United States Pro Kart Series Updates Rules Structure, Begins Pre-Entry for Opener

Inaugural event presented by GoPro in Mooresville, NC just around the corner

The inaugural season for the United States Pro Kart Series (USPKS) is set to begin in less than 70 days, with series officials finalizing plans for the debut race weekend. The new Mooresville Motorplex facility in Mooresville, North Carolina will provide the perfect setting for the April 26-28 event, presented by GoPro. Pre-entry has now opened on the series website for the first race, with the final rules put into place for 2013, in addition to a new working relationship with the WKA.

The advancement toward the opening weekend is the finalization of the 2013 USPKS rules and class structure. With the karter in mind and the geographic location of the events, USPKS will utilize the WKA rulebook as the basis of the 2013 USPKS rules, with the exception of specific class adjustments. The series will use the core of the 2013 WKA rulebook to conduct the series events and for engine technical specifications for the Yamaha and IAME classes.

“We are pleased to have worked out an agreement with Michael Davis Insurance and WKA President Rick Dresang for the use of the WKA insurance program and the WKA rulebook as a guideline,” stated United States Pro Kart Series CEO Mark Coats. “The concept behind the USPKS was not to reinvent karting, but to take it to the next level. This working relationship with WKA will provide the racers we expect to be competing in our program the ability to race with little to no adjustments to their kart or engines. And if racers elect not to be a member of the organization, it will be their choice as we will not be requiring drivers to pay any membership fees.”

The four Yamaha classes will be near identical to those offered in WKA, with the exception of Yamaha Senior specifying the RLV 7548 SSX muffler. In the three IAME Parilla Leopard categories, engine tech will be based off the WKA technical manual for 2013 with specific exhaust rules and age limits mandated in the Semi-Pro and Masters divisions.

All classes will compete on the popular Bridgestone YLC tire with the exception of the Leopard Pro which is set to utilize the Bridgestone YLB compound. In an effort of cost saving for the racers, the series will mandate the same set of tires to be used throughout competition on Saturday and Sunday. Leopard Pro will be allowed one set of tires each day of racing.

One of the key features of the United States Pro Kart Series is track time. With the limited class structure and specialized event format, classes will see optimal track time throughout the weekend. Drivers will experience plenty of sessions during the official practice day on Friday of each event to ensure competitors are accustom to the conditions and facility in one day. The race event will include a double race format, with separate rounds of racing on Saturday and Sunday. Each race day will include your typical warm-up session, followed by a 10-minute qualifying session for every class. Two rounds of heat races will determine the line-up for the main event, which will last either 20 laps or 20 miles, depending on the facility.

“Our thought is to provide the most we can for each and every racer at our events,” continued Coats. “Maximum amount of track time is the most common feedback we heard when forming the series. The same can be said for our tire rule. It will cut competitors tire bill in half, by not having to purchase two sets for racing for two days, but one set for the Saturday and Sunday racing in every class but Pro. We care about what racers have to say and we welcome opinions and comments. That’s how we have revised our program in the last few months as we get ready for the opener in Mooresville.”

Coats has put together a solid and experienced staff to oversee the race weekend activities. Rick Fulks will act as Event Coordinator, ensuring the entire paddock is experiencing the best event possible. Glen Firing has signed on as Race Director with Jason Ludwig the Assistant Race Director. Mike Everson will be the series Tech Director along with Rick Jump serving as the Assistant Tech Inspector. Dylaneigh and Kris Finke will handle Registration and Scoring as Randy Kugler is set to call the racing as the series announcer.

The pre-entry form for the opening event of the United States Pro Kart Series can be found at the following link (http://www.uspks.com/files/formMoorseville.pdf). For more specific information on the USPKS and to learn about exciting sponsorship opportunities during the upcoming season, contact Mark Coats at 217-529-7687 or visithttp://www.uspks.com and ‘Like’ them at Facebook.com/UnitedStatesProKartSeriesUspks

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