Industry News: Tru Tech Racing Engines Sweeps TaG Senior Podium at PKC California

Adams Motorsports Park played host to Round 3 of the California Pro Kart Challenge. Arguably some of the best TaG and Shifter drivers from the west coast were on hand to contend for victories. Tru Tech Racing Engines would have 15 drivers entered within 4 TaG spec classes. The end result garnished Tru Tech Racing Engines first podium sweep in the TaG Sr. category along with a podium in TaG Jr.

Young Colin Queen and Mia Butts were the lone entries for Tru Tech Racing Engines in the TaG Cadet class both utilizing the Vortex Mini Rok/Tony Kart package. Colin showed speed early in qualifying posting a time good enough for 13th in the 23 kart field. Mia followed closely behind in 17th. In heat 1 Colin maintained his pace placing 13th with Mia fell back a position to 18th. Bad luck struck in heat 2 and the main event placing Colin on the sidelines after just 5 laps placing 21st and 19th respectively. For Mia track time proved vital securing a 17th place finish in heat 2, she went into the main starting 17th and improving her position to 14th by the end of the 16 lap main event.

TaG Jr. pilot Nicky Hayes (FA Kart/Leopard) showed very well in qualifying ending up P2 on the charts just .055 seconds off the pole time. Nicky fell off a little in heat 1 competition finding himself in 5th at the checkered. Heat 2 faired much worse, after just 3 laps a stuck ring would put Nicky off the track and starting the main event in the 18th position. Heat 2 troubles didn’t seem to affect Nicky; starting 18th Nicky found his way just outside the top-5 in 6th after 20 laps.

Noah Grey (Kosmic/Leopard) is the most seasoned of the TaG Jr. drivers within the Tru Tech Racing Engines stable and works with a very accomplished driver in that of Derek Zimmerman. In qualifying Noah clicked off a time good enough for 5th on the charts. In heat 1 he would advance 1 position to 4th. In heat 2 Noah came out on top taking the heat race victory. The main event saw a lot of racing at the front. At the end of the 20 laps Noah Grey found himself crossing the line in the final podium position of 3rd.

Ethan Barrett (Kosmic/Leopard) and Cameron Kaihatu (FA Kart/Leopard), both rookies in the TaG Jr. class, showed good speed. Ethan posted the 17th quickest time with Cameron right behind in 18th. In heat 1 Ethan moved his way forward to 13th, unfortunately Cameron ran into early troubles not completing a lap. In heat 2 Ethan would lose a position finishing in 14th followed closely behind by Cameron in 17th. In the 20 lap main Ethan was able to keep his nose clean and bring home a 15th place result. Back luck struck again for Cameron with only 8 of the 20 scheduled laps completed, he scored 17th.

The newest edition to the Tru Tech Tacing Engines family is that of Travis Lowe (Kosmic/Leopard). The veteran TaG Sr. pilot showed his cards well taking the top qualifying spot with a 44.458 second lap. In both heat 1 and heat 2 the top-3 would battle for position with Travis retaining 2nd in both heats. The main event didn’t fare as well. Early racing contact would drop Travis well back in the 23 kart field. Travis managed to drive back to an 11th place result.

Jake Craig (ART GP/Rotax) showed up to the event in new colors. Debuting on the ART GP chassis on Friday proved no challenge for Jake. In qualifying Jake found himself as the highest placing Rotax placing in 2nd on the charts .120 seconds off the pole. Jake played it smart in both heat 1 and 2 crossing the line 3rd in each. The main event found the Tru Tech Racing Engines pilot out front early to take a 3.552 second victory. This makes 2 in a row in Pro Kart Challenge competition along with the TaG Sr. points lead.

Mason Daughters (FA Kart/Rotax), like Jake Craig, chose the Rotax package over the Leopard. In qualifying Mason posted a lap time good enough to place him 10th on the time chart. Through heat 1 and heat 2 Mason found the speed to advance to 6th and 4th. With a good starting position going into the main event, Mason took full advantage of the start staying with the lead pack. When the dust settled at the end of the 20 laps Mason found himself crossing the checkered in the 2nd position.

Bobby Kelley (FA Kart/Leopard) can be considered one of the more seasoned drivers under the Tru Tech Racing Engines banner. Bobby posted a qualifying time quick enough to secure the 6th on the charts. In heat 1 a good start and consistent laps moved the Phil Giebler Racing pilot up to 4th. In heat 2 Bobby would be delegated back to the 6th position crossing the line. The main event showed a driver hungry for victory. In the 20 lap main Bobby moved his FA Kart up to secure the 3rd and final podium position completing the Tru Tech Racing Engines sweep in TaG Sr.

Dallas Hollins (FA Kart/Leopard) made improvements through the weekend after qualifying 22nd. In heat 1 Dallas was on the move moving her Phil Giebler Racing FA Kart up to the 14th position. Dallas kept pace in heat 2 falling back one position to 15th. In the main event Dallas battled for position coming home 17th respectively.

Paul Grey (FA Kart/Leopard) got things started off in the TaG Masters class posting the 7th fastest qualifying time in the 14 kart field. Brian Sutherland (TonyKart/Leopard), Steven Hueslman (ItalKart/Leopard), and Terry Chen (TonyKart/Leopard) followed close behind posting the 9th, 10th, and 13th fastest times. In heat 1 Paul advanced to 4th and maintain the same position at the end of heat 2. Steven found himself sidelined after 6 laps in heat 1 but bounced back with a 10th in heat 2 and a hard charge to 4th in the 20 lap main. Brian and Terry both completed the heats in 11th and 12th respectively. Similar to Steven both Terry and Brian found speed in the main event to advance to the 5th and 6th positions after 20 laps. Paul did not fare as well only completing 10 laps before trouble struck placing him 9th overall.

Tru Tech Racing Engines will continue with the busy month of May supporting drivers entered in the inaugural Can-Am event at Greg Moore Raceway, the upcoming LAKC club race at California Speedway, and round 4 of the California Pro Kart Challenge at Willow Springs Kart Track. Tru Tech Racing Engines specializes in 2-cycle single gear motors and is an authorized Rotax Service Center. To schedule your next service or a test contact Tru Tech Racing Engines today by phone at (949) 350-1458 or by e-mail at

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