Team News: VemmeKart/Extreme Karting ProKart Challenge California 4th round at Willow Springs

VemmeKart/Extreme Karting made their presence felt at the 4th round of ProKart Challenge (PKC) California May 31 – June 1 at Willow Springs Kart Track in Rosamond, CA.

Doug Sorensen/Extreme Karting, Vemme USA importer, with his team trailer along with Team Vemme and the VemmeKart factory truck from Canada made the trek not only to Willow Springs, but will also be attending all of the ProKart Challenge California and Pro Tour races to provide factory trackside service and support.

VemmeKart/Extreme Karting is very proud to announce a team of diverse drivers who competed in the S1, S4 & TaG J & TaG M classes.

With temperatures almost hitting the 100 deg F mark it was a physical challenge for all.

S1 (Pro), S2 (Semi-Pro) & S4 (Master) classes were ran together and these classes are the cream of the crop of shifter drivers with the S2 hot shoes looking to make a big impression and move up to S1 next year as well as S4 populated with top level Master shifter pilots. This makes for arguably the toughest racing at any PKC event. Long time Extreme Karting SoCal team driver Peter Abba (S1) left Willow Springs scoring solid points and maintained his 4th place championship position out of eleven with a legitimate shot for 3rd in the championship.

Unfortunately Kyoichi (Yoshi) Tsutsui had to cancel due to being extremely sick with the flu.

Another long time Extreme Karting SoCal team driver Ken Schilling made up good ground in the championship by finishing the Main on the podium in 2nd and leap frogging from 4th to 2nd in the championship points.

Ken commented after the race, “This was my first podium in at least a few years!!! Over the last few years in S4 I’ve usually been mid-pack, but the only change has been the new Vemme chassis and the Vemme team helping me to move towards the front. I want to thank and give all of the credit to Team Vemme!”

Here’s a link for a video of Ken’s Main race:

TaG J & TaG M
From Canada (Surrey, BC) is the father/son duo of Dave & Kale Kunicki. Kale will be competing in the TaG J field and Dave will be contesting TaG M. Both TaG J & TaG M are large and fiercely fought classes.

With a very large and extremely competitive 23 kart field Kale struggled to find a clear piece of track in qualifying and tripped the line 16th. In H1 Kale made good progress finishing 10th as well as finding extra speed in the chassis with Team Vemme’s help and closed to less than ½ sec of the fastest time. In H2 Kale saw his world turn upside down, literally. Unfortunately, while Kale was continuing to make progress as well as posting lap times less than ½ sec off the fastest, he was involved in an incident that had him flipping his kart and was fortunately not seriously hurt. Knowing he had a lot of work to do in the Main, Kale was extremely aggressive at the start and ended up taking himself out on the first lap.

Dave raced in only his 4th ever kart race and impressed the whole team by out-qualifying his vastly more experienced TaG M teammate by placing 4th out of a solid eleven kart field. With chassis and engine tuning help from Team Vemme Dave found extra speed in H1 and closed to within 2 tenths of the fastest time but was passed by his teammate to finish 5th. In H2 misfortune hit Dave with a DNF so he had to start the Main from the back. He got a solid start and in the first half of the Main made steady progress to 7th where he finished.

Also in TaG M was Kevin Manning. Kevin qualified just behind Dave and started H1 5th and finished 4th just in front of Dave. In H2 Kevin made further progress by finishing 3rd. In the Main Kevin tangled with another driver ending his day with a DNF.

“2013 Vemme Road to the Rio”

Vemme Kart and Extreme Karting (Vemme USA importer) are pleased to announce the “2013 Vemme Road to the Rio” plan.

For any driver winning a race series championship in the United States in 2013 using a Vemme chassis exclusively, Vemme Kart and Extreme Karting will pay for that driver’s entry, race tires and tent space in the Vemme tent alongside the factory drivers and tuners for the 2013 SuperNats at the Rio in Las Vegas (November 20-24, 2013).

“We are pleased to be able to make this offer to our customers and hope to see even more racing with us throughout 2013 and especially in Las Vegas. We are confident that competing on a Vemme chassis will help all of our loyal existing and new customers alike to improve their program” says Doug Sorensen, Extreme Karting principal.

Vemme owner/principal Vince Mandarino and son Lorenzo have many years of racing both in North America and Europe. Vince has designed these chassis for the North American market to suit the tracks and tires commonly run. A victory in S2 at the SKUSA Summer Nationals in Utah last year is evidence of the Vemme capabilities.

Vemme has both a 30/32mm and a 30/30mm chassis available. The Omega 30/32 comes in both shifter configuration and TAG/100cc. Either version is available with steel or ceramic brakes. The Omega 30/30 chassis has proven successful in TAG and 100cc.

The just released new VemmeKart cadet was designed not only to have friendly grip level characteristics and ease of tuneability, but also a lot of attention was paid on minimizing the brake rotating mass. Vince states, “We have developed a brake system of very small dimensions and also chose to have the rotor made from ceramic. The ceramic brake rotor weighs at least one pound lighter than the steel rotor allowing much more free rotation. This provides “free” horsepower in both acceleration and steady state MPH which is a huge advantage in this class”. Another benefit of the ceramic rotor is greater heat dissipation than steel which provides the best pedal feel and braking power in this class.

The VemmeKart factory and Extreme Karting would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to all of the team owners, drivers, mechanics, etc… Without you there would be no VemmeKart!!!

For more information concerning this offer and/or joining the team, please contact Extreme Karting. See below for contact info.

Extreme Karting, Inc.
Doug Sorensen
1177 N. Kraemer Blvd.
Anaheim, CA 92806
714-630-3655 –

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