Industry News: Jim Russell Academie de Karting to Host Driver Camp

Academie Karting Jim Russell is running its first ever driver Camp from 18th of June until the 26th of June. The camp will be covering subjects like:

•Driving Position
•Body Work
•Racing Lines
•Adaptation of Driving Style
•Kart Setups
•Race Craft
•Cold Tire Driving
•Physical condition and nutrition
• And more…

In addition to this we will be covering other important aspects of racing which are quite often over looked. This includes, Fitness, Nutrition (with P1 Fitness) and PR/Interviews. People who attend the camp will be working with our professional coaches, Ben Cooper (3x Rotax World Champion), Zach Robichon (Rotax Grand Finals 8th and current Formula 1600 Driver) and Peter Kalman (KMS Europe and KMS North America Team Manager).

Along side the driver camp we will be running a mechanics course covering everything in kart mechanics, whether it is preparing a brand new kart all the way through to the fine-tuning of the kart and understanding of kart characteristics. This is for whomever wants to learn about kart mechanics, whether you are a mother, father, brother or sister or already a mechanic who would like to learn more.

The camp is running from the 18th of June until the 26th of June for 8 days, but drivers are welcome to come for a day, a few days or for the full 8 days.

1281 chemin du Village
Mont-Tremblant, Québec J8E 1G7
T: (819) 429-6867
T: (514) 313-9676

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