Back to School Race Weekend for Red Line Oil Karting Championship

Fitz-Simon and Salaverria win GoPro feature races, Avansino wins coaching day with Memo Gidley

Micro Max podium

The Labor Day weekend race of the Red Line Oil Karting Championship marked both the end of summer and the beginning of school for many of the drivers.  Two GoPro feature races highlighted the Mini and Micro Rotax classes, sending the drivers back to school with a great new training tool.  Both Dustin Salaverria and Horatio Fitz-Simon “schooled” the rest of their competitors to win the GoPro Hero cameras.

Michael Avansino also took his fellow racers to “school” by winning the race from a 9th place grid position. Michael won a much sought after day of private coaching with Memo Gidley.

Great racing was also seen in most other classes on the technical Sprint track configuration.

GoPro feature Race #1: Micro Max
Nine drivers took to the track with Dustin Salaverria taking the pole three tenths of a second ahead of Aiden O’Neill with Tait Blum taking 3rd.  In the first Pre-Main, Dustin led flag to flag followed by O’Neill, Blum and Gino Sandoval.  In the second Pre-Main, it was Dustin wining again by an even larger margin over O’Neill with Sandoval 3rd and Blum 4th.  At the start of the Main, O’Neil took the lead out of turn one with Dustin right behind while Sandoval and Garrett Randolph Jr got by Blum.   It did not take long before Dustin passed O’Neill and started to pull away. Sandoval, Randolph and O’Neill then mixed it up, during the close racing O’Neil was forced off course and restarted dead last.  There was no stopping Dustin this day as he pulled away to a twelve second win followed by Sandoval, Randolph and Blum.  Unfortunately in post race tech, Sandoval had an issue that dropped him out with a DQ and that elevated Randolph to 2nd, Blum to 3rd and Grant Langon to 4th with O’Neill recovering to take 5th.  Dustin took home the GoPro Hero camera for his dominating performance.

Mini Max podium

Mini Max podium

GoPro feature Race #2: Mini Max
For most of the day, Horatio Fitz Simon looked to be pulling off the same feat as Dustin did in the Micro Max class, but things got interesting in the Main.  In Qualifying, Horatio took the pole ahead of the other seven drivers with Tomas Mejia 2nd, and Matteo Sandoval 3rd.  In the first Pre-Main, Horatio leads the field through turn one followed by Matteo with Tomas in 3rd.  These drivers pulled away from the rest of the field but there were no real challenges from each of them and at the end it was Horatio 1st, Matteo 2nd, Tomas 3rd and Bryson Lew 4th.  In the second Pre-Main, Horatio took the lead out of turn one followed by Tomas, Sandoval and Colin Mullan and this is how they finished the race.  For the Main, Horatio again lead the field through turn one followed by Sandoval, Mejia and Mullan.  For the first half of the 15 lap Main it looked like a repeat of the Pre-Mains with Horatio holding a small but comfortable margin over Sandoval.  But at mid race, the leader’s kart started to slow and Matteo reeled in Horatio and made a pass for the lead with about three laps to go.  Overcoming the lack of performance from the engine, Horatio drove the wheels off his kart to just stay close to Sandoval.  Going into the last lap, Horatio pushed even harder, with three turns to go. Horatio got a great run on Matteo and was able to get the inside line of the second to last corner and won the dash into the last corner to take the win by .273 of a second.  Sandoval, who had also put on a great drive, had to settle for a solid second place, Tomas Mejia 3rd, Mullan 4th and Lew 5th.  Horatio took home a GoPro Hero camera for his strong and patient race performance.

IAME TaG and Junior TaG
This race turned out to be one of the best of the day with four drivers exchanging the lead in the Main.  In Qualifying, Maxx Marian took the pole from John Waldrop and Bryson Guzman.  This is the third year in a row in which John makes his one and only visit to the Red Line Oil series and the past two years have not been too successful for John.  In the first Pre-Main, Marian lead the initial laps but Waldrop got by the series points leader to take the win, Marian 2nd, Guzman 3rd and Tazio Ottis 4th with the Junior Tag of Jon Morton 7th.  In the second Pre-Main, Maxx took the initial lead again with Guzman getting under Waldrop on the start and holding off Waldrop to take 2nd, Waldrop 3rd and the junior Morton 4th.  The Main proved to be a four kart race with Marian, Waldrop, Guzman and Ottis running nose to tail for the entire race.  Marian held the lead, and then Guzman, and finally Ottis took the lead when the two front runners nearly crashed into each other with Waldrop following into 2nd.  Going into the last lap, Waldrop out-braked Ottis into the bottom turn and took over the lead.  Tazio was not able to recover enough to mount a challenge and Waldrop took the win after two years of trying in what was the best IAME Tag race of the year.  Tazio Ottis was 2nd, Marian 3rd, Guzman 4th, Colin Jurczak 5th and the junior Joe Morton 6th.

Pro Stock Honda podium

Pro Stock Honda podium

EVO Electric Karts
The EVO electric kart class mixed things up this race. New driver, Tristan Bayless took the pole ahead of the usual pole winner Marcos Ramirez with Jon Horsley 3rd.  In the first Pre-Main, Ramirez reasserted his position as the top driver and took over the lead on lap two, coming home three seconds clear of Tristan with Horsley 3rd.  In the second heat, Ramirez again got into the lead, Tristan spun and then Marcos had his chain come off. Horsley took the lead to come home thirteen seconds ahead of Richard Hilleman with Bayless 3rd.  In the Main, Horsley took the lead from his pole position but Ramirez made the pass for the lead early on and pulled out to a comfortable lead. Things get interesting as Horsley started to close the gap on Ramirez near the end of the eleven lap race but time ran out. Ramirez took the win, Horsley 2nd with his best performance of the year, Bayless 3rd and Gabe DeVault 4th.

Pro Stock Honda
After an exciting race last month, there was more excitement in store for the Pro Stock 125 shifter class.  Yes, more excitement but in a different way.  In Qualifying, rookie sensation Alex Keyes took the pole ahead Daniel Langon, Nic LeDuc and Brian Keck.  In the first Pre-Main, LeDuc got by on the start and had a nose to tail duel with Keyes.  Three karts tangled in turn two which eliminated Langon, Hunter Pickett and Michael Raimes.  Will Preston worked his way past the tangle and came home 3rd ahead of Keck and Cabot Bigham.  Preston did not get by a post race tech inspection and was moved rear of the finishing order.  In the second Pre-Main, a cleaner race ensued with Langon taking the lead at the start and holding off Keyes for the win, Keck another 3rd, LeDuc 4th and Preston 5th.  In the Main, LeDuc squeezed Keyes at the start to take the lead, Langon 2nd, Keck 3rd and Keyes 4th .  LeDuc and Keyes battled with Keck and getting by Langon, then the two of them battled the entire race.  LeDuc pulled out a small margin and held it to the end to take his first ever Pro Stock main win. Going into the last lap Langon tried a pass on Keck that did not work out and these two drivers were parked on the outside of turn one. Keyes grabbed 2nd, Cabot Bigham then moved into 3rd spot, his best finish of the year with Jason Toft coming home 4th after starting from the back row in a back up kart.

Rotax Masters
With seven karts in the class, James Dix took the pole in Qualifying followed by Bob Olson and Kevin Woods.  In the first Pre-Main, Dix lead from flag to flag to start off what he hoped would be his quest for his first ever Masters feature win.  Scott Ripslinger came home in 2nd followed by Bob Olson and Billy Scott.  In the second Pre-Main, Dix again led the way to win, but he was chased closely to the checkered by Bob Olson with Kevin Woods taking 3rd.  In the Main, Dix again took the point closely followed by Olson.  If Dix was going to win his first ever Main, he had to do it with lots of pressure from Olson.  In the end, Dix did not miss a beat and took the win with Olson less than a second back, Kelly Heil 3rd and John Breidinger 4th.

Rotax Masters podium

Rotax Masters podium

80 Masters and DD2 Masters
A strong field of 80 shifters and the DD2 Masters took to the track.  Mark Nason made his annual trip down from Reno and took the pole ahead of Geoff Provo and Tom Nelson.  In the first heat, Nason took the lead with Provo close behind followed by Nelson and Roger Cornwall.  Provo kept the heat on but could not find a way by and the top four drivers finished just as they started.  In the second heat, Nelson was able to work his way to the front to take the win followed by Nason, Provo and Cornwall.  At the start of the Main, Nason took the lead with Nelson and Provo right behind. Provo then spun and had to restart, eventually finishing 7th.  Nason opened up a small gap over Nelson and drove home for the win, Nelson 2nd, Cornwall 3rd and Rob Mullaney 4th. David Palic took home the DD2 points and trophy for the win.

Senior Rotax
This was largest field of the year for the Senior class and looked set to make a great race.  Points leader Jarrett Lile took the pole ahead of Wesley Boswell and Carlos Caldron.  In the first Pre-Main, Calderon took over 2nd as the pack exited turn one and then got by Lile to take over the front spot.  Lile stayed close but settled for 2nd in the end, Boswell 3rd and Daniel de la Calle 4th.  In the second heat, Calderon again came from the second row and got past Lile to take the win followed by Lile and de la Calle.  In the Main, Calderon and Lile battled early in the race for the lead spot with Lile taking the point then pulling out a small margin.  Calderon did not have the same speed as he had earlier in the day and was not able to mount any challenge. At the end, Calderon had to settle for 2nd followed by de la Calle and Tazio Ottis in 4th.  Unfortunately, Calderon did not make it through post-race tech thus Lile remained the winner, de la Calle moved into 2nd, Ottis to 3rd and Justin Ynez 4th.

Stock Honda Masters
Jim Kidd took the pole ahead of a tough field of drivers followed by Jim Inglebright and Justin Bennett.  In the first heat, Kidd took the lead at the start and was never challenged. He went on to a three second win over Inglebright with David Arnstein 3rd and Bennett 4th.  In the second Pre-Main, Inglebright got the lead going into turn one and held it to the checkered flag with Kidd right on his rear bumper, Arnstein 3rd and Josh Buttafoco 4th.  In the Main, Kidd was on pole and exited turn one in the lead followed by Inglebright.  Kidd pulled out a small margin and did not make a mistake to drive onto the win followed by Inglebright, Arnstein and Bennett.

Rotax Senior podium

Rotax Senior podium

JMJ Motorsports Junior Rotax
Michael Avansino took the pole ahead of Enzo Prevost, Annie Breidinger and Jaden Conwright.  In the first Pre-Main, Avansino took the early lead followed by Enzo and Annie.  Annie then got by Enzo and the two of them pulled away from Conwright.  Disaster struck Avansino early on and he slowed eventually coming home 9th.  Annie took the win, Prevost 2nd, Conwright 3rd and Michael Michoff 4th.  In the second Pre-Main, again Avansino took the initial lead but this time he pulled off on lap 5 with a mechanical problem.  Annie took her second win followed by Conwright, Prevost and Carter Herrera.  In the Main, Annie and Prevost on the front row with Avansino starting 9th.  At the drop of the flag, Annie took the initial lead but Prevost got by Annie then Jaden passed Annie into second then Michoff passed Annie to take over 3rd.  Avansino worked his way through the field and passed the front four one by one to eventually take over the lead.  Avansino then opened up a small lead with Prevost Conwright and Michoff battling hard for the second spot.  On the last lap, Conwright and Michoff touched as they entered the infield section with Conwright shooting off the track; Michoff slowed enough to allow Annie to squeeze by.  At the checkered, Avansino took a much deserved win with Prevost 2nd, followed by Annie, Mason Cohen and Michoff.  Unfortunately, Prevost did not make it through post race tech thus elevating Annie Breidinger to 2nd, Cohen to 3rd, Michoff to 4th and Arman Nikfar to 5th.

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