Industry News: Adaptive Kart Racing Focused on Supporting Paralyzed Veterans of America

Tuesday, May 21 marked the official launch of Adaptive Kart Racing. Adaptive Kart Racing specializes in the construction of Racing Go-Karts for people that have lost the use of their legs, either through paralysis or loss of limbs. After a number of years of development, AKR has come up with a system where a driver not only can compete with able-bodied racers, they can win! The system utilizes fabricated or adapted throttle, brakes, seat, foot boxes and leg restraints on front line racing karts such as Arrow. All components were designed to comply with WKA rules and should be allowed at any kart track in the country.

The launch was held at Victory Lane indoor kart track in Charlotte NC in conjunction with the Kings Cup. The Kings Cup is a fundraiser founded by Richard Petty and it benefits the Paralyzed Veterans of America. The event featured a number of NASCAR racers competing in teams to raise money for the PVA. AKR is now an official partner of the Paralyzed Veterans of America, S.E. Chapter. For more information visit

This venture started with a young man named Brandon Winfield. When he was fourteen years old, Brandon was an up and coming motocross racer with full Honda sponsorship. It was that year that Brandon had a racing accident that left him paralyzed from the waist down. A couple of years later I was approached by his father to build Brandon a hand control racing go-kart. After much development, we had a product that Brandon was able to compete in and even win! And that was the start of Adaptive Kart Racing.

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