Kiwi News: Bridgeman and Thom Share Supreme Kart Supplies Gold Star Series Rotax Honors

Rotax Max Light class winner for 2012-13 Jack Bridgeman
(Photo: Fast Company-Jordan Moss)

Hawke’s Bay driver Jack Bridgeman beat his Taranaki rival Ben Thom at the final round of the 2012/13 Wellington Provincial Karting Association (WPKA) Supreme Kart Supplies Gold Star series in Wellington over the weekend – but so evenly matched have the pair been at previous rounds that they ended up tied on points and therefore share this season’s series honours in the 125cc Rotax Max Light class.

The 2012/13 series – which kicked off in Palmerston North in November last year and took in rounds in Taranaki and the Hawke’s Bay over the summer before the final in Wellington over the weekend – again attracted over 100 entries; most from the lower North Island but others from as far north as Auckland and south as Christchurch.

Despite a threatening weather forecast the final at the KartSport Wellington’s club’s Wynn’s Raceway at Kaitoke near Upper Hutt was held in warm, dry conditions with close, exciting racing across the six classes.

In the senior classes the round winners were Campbell Caird from Wellington (125cc Rotax Max Light), Andy Schofield from Cambridge (100cc Yamaha Light) and James Higgins from Palmerston North (Clubsport 120).

The final round (and therefore series) results in Junior 100cc Yamaha are on hold but Kaleb Ngatoa from Palmerston North claimed both the round and series win in Junior Restricted 100cc Yamaha and Thomas Boniface from Taranaki was the top Cadet at the round but ended up second overall in the series to round third placegetter Jackson Rooney from Palmerston North.

As well as running points races at each round each host club also runs four separate Grand Prix races at each round.

At Wellington these were won by Bill McCulloch (Senior), Nick Evans (Junior Restricted 100cc Yamaha) and Ryan Wood (Cadet). Series-wise the class GP winners were Scott Williams (Senior), Kaleb Ngatoa (Junior Restricted 100cc Yamaha) and Thomas Boniface (Cadet).

2012/13 WPKA Gold Star Series

125cc Rotax Max Light
1. Campbell Caird (Wgtn) 6 points; 2. Bill McCulloch (Mwtu) 8; 3. Jack Bridgeman (HB) 13; 4. Mitchell Baker (Tara) 13; 5. Ben Thom (Tara) 16; 6. Quin Clark (Mwtu) 23

1=. Jack Bridgeman (HB)/Ben Thom (Tara) 226 points; 3. David Cox (Tara) 211; 4. Morgan Dietschin (Tara) 208; 5. Dominic Crossman (HB) 208; 6. Darren Conway (Wgtn) 205

100cc Yamaha Light
1. Andy Schofield (Tok) 7 points; 2. Scott Williams (Tara) 9; 3. Aaron Marr (Tara) 10; 4. Brad Still (Tara) 13; 5. Ryan Cappleman (Wgtn) 17; 6. Logan Boyde (Tara) 24

1. Brad Still (Tara) 232 points; 2. Scott Williams (Tara) 228; 3. Logan Boyde (Tara) 221; 4. Hamish Berrett (Mwtu) 219; 5. Patrick Davy (Wgtn) 214; 6. Charlotte Oram (Wgtn) 211

Clubsport 120
1. James Higgins ((Mwtu) 7 points; 2. Scott McCaskie (Mwtu) 10; 3. Gary Soper (Tara) 13; 4. Clint Beaumont (Mwtu) 14; 5. Ashley Higgins (Mwtu) 18; 6. Derek Lawrence (Tara) 18

1. Gary Beaumont (Mwtu) 226 points; 2. Gary Soper (Tara) 224; 3. Derek Lawrence (Tara) 223; 4. Henri Ham (Mwtu) 219; 5. Garth Lacy (Tara) 200; 6. James Higgins (Mwtu) 168

Junior 100cc Yamaha
(results on hold)

Junior Restricted 100cc Yamaha
1. Kaleb Ngatoa (Mwtu) 8 points; 2. Reuben Adams (ChCh) 10; 3. Caleb Cross (ChCh) 12; 4. Nick Evans (Mwtu) 12; 5. Josh Donohue (Wgtn) 17; 6. Jaden Ransley (ChCh) 21

1. Kaleb Ngatoa (Mwtu) 240 points; 2. Nick Evans (Mwtu) 225; 3. Bayley Walker (Mwtu) 222; 4. Rianna Omeara-Hunt (Wgtn) 220; 5. Josh Donohue (Wgtn) 218; 6. Zane Riddick (Tara) 211.

1. Thomas Boniface (Tara) 5 points; 2. Ryan Wood (Wgtn) 6; 3. Jackson Rooney (Mwtu) 11; 4. Flynn Osborne (HB) 17; 5. Ben Hibbs (HB) 22; 6. Ethan Donohue (Wgtn) 22

1. Jackson Rooney (Mwtu) 235 points; 2. Thomas Boniface (Tara) 229; 3. Sam Wright (Mwtu) 219; 4. Riley Jack (Mwtu) 211; 5. Ryan Wood (Wgtn) 209; 6. Ethan Donohue (Wgtn) 205

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