Rain Dampens Track, Not the Racing Action during GoPro Motorplex Karting Challenge Round Seven

GoPro Motorplex logoHeavy rains soaked Round Seven of the GoPro Motorplex Karting Challenge, the first event of this weekend’s doubleheader. The rain may have dampened the track, but not the moods of the competitors, with many drivers getting the chance to demonstrate their tactful and impressive driving skills in the rain.

Jordan Heffner, Neil Verhagen, Nick Losito, Joey Essma, Gresham Wagner, Jeremy Fairbairn, Dusty Davis and Justin Halliday all scored final wins in Round Seven of the GoPro Motorplex Karting Challenge this afternoon.

It was Jordan Heffner who schooled the Micro Max division of drivers with her rain skills. Hannah Greenemeier out-qualified Heffner with a 57.356-second lap, but as soon as the rain started falling there was no driver that could catch Heffner. In both the pre-final and final races, Heffner checked out to the lead early, winning the final by almost 10 seconds over the field. Pauly Massimino and Jeremy Fairbairn rounded out the top three.

In the Mini Max division, Neil Verhagen scored the win in the 15-lap final. Enzo Fittipaldi stole the win in the pre-final when Verhagen suffered mechanical issues on the last lap after the two drivers battled the majority of the race. The final was a similar story, with an intense battle between Verhagen and Fittipaldi. Verhagen stormed into the lead on the first lap with a power move on the backstretch taking Fittipaldi and Blake Hunt three-wide.

By halfway, Verhagen still had the lead, but Fittipaldi was right on his bumper. Fittipaldi made a bold move on the inside of Verhagen exiting the last turn coming to the white flag. However, Verhagen shut him down in Turn One and took back control of the lead. Verhagen scored the win, followed by Emory Lyda in second and Jonathan Martin in third. Fittipaldi was disqualified following post-race inspection.

Nick Losito won the exciting, 20-lap Rotax Senior final race. Derek Dignan moved into the early lead, but at halfway Losito had managed to close onto the bumper of Dignan. As Dignan and Losito began to battle, Brenden Johnson moved into contention, closing in on the leaders from the third position. With nine laps to go, the top-three drivers were nose-to-tail. Losito tried every move in the book to get around Dignan, but Dignan was able to hold off Losito’s attempts multiple times. Dignan crossed the line in first, but was disqualified following post-race inspection. Losito was given the win, followed by Johnson in second and Roger Ralston, Jr. in third.

In the Rotax Junior division, Joey Essma dominated the 20-lap final race. Mitch Goldfarb qualified on the pole with a 50.526-second lap. However, Essma won the pre-final by over nine seconds and won the final by over 10 seconds. Essma was in the safest position on the track, out in front of the melee the wet track conditions caused. Competitors spinning towards the front of the field collected several drivers, knocking them out of contention to challenge Essma’s lead. Essma took the win, followed by Connor Jevens and Mitch Goldfarb.

Dusty Davis also had a dominating performance in the TaG Senior division, qualifying on the pole with a 48.708-second lap, winning the pre-final by just a little over a second on Dignan and winning the 20-lap final by almost four seconds on the field. Dignan finished in second and Austin Cindric in third position.

Justin Halliday won the TaG Masters 20-lap final, followed by Kevin York and Bob Speiss.

Gresham Wagner won the Yamaha Junior 15-lap final, followed by Garrit Speiss and Abby Sinon in second and third, respectively.

Jeremy Fairbairn won the Yamaha Sportsman division final race.

For a complete list of final results and points standings from Round Seven of the GoPro Motorplex Karting Challenge, CLICK HERE.

GoPro Motorplex is hosting a special six-race championship for Rotax Micro Max and Mini Max competitors that will send the Champion in each division to the Micro and Mini NOLA Invitational Rotax MAX Challenge that will run alongside of the Rotax MAX Challenge Grand Finals on November 13-16 at NolaMotorsportsPark. For more information on the championship: CLICK HERE. For the current Rotax Micro Max and Mini Max Points Standings for this additional Championship: CLICK HERE.

The GoPro Motorplex Karting Challenge will be back in action for the second segment of the doubleheader weekend tomorrow for Round Eight. Each segment of the GoPro Motorplex Karting Challenge consists of two rounds of practice, qualifying, prefinal and final races for all 13 classes. Round Eight will follow the same event schedule as today’s race, CLICK HERE.

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