Red Line Oil Karting Championship Tops 100 Entries, $1500 Cash Awarded

The Red Line Oil Karting Championships topped the 100 entry mark on July 14, the first time this year.  With 104 RLOKC entries and 15 Simraceway Arrive and Drive drivers made for 119 total racers for the overall week.  With the strong turnout, there was $1500 in incentive cash awarded at the end of the day.  Fernando Diaz, Stock Honda Masters, was the winner of the $1000 for the winning drivers in classes that had 8 or more entries.  Additionally, with the RLOKC entries topping the 100 mark, all the drivers for Sunday were  eligible for the $500 “Top 100” raffle, Michael Avansino was the big winner of the $500.  The GoPro Featured Race winner, Carlos Calderon, took home the GoPro Hero 3 camera.  Besides all the great prizes, the race day provided some tight racing with many classes having their largest turnouts of the year.

GoPro Hero 3 Featured Race:  Senior Rotax

Carlos Calderon

Carlos Calderon

The top three drivers in the series came ready to battle for the GoPro camera.  Jarrett Lile took the pole for the 4th race in a row, followed by Carlos Calderon and Daniel de la Calle.  In the first heat, Carlos got the best of Jarrett on the start and came out of turn one in front.  Jarrett was not able to mount a challenge and settled for 2nd with Daniel 3rd.  The second heat was a repeat of the first one, with Carlos taking a one second win ahead of Lile and de la Calle.  What looked to be a great battle in the Main came to an end early with Lile’s kart coming off the start slow and finally pulling off on the third lap.  Calderon then proceeded to drive on to a comfortable win ahead of de la Calle with Alex Kwan coming home 3rd.

Rotax Masters

With fourteen entries, this was the largest turnout for this class in 2013.  Rob Soares took the pole ahead of Geoff Wise and Scott Ripslinger.  The first heat got off to a ragged start with some karts spinning in turn one just after the green flag was dropped.  Soares drove to the front and was never headed, leaving Ripslinger and Kelly Heil to battle for 2nd.  In the end, Soares takes the win, Ripslinger 2nd, Heil 3rd and John Breidinger 4th.  In the second heat, Soares again pulled into the lead followed by Wise, Ripslinger and Jeff Smith.  Demon Meek joined the 2nd through 5th group but in the end, they stayed in order and finished as they were early in the race.  In the Main, Soares went to the front and drove onto a strong win over Ripslinger.  Kelly Heil pressured Scott all the way to the checkered flag but settled for 3rd, his best finish of the year followed by John Breidinger and Bob Olson.

Micro Max

Micro Max continued to have another solid turnout.  Following his first win at the last race, Dustin Salaverria took the pole followed by Aiden O’Neill and Gino Sandoval.  In the first heat race, Dustin did not waste any time taking control of the race and drove onto the win with Gino taking 2nd ahead of Aiden with Grant Langon 4th.  In the second heat, some karts spun on the warm up lap and unfortunately Gino had to pit after some contact bent his frame.  In the race, Dustin took his second win of the day ahead of Aiden with Max Ellgen 3rd and Garrette Randolph, Jr 4th.  Aiden had problems in tech thus moving Max, Garrette and the rest of the drivers up one position.  In the Main, Dustin again took the lead and never was challenged.  In spite of having a hastily fixed but still bent kart, Gino moved up to 2nd where he eventually finished.  Garrette came home a well deserved 3rd in only his third race at the Simraceway track followed by Aiden, Max and Grant.  Unfortunately this time, Garrette had problems in tech and had to give up his 3rd, thus moving Aiden to 3rd, Max to 4th and Grant to 5th.

RSE EVO Electric Karts

The EVO electric kart class ran on Saturday along with the Simraceway Arrive and Drive classes.  Richard Hilleman took the pole ahead of Adam Swan and Zac Rubenson.  In the first heat, Marcos Ramirez recovered from his poor qualifying and worked through the field to take the win ahead of Zac and Richard.  In the second heat, Adam Swan took the early lead and for a couple of laps he showed the way around the tricky Reverse Sprint configuration.  Eventually Marcos drove into the lead, Zac also getting by to take 2nd with Adam coming home 3rd.  In the Main, Marcos took the early lead and was in control of the race, but  Zac stayed close with Hilleman silently working his way into 3rd, then getting by Zac near the end and on the last lap he was able to get by Marcos to take the lead, a lead he held to the checkered flag.  Marcos came home 2nd, Zac 3rd and Adam 4th.

IAME TaG and Junior TaG

Maxx Marian

Maxx Marian

The spec gear IAME karts and Junior TaG karts took to the track with Tazio Ottis taking the pole ahead of Maxx Marian , Bryson Guzman and the Junior TaG of Joe Morton.  In the first heat, Tazio and Maxx dueled to the end with Maxx coming up just short.  Tazio the win, Marian 2nd, Guzman 3rd followed by Morton.  The second heat was a near repeat of the first heat with Tazio and Maxx racing nose to tail, Morton had to pull off on the 6th lap.  In the end the top four were Tazio, Maxx, Bryson and Colin Jurczak.  In the Main, Tazio spun off turn one at the start and was not able to rejoin the race.  Guzman took over the lead and was hounded by Marian the entire 15 laps.  With two turns to go, Maxx made his move and got under Bryson who had to hit the dirt after some rubbing between the two.  Maxx took the win followed by the Junior TaG of Morton, then Bryson and Colin.  Race Stewart Don Malony made a call on the pass by Maxx and moved him back to 3rd overall.  Thus Joe Morton took the overall win, Guzman 2nd and the IAME TaG class win, Marian 3rd and Colin 4th.

Pro Stock Honda

Pro Honda had another strong turnout for this race.  Daniel Langon took the pole, followed by Nic LeDuc and Jason Toft.  In the first heat race, Toft got around Langon at the start and took the lead, LeDuc also getting by the pole setter.  These three drivers separated themselves from the field and had their own intense battle but at the finish Toft took the win, LeDuc 2nd, Langon 3rd and Pro Stock rookie Alex Keyes 4th.  The second head was a near duplicate of the first except Langon had some troubles and fell back to finish 8th.  The win went to Toft followed by LeDuc, Keyes and Michael Raimes.  At the start of the Main, Toft and LeDuc got through turn one but the second row of Keyes and Raimes spun and had to restart after the rest of the field went by.  Langon moved up and took over 2nd and posted the fastest time of the race.  Toft took the win, Langon 2nd, LeDuc 3rd and Cabot Bigham 4th.

80 Masters and DD2 Masters

The 80 Masters class continues to make a big comeback with eleven drivers along with 2 DD2 Masters drivers.  Charles Hastings took the pole ahead of Tom Nelson and Geoff Provo.  The first heat started off badly with a large pile up in turn one which required a red flag and restart.  Fortunately all the karts did make it back to take the second green flag with Tom Nelson moving ahead of Hastings to take the win, Hastings 2nd, Ethan Wilson 3rd and Provo 4th with the highest place DD2 kart of Jeff Smith in 7th.  In the second heat Hastings took the early lead with Nelson running into trouble and falling back.  Geoff Provo controlled the runner up spot with Wilson coming home 3rd and Rob Mullaney 4th and the top DD2 was David Palic in 6th.  In the Main, Hastings took the lead coming out of turn one with Nelson getting by Provo to take over the 2nd spot.  Nelson then hounded Hastings until he saw his opportunity and went into the lead.  Hastings could not mount a challenge for the remainder of the race, thus Nelson came home the winner, Hastings 2nd, Wilson 3rd, Roger Cornwall 4th , the top DD2 of Jeff Smith coming home in 5th, Provo 6th and the DD2 of Palic coming home 7th overall.

Junior Rotax

With 17 karts, this was the largest Junior Rotax field this year.  Michael Avansino took pole for the second month in a row.  Newcomer Sonny Cervelli was 2nd in Qualifying followed by Phillippe Denes and Toni Breidinger.  In the first heat Cevelli took the lead out of turn one but Avansino reclaimed the lead at turn five.  Toni Breidinger fell back to finish 15th  with 5th place qualifier Corrie Hiatt pulling off on lap 3.  In the end, Avansino claimed the win, Cevelli 2nd, Denes 3rd and Scott Huffaker 4th.  In the second heat, Avansino took control of the race from the drop of the green with Denes getting by Cevelli to move into 2nd.  Toni Breidinger then got by Sonny to claim 3rd, Hiatt had another poor heat and fell back to finish 16th.  At the line, Avansino took his second heat win followed by Denes, Toni Breidinger, Cervelli and Michael Michoff in 5th.  In the Main it was a repeat of last month’s battle for the win with Avansino being hounded the entire way by Denes.  Phillippe just could not find the way by and settled for 2nd place finish just behind Avansino, who took his 3rd Main win this year.  Cevelli took 3rd, a great drive for his first race in the series, but he did not survive the tech tent and was reclassified last.  That moved Michoff into 3rd followed by Huffaker 4th and Enzo Prevost 5th.  This year’s Junior Rotax field is probably the largest field in series history, but it is no doubt the most competitive.  The best lap times of the top 16 drivers in the Main were within seven tenths of each other, this is a strong and talented field.

Stock Honda Masters and Junior Stock Honda

Patrick O’Neill took the pole ahead of David Arnstein and Fernando Diaz in this large field of racers.  In the first heat, O’Neill took the lead at the green flag and held off a determined Arnstein for the win.  Jim Kid moved past two competitors to take 3rd, Diaz in 4th and Garrett Dixon the top Junior coming home in 8th.  In the second heat, O’Neill took the initial lead but dropped out on the 4th lap.  Diaz went to the front with Arnstein falling back.  In the end, Diaz took the win followed by Alex Keith, Kidd and Travis Bowles.  In the Main, Kidd took the lead at the drop of the green and looked like he was going to control the race, but gearbox problems sidelined him on lap five.  Diaz took over the lead and was never challenged.  Behind the leader, O’Neil put on a strong charge to come from 5th passing Keith near the end of the race to come home 2nd followed by Keith 3rd, Arnstein 4th, Justin Bennett 5th and Andre Eriksen 6th.  Unfortunately Keith did not make it through tech and all those behind him moved up a spot in the final results.

Mini Max

The Mini Max class continues to have a good turnout with nine drivers running this event.  Matteo Sandoval took the pole ahead of Horatio Fitz-Simon and Tomas Mejia.  In the first heat, Horatio took the lead into turn one followed by Matteo with the two pulled away from the rest of the field.  On lap six, Horatio lost a wheel and spun with Matteo so close that he had nowhere to go but into the spinning Fitz-Simon.  With the two leaders out, Mejia drove on to a 2 second win over Colin Mullan with Valdemar Eriksen 3rd.  In heat #2, Horatio again lead the field into turn one with Sandoval getting off the line slowly and was last coming out of turn one.  Horatio opened up a large lead and took the win, followed by Mejia, Eriksen, Mullen and Sandoval.  In the Main, Horatio took the initial lead and opened up a slight gap over Mejia.  Sandoval had to work his way through the field and picked off competitor’s  one by one, first Mullen, then Eriksen then Mejia.  Sandoval continued to press and by race end was less than a second back of Horatio, but time ran out.   Tech was not good for the top two drivers and neither of them made it through.  Thus, the win went to Tomas Mejia followed by Eriksen, Mullen and Bryson Lew.

The results can be seen at mylaps and the points can be seen at Points in the Results section.

The next Red Line Oil Karting Championships event will be Aug 11 where the National Track will be used.  The GoPro featured class will be Pro Stock Honda.  For more information about the Red Line Oil Karting Championship, go to

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