Industry News: Comet Racing Engines win 10 at WKA Manufacturers Cup at Pitt Race

Comet Racing Engines logoComet Racing Engines traveled to the Pittsburgh International Race Complex for Round 5 of the 2013 WKA Manufacturers Cup. It was another successful event for the Comet Racing Engines team with 10 wins, 11 poles and numerous podium finishes.

Yamaha Rookie Sportsman 1 and 2 – Jeremy Fairbairn earned a pole and two third place finishes on his Tony Kart. Mark Fineis was 2nd and 4th on the Birel.

Cadet Sportsman 1 and 2 – Zach Holden earned a pole position as well as a third and fourth place finish for Top Kart. David Malukas finished second in Final 2 on his Birel. Lance Fenderson earned two 5th place finishes on the Top Kart. Luke Fineis had a 6th and 7th and Madison Campeau was 9th on Sunday.

Komet Sportsman 1 and 2 – Zach Holden won the Final on Saturday with his Top Kart and a 6th on Sunday. Nicolas Bruckner finished 8th and 7th on the Birel.

Yamaha Sportsman 1 and 2 – Zach Holden won the Yamaha Sportsman Final on Saturday with a 6th on Sunday on his Top Kart. David Malukas was 2nd behind Holden on Saturday and 3rd on Sunday for Birel. Lance Fenderson was 5th and 9th, Luke Fineis was 8th and 5th with Madison Campeau in 10th.

Komet Junior 1 and 2 – Grant Quinlan was on the Pole Saturday on the Birel with a 3rd place finish in the Final. Jacob McWhirter was 3rd on Sunday with his Tony Kart. Gresham Wagner was 4th and 5th on the Arrow and Abby McLaughlin was 7th and 8th on the Top Kart.

Yamaha Junior 1 and 2 – Jacob McWhirter was the polesitter on Saturday with his Tony Kart. Grant Quinlan picked up the Final win both days along with the Sunday pole position on the Birel. Emerson Reed was 2nd and 3rd with Kaden Harter in 3rd on Saturday both on Top Karts. Comet Racing Engines swept the top 3 spots on Saturday. McWhirter was 4th on Sunday with Gresham Wagner in 7th both days on the Arrow.

Komet Pro 1 and 2 – Comet Racing Engines swept the top two spots both days with Jonathan Kotyk in 1st and Patrick Olsen in 2nd. Kotyk taking the pole on Saturday with his Tony Kart and Patrick Olsen on the pole Sunday with the Top Kart

Yamaha Senior 1 and 2 – Patrick Olsen swept the Yamaha Senior weekend with the pole and race win both days on his Top Kart. Chase Jones was 3rd and 2nd also on Top Kart with Camden Speth in 7th on Sunday on an FA Kart.

Parilla Senior 1 and 2 – Jesus Rios Jr. took the pole and the final win with his Comet Leopard on the i-Kart Sunday. Mark Dismore Jr. was third both days on an FA Kart. Derek Dignan was 4th on Saturday with fastest race lap on Sunday. Kyle Smith on his PCR kart was 6th Saturday with Rios 8th and Stross 9th on his Tony Kart.

TaG Senior 1 and 2 – Derek Dignan on his FA Kart took the win on Sunday with his Gary Lawson tuned FA Kart and Comet Leopard with Jesus Rios Jr. on the i-Kart in 2nd after winning the pole earlier in the day. Roger Ralston was 4th. Saturday Rios was 3rd, Dignan was 4th, Kyle Smith 6th and Stross in 8th.

TaG Masters 1 and 2 – Bobby Cummins was 2nd in both finals on the Top Kart with Comet Leopard.

Congratulations to all our customers on their excellent results! Brandon Jenkins from Comet Racing Engines summed up the weekend, “The racing at this track is always tough and to leave here with 10 wins is a great accomplishment. The hard work and long hours are all worth it when you have a weekend like this and I can’t thank all our customers enough”.

Comet Racing Engines will be back to Pittsburgh International Race Complex in 3 weeks for the USPKS Finale. For more information on Comet Racing Engines please visit our website at or call us at 317-462-3413

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