Industry News: VemmeKart Driver Kale Kunicki to Compete in CIK/FIA Race in Italy

Kale Kunicki

Kale Kunicki

VemmeKart is very pleased to announce one of the first steps taken to open the European venues to its drivers. As a manufacturer, we need to look at getting our drivers as much experience as possible. Racing in Italy is not an easy task and it requires a lot of skill and determination. The other big factor for many North American drivers is the financial burden. The costs to join a team overseas are very high and not possible for many really good drivers. We have the base and the manpower in place in our factory to offer this exciting opportunity. As this is our first invitation, we are hopeful that we can offer this again in 2014.

Kale will take part of the CIK/FIA sanctioned event in the KF3 class. The event will be held at the famous international circuit of Pomposa, Italy August 30-September 1.

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