Dittmer, Scott and Schuler Win Pro Races at Jacksonville Plaza Grand Prix

Clone Lite start
(Photo: Joe Brittin)

The inaugural Jacksonville Plaza Grand Prix, presented by Good Times Docs, exceeded everyone’s expectations and was well received by Jacksonville Illinois Mayor Andy Ezard, city officials and local area residents. The event went off with no major problems and approximately 5000 spectators came out to watch what they hope will become an annual event. The race was co-sanctioned by the Mid-State Kart Club (MSKC) and the Mid America Track Challenge (MATC) series. The Sunday May 19 event was held in Jacksonville Illinois in conjunction with Jacksonville’s May 18 Downtown Celebration, a festive day of music, food and fun in the heart of Jacksonville’s downtown. The ½ mile street circuit, set up with direction from experienced race director Rick Fulks, proved to be a fun, challenging and high speed layout. Over 330 plastic safety barriers were brought to the event from Mid-State Raceway along with 400 straw bales which were used for safety barriers. The Rock Island Grand Prix also provided 33 safety pillows.

Setting up the race course, holding the event and tearing down the course was all done in a very compressed time frame of just 26 hours. Volunteers for setup and teardown included members from Mid-State Kart Club and Quincy TNT Kartway, the Jacksonville FFA, the Jacksonville High School football team and many community volunteers. The Citizens Police Academy provided crowd control along with the Jacksonville Police Dept. Sport City Honda provided a tow vehicle and WLR Power Sports provided hay bale covers. The city of Jacksonville provided much support with Superintendent of Central Park Wes Long, Superintendent of Streets Terry Ballenger and Superintendent of Parks and Lakes Bruce Suratt providing crews and support. A special thank you goes out to key volunteers Terry Chumley, Ed Kindred, Randy Springer, Kelly Dodsworth, Susan Greeley-Bartholf, Jim Rowe, Russ Kemple, Leeann Butera, Andy Lascody, Tim Strawkas, Tom Bowen, the Sonneborn family and about 50 more volunteers too numerous to name.

Funding for the course fencing, awards and the various support items required to put on this event was provided by GoodTime Docs where owner Randy Springer secured 25 race sponsors. Many other businesses stepped up to help including Robert Jokisch Farms who provided 50 safety barrels. Quincy TNT Kartways veteran Terry Traeder provided golf karts for race officials and helped officiate the event. The Jacksonville Speedway provided race officials, flagman and scoring volunteers.

Top three in TAG Senior (Photo: Joe Brittin)

Top three in TAG Senior
(Photo: Joe Brittin)

The event kicked off with a presentation of colors by the Mid-State Maraders roller derby team who roller skated the course while presenting the US flag. Racing followed next with nine classes from the MATC series. The final three events were for money races for the Pro classes. At the completion of the races, a podium celebration was held where the top three in each class received plaques shaped like the state of Illinois. Veteran street racer Todd Bolton commented that he liked this “old school” format of street racing where you unload, pea-pick for your starting position, hold two quick rounds of practice and then race one long feature. He was home by six pm and posting his comments on Facebook. Jeff Scott took home the most money in the pro classes after Tim Mayer failed post-tech inspections, picking up $270. for his win in the Clone Senior Pro race. Plans are already in the works for the 2014 Jacksonville Plaza Grand Prix.

Race Results:
Clone Lite Senior: 1. Tim Mayer, 2. Ken Williams, 3. Jeff Scott, 4. Darren Schnelle, 5. Joe Taft, 6. Luke Marquard, 7. Tim Strawkas, 8. Al Burkett, 9. Bill Sanders, 10. Tom Luczkowski, 11. Craig Pyatt, 12. Caleb Rich, 13. Bill Craven, 14. Loren Kisling, 15. John Guseman, 16. Travis Logue, 17. , 18. Curtis Ructer, 19. Kelley Dodsworth, 20. Amy Rowe

Kid Kart: 1. Evan Zarbo, 2. Garrick Homan, 3. Collin Eaton, 4. Ryan Aden

Yamaha Rookie: 1. Riley Scott, 2. Avery Scott, 3. Remi Bolton

TAG Senior: 1. Andrew Coulter, 2. David Piel, 3. Cowboy Humphries, 4. Russ Kemple, 5. Luke Schmitten

Clone Junior: 1. Zane Braker, 2. Zach Buecker, 3. Dalton Sonneborn, 4. Logan Manson, 5. Matthew Pyatt, 6. Cassidy Allison, 7. Garret Wheeler, 8. Kyle Raineri

Yamaha Junior: 1. Georgia Henneberry, 2. Jimmy Tapocik, 3. Jacob Skaggs, 4. Zachary Lynn 5. Kyle Raineri

Todd Bolton and Mike Dittmer in Yamaha Senior Pro (Photo: Joe Brittin)

Todd Bolton and Mike Dittmer in Yamaha Senior Pro
(Photo: Joe Brittin)

Yamaha Senior: 1. Chase Armstrong, 2. Kirsten Mosley

Clone Heavy Senior: 1. Tim Mayer, 2. Rick Fulks, 3. Ken Williams, 4. Loren Kisling, 5. Bill Sanders, 6. Tim Strawkas, 7. Jim Rowe, 8. Ryan Blakeman, 9. John Sonneborn, 10. Bill Craven, 11. Travis Devriendt, 12. Chad Allison, 13. David Scott

Clone Rookie: 1. Avery Scott, 2. Dylan Mayer, 3. Brady Baker, 4. Brian Rettia, 5. Austin Hawthorn

Clone Senior Pro: 1. Jeff Scott, 2. Michael Dittmer, 3. Travis Devriendt, 4. Ken Williams, 5.Craig Pyatt, 6. Darren Schnelle, 7. Rick Fulks, 8. Bill Sanders, 9. Tim Mayer

Yamaha Senior Pro: 1. Michael Dittmer, 2. Chase Armstrong, 3. Draython Scharfirsh, 4. Troy Porter, 5. Todd Bolton

TAG Senior Pro: 1. Morgan Schuler, 2. Brad Winklemnann, 3. Andrew Coulter, 4. Keith Freber

GoodTime Docs, A Gaudio & Sons, Don’s Place, WJVO radio

Lomelino Signs, Bob Hawks Auto Body, Sablotny Floors, On The Rox, Second Gen Mechanical Inc., Higher Plain Staffing, Milnes Plumbing Heating & Air, TruLine Fire & Safety

David Large Painting, Slocums Auto Service, Reese Family Chiropractic, Cunningham Construction, Lifestar Ambulance, SAFECO, TruLine Communications, Mason Family Farms, Dodsworth Racing

Yamaha Rookie winner Riley Scott (Photo: Joe Brittin)

Yamaha Rookie winner Riley Scott
(Photo: Joe Brittin)

TruLine Precision AG

K.E. VAS, Bob Manker’s 6 J’s Construction, Johnson Plumbing, Jacksonville Firefighters Local 637

For more information, visit http://www.MidStateKartClub.com , http://www.mid-americatrackchallenge.com and http://www.GoodTimeDocs.com

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