Industry News: Italian Motors Canada Seeks IAME Eastern Distributer

Italian Motors Ltd is offering an extraordinary opportunity to Eastern Canadian karting companies to be a part of the prevalent and desired IAME Racing Engine Line. A sole distributer will be appointed to an established karting company looking to invest the necessary time and cost to develop this incredible brand. Italian Motors would work closely with the company and share its years of accumulated knowledge to assist in achieving success.

IAME is the world leading company in karting engine production, both for professional and hobby drivers. The history, the numbers and 27 world titles confirm it. Nowadays the company produces 5 to 6 thousand engines per year, with a potential productive capability of 9 thousand units. 55 employees, more than 30 engine variations and almost 50 years of history. Since its birth, the imprint that Bruno Grana, the historical founder, wanted to give to IAME’s DNA, was the production of high quality, long lifetime, affordable and manageable engines. This Mission is today carried on with the same passion and dedication of the past, constantly keeping direct control on the projects, the productive processes and the sales. IAME is dynamic and flexible: primary characteristics for a company wishing to give a careful service and a constant up to date product.

Italian Motors has been a leader in the karting industry since inception in 1989. Italian Motors is Canadian and US Importers for IAME Engines, TM Engines, Italkart Chassis, Righetti Ridolfi, and much more. As the company continued to grow, president Claudio Valiante decided to expand into the United States opening Italian Motors USA and their new karting facility SIMA (Sumas International Motorsport Academy). Both companies continue to support local racers as well as supply their extended dealer network with engines, chassis, spare parts and engine tuning services.

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