Industry Spotlight: New Aluminos Kart Gaining Momentum Off SKUSA SummerNationals Win

Kiwi Daniel Bray provided new ‘Aluminos’ chassis with victory lane visit in Grand Junction

The new Aluminos chassis has debuted with victories at the local level and national scene (Photo:

aluminos_logoIf you were debuting a brand new kart at a national event, a chassis that had your own blood, sweat and tears poured into its development, and was adorned with your team name, you couldn’t ask for a better outcome than to score a dominating victory in one of the toughest classes out there, at one of the biggest races of the year. For Rob Soares and his Aluminos squad, this was the exact result that was delivered when they rolled out their new Aluminos chassis for the S1 Pro Stock Moto main event at the fourth annual Superkarts! USA SummerNationals in Grand Junction, Colorado back in July. Long-time Aluminos lead pilot Daniel Bray – the 2011 SKUSA Pro Tour S1 champion – passed the #1 ranked Fritz Leesmann early on in the final and powered away to a thrilling victory, signaling the arrival of Aluminos as a leading chassis brand.  The race was held at the ultra-racy Grand Junction Motor Speedway and fight in the S1 class was epic.

Soares actually debuted the new kart himself earlier in the year at a Red Line Oil Championship event at Simraceway in Sonoma, California, which is the home of the Aluminos headquarters.  Soares won in his debut as well, sweeping the day in the Rotax Masters class.

“We’ve worked very closely with the GP Kart factory for years, providing detailed input and feedback from our drivers and staff in regards to chassis design and requirements specific to the tracks we run and the tires we are mandated to use,” offered Soares, who is looking forward to the fall and winter chassis sales season, as he hopes to put many drivers in new Aluminos karts for 2014. “We’ve taken all that knowledge and have worked up a design that will be the basis for our new Aluminos karts.  Daniel’s win at the SummerNationals was a huge deal for us, as it verified that we’ve got a great product that’s capable of winning at the highest level.”

The overall design of the new chassis is six years in the making, and includes significant input over the year by the Aluminos team and many of the top-notch drivers who have run under Soares’ banner over the years.  Veterans like Tom Dyer, Daniel Bray and Fritz Leesmann have all played roles in the design approach. Aluminos will offer three different models for 2014.  The Sonoma and Rio options are both the 32mm chassis targeted at the shifterkart and TaG categories.  The Sonoma uses the same tubing throughout the design, while the Rio utilizes tubing of mixed stiffness to deliver a different ride and unique tuning capabilities.  The 30mm Estoril will be ideal of Rotax and TaG competition.

Team Aluminos is currently setting up shop in California for the Streets of Lancaster Grand Prix and will then be looking forward to this year’s SKUSA SuperNationals.  The introduction of the new Aluminos chassis will be seamlessly into a proficient operation that formulates arrive-and-drive programs, driver coaching services, or customized tailored programs to fit the needs of their customers in either Stock Moto or TaG categories. If you are already planning for events in 2014, be sure to visit for more information on their professional race team operation and also for new and used chassis listings. Details for the entire chassis line, as well as all the trackside services, will be available on a brand new website that will be launching very soon.

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