Indoor News: Grand Prix New York – Winter League Round 2 Report

Grand Prix New YorkRound two of Grand Prix NY’s adult racing league was held this past Tuesday the 22nd. Running on the tight downtown configuration, the sheer number of entrants ensured close racing. First up this evening was the GTO (205lb) class and right out of the box Ennis Bragg and Andrew Wood picked up where they left off last week to grab the top two spots in qualifying. Behind them were Tom Caspar and Chris Johnson. At the start of heat one, Bragg took off with Wood in tow, while Caspar and Johnson battled with Gary Megennis for third. By lap twenty five, Megennis had fallen into the clutches of Dimi Vagios and the two of them had a spirited battle which let Caspar and Johnson battle it out for the final podium position which Caspar was able to hold onto. In the second heat, GTBB veteran Dave Harmon and Brian Maleska shared the front row and Jim Patton and Dimi Vagios were right behind them. At the drop of the green, Harmon was able to open up a bit of a lead while further back in the pack Johnson was clawing his way up. By lap nine he was past Vagios and into second and he set up Harmon with a nice move coming out of the hairpin to take the lead on lap seventeen. From there he checked out for a nice seven second win while Harmon and Vagios had a great race for second.

The next class to run was GTU (175lb). Wood and Megennis had the front row tied up with Jonathan Lally and Dave Lapham behind them. With the track being so tight, this group would finish heat one as they started. Heat two, however, was a different story. Rookies Tremeur Arbor and Mark Nieviarovski were on row one. Nick Frangoulis and Rob Megennis rounded out the top four starters. At the drop of the green, Frangoulis was able to muscle his way into first followed closely by the junior Megennis. From fifth on the grid, Mark Eickelbeck was into third and Wood was able to capitalize on the pushing and shoving and was fifth at the end of lap one from his ninth starting position. By lap sixteen, Eickelbeck was into the lead where he would finish the race while Wood was into second place a lap later, demoting Frangoulis to the final podium spot.

The final group this evening was GTBB (245lb).  Cory Rossi and Dave Harmon were on the front row with Anthony Legato and Marc Foto rounding out the next row. As in GTU, the first heat saw the front row move out and take off from the rest of the field and at the end of the race it was Rossi followed by Harmon and Legato. With the inverted qualifying format for heat two there was much more action in this heat. Starting from the front row was Peter Perdiogiannis and Doug Winston with Bill Strachan and Patrick Jamin behind them. At the drop of the green, Perdiagiannis was out in front while behind him, Strachan and Winston got into each other and dropped to the back of the field. From the back, Rossi and Legato guessed correctly on the line through the first hairpin and were up to fifth and third respectively. Legato was into first by the third lap and Rossi was up into second by lap ten. A nice move in the hairpin got Rossi the lead on lap sixteen. At the checkered flag it was Rossi, Legato and Jamin for his first podium finish of the season.

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