Series News: Formula 100 Karting Series Adds Four Junior Categories to Program

The Formula 100 Karting Series has recently added four new classes to its class lineup for the rest of the 2013 season, beginning at Round #2 on May 11th at Willow Springs Kart Track in Rosamond, CA.

F100 Cadet, Cadet Novice, Junior and Junior Novice have been added to the class lineup to provide a place to race for drivers aged 8 to 15. The inclusion of young racers in the F100 Series will allow for a more family oriented atmosphere, as now racers of all ages will be able to enjoy the fun, competitive and cost effective racing that F100 is known for. The new classes will follow the traditional F100 Licensing Ladder System, which allows for maximum competition and fun, while helping to provide the best venue for drivers to develop their racing skills.

Race fees for the F100 Cadet and Junior classes will follow the already established race day pricing. Licensed F100 racers will pay $65 for race day entry, while non-licensed racers will pay $75.

F100 has also revamped its Sportsman class and is now utilizing only the Briggs and Stratton World Formula and Yamaha KT100 4 hole can (Superbox) engine packages at a weight of 365lbs and 360lbs respectively.

The Sportsman class provides racers whose engine packages do not fit into the F100 Senior classe a place to race and enjoy the fun, competition and affordability of F100.

The Formula 100 Karting Series is just beginning its 2013 season with many great tracks on the docket, and many great days of racing competition ahead. Come join the excitement!

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The remaining 2013 F100 schedule is as follows:

May 11th- Willow Springs Kart Track
June 8th- Grange Motor Circuit (CCW)
July 27th- Adams Motorsports Park (Configuration 1 Backwards)
September 22nd- TBA
October 13th- Willow Springs Kart Track
November 30th- Grange Motor Circuit (CW)

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