of $185. SFI/WKA Certification is available for participants in Race Official Training. Those participants successfully completing the exam will receive a clothing patch and an ID card, and their names will be included on the list of SFI/WKA Certified Race Officials. The certification is good for two years.

To register for either or both of these seminars can call Marie Borsuk at WKA Headquarters, 704-455-1606 x11. Participants must be WKA members in good standing and register in advance to attend.

To participate in the online seminar they must be able to sign on the GoToMeeting.com system through a high speed internet connection. They can use their computer speakers and microphone, or they can use a telephone connection for the audio portion of the seminar. If they have never used this service before, they will have to go to the GoToMeeting.com website and download the required software prior to the seminar. Complete instructions will be sent to participants when they register for the seminars.

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