WKA to Provide Free Tires and Incentives for Every Class at Manufacturers Cup Finale

Free rear tires for TaG racers, eight sets of 'Stones & $50 Daytona gift cards all to be awarded

A groundbreaking incentive program from Bridgestone and its distributors is set to commence next weekend at the first-ever WKA national event at the new GoPro Motorplex in Mooresville, N.C., where the Mazda / Bridgestone Manufacturers Cup Series will close its 2013 tour.

Beginning with the Man Cup’s three TaG categories – Parilla Senior, TaG Senior and TaG Masters – every entry in these classes will receive their rear race tires – a new set of Bridgestone YLB 7.10×5″ rear tires – next week at Mooresville. If a driver is competing in both Parilla and TaG Senior classes each day, this means that driver will receive four sets of new rear tires.

The tires are not discounted and there is no need to mail in a certificate. The tires will be on-site, to be distributed at a designated pickup station, and completely FREE OF CHARGE.

Front tires and practice tires are the competitor’s responsibility. Competitors must contact their preferred Bridgestone tire dealer for the weekend’s practice tires and front tires.

The rear tires distributed to TaG competitors next week will be of the same serialized number and must be used as each competitor’s race tires for each class he or she enters. A TaG racer will not be able to take the track for qualifying without the specified serialized tires that will be distributed.

To police this, the official WKA Kart Entry Form, which every Man Cup competitor completes to record tire serial numbers, engine seal number, etc., will be handed to the TaG competitor at the designated station where they’ll receive their tires. When picking up the rear tires, the competitor will have to record the rear-tire serial numbers on the Kart Entry Form at that time, which will then be officially stamped by a WKA representative.


WKA has stepped forward to post eight sets of new Bridgestone tires to the four Yamaha Manufacturers Cup classes at Mooresville- Yamaha Rookie, Yamaha Sportsman, Yamaha Junior and Yamaha Senior.

Saturday’s final winner in the four Yamaha classes will win the first set of Bridgestones. After each feature race Saturday, the winner will be called to the announcer’s tower to draw a number from a hat. Each number will represent a top-10 position and whichever number is drawn will be the finishing position for the driver who will win the other set of Bridgestones from Sunday’s main event.

To clarify, Saturday’s Yamaha Rookie final winner will draw a number. If the number drawn is “6,” then the sixth-place finisher in Sunday’s Yamaha Rookie final will win the set of Bridgestones.

These awards will come as a certificate and will need to be redeemed at Grand Products or Margay Racing Products at the Daytona Sprint Championships this December 27-30. Tires will be on-site at Daytona to be picked up then for the racing events at the Sprint Championships.

These certificates will not be transferred to another race. They will be good for Daytona only!


Seven $50 credit certificates toward the WKA Daytona Sprint Championships entry fees will be awarded to one lucky driver in the following classes: Yamaha Rookie, Yamaha Sportsman, Cadet Sportsman, Komet Sportsman, Komet Junior, Yamaha Junior and Yamaha Senior.

The certificate will go to the overall best finisher in each of those categories at Mooresville. The best average finish between Saturday’s Final 1 and Sunday’s Final 2 will win the certificate. In the event of a tie, the driver with the better finish in Sunday’s final will win the certificate.

The certificates will be mailed to each winning competitor the week after the RACERSITES Nationals, and will be good for $50 toward the total cost of Daytona entry fees.

Similar to the tires that will be awarded, the $50 certificate is good only for the Daytona Sprint Championships and not transferable to another event.

In an big effort to give back to the racers and teams who make the Manufacturers Cup Series the country’s most competitive 2-cycle sprint series, this unprecedented promotion has every class getting a piece of these great incentives.

This is the final day to pre-enter for the RACERSITES Nationals at the GoPro Motorplex. Go to HERE to download the event entry form.

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