280 Entrants Ready for 18th Winter Cup of Lonato

All categories ‘overbooked’ with great names and many champions

KZ2 field prepares for start in 2012 Winter Cup

Another great beginning of season for the South Garda Karting circuit of Lonato for the 18th edition of the Winter Cup, in schedule from 15th to 17th February 2013 in the classic race of the CIK-FIA calendar.

In the three categories – KZ2, KF and KFJ – there are 280 entrants, with the participation of all the major manufacturers and all the top international teams.

The race of the most performing gerabox category, the KZ2, is going to be particularly gripping: this year there are lots of new protagonists and several big names at their debut with new teams, all looking for more glory. Among the many new protagonists in this category, the presence of the KF1 world champion Flavio Camponeschi with Tony Kart is outstanding; he will race side by side with the winner of the past edition, the Belgian Rick Dreezen, and his teammate Marco Ardigò, Mirko Torsellini and the Indonesian Armand Philo, at his debut in KZ2 and near to move to car-racing.

Among the excellent debutants in KZ2 also Charles Leclerc with Art GP, last year’s protagonist in KF2 thanks to his win in the WSK Euro Series. With Art GP also Ben Hanley, among the best drivers of the last edition of the Winter Cup.

In KZ2 Energy confirmed its participation with the European Champion and winner of the WSK Euro Series, the Lithuanian Simas Juodvirsi, besides the 2011 WSK Euro Series champion Joel Johansson. Birel will race with Paolo De Conto, Roberto Toninelli and their new driver Jan Midrla. At his debut on a Birel chassis (but always with the AVG-Racing team) also the 2009 World Champion Arnaud Kozlinski.

Maranello Kart, too, seems to be very competitive in KZ2 thanks to its new drivers Yannick De Brabander (at his comeback to the Italian manufacturer after winning the KF2 Winter Cup with Maranello in 2007), Massimo Dante and Marco Zanchetta, while CRG will be represented by the 2011 European Champion Fabian Federer, besides Davide Forè (but on thisoccasion racing with the Czech team DTK). Among the private teams, always for CRG, also Andrea Dalè and the Austrian Marcel Mueller.

Also Praga team stands a good chance with the 2012 KZ1 World Champion, the Dutch Bas Lammers, besides the Czech Patrick Hajek (winner of the Winter Cup in 2011) and Martin Doubek, as well as the DR team of Danilo Rossi with Riccardo Negro, excellent protagonist of the category and winner in the recent WSK Final Cup.

In KF (formerly KF2), among the about 100 entrants, Luca Corberi is at his debut in the category. He is the 2012 KF3 world champion with the Kosmic official team. With Kosmic also the French Armand Convers. Among the favourites also the quick Dutch Max Verstappen, winner of the last edition and, for this season, confirmed as official CRG driver. The other drivers for CRG are the Finnish Niclas Nylund, the Brazilian Vitor Baptista, the Canadian Zachary Claman De Melo and the French Ingrid Girard.

Among the favourite teams also Art GP, which has among its drivers the English Ben Barnicoat, reigning European champion. With Birel the English George Russell, the European champion, will make his debut. LH Racing fields lots of drivers too: many Swedish drivers at the start. The same can be said for the Chiesa Corse team, which has Lance Stroll and Tom Joyner among its drivers. With Energy sarà the strong French Dorian Boccolacci, at his debut in KF2.

The junior category, the KFJ (formerly KF3) is very “crowded” too, with more than 100 entrants. Among them Giuliano Alesi’s name is outstanding: he is the son of the former Ferrari F1 driver Jean Alesi, racing for the Intrepid team.

In KFJ the duel between the two brothers Alessio and Leonardo Lorandi is going to be very interesting, given that Leonardo has just arrived from the 60 Mini (where he has won almost all, from the Italian championship to the WSK Euro and Master Series, besides the WSK Final Cup) to race in the major category next to his brother Alessio (recent winner of the KF3 Italian championship).

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1^ WINTER CUP 1996

100 Junior: O. Tami (I) – Tibikart/Vortex

100 ICA: Vitantonio Liuzzi (I) – Kalì/Crg

100 FA: Natale Maggio (I) – Tony Kart/Vortex


2^ WINTER CUP 1997

100 Junior: Andrea Bonetti (I) – Rakama/Parilla

100 ICA: Martin Jensen (DK) – Tony Kart/Vortex

100 FA: Matteo Gamba (I) – Crg/Crg

100 FSA: Roberto Toninelli (I) – Haase/Titan


3^ WINTER CUP 1998

100 Junior: Marco Ardigò (I) – Crg/Crg

100 ICA: Francesco Basilico (I) – Top Kart/Comer

100 FA: Patrick Long (USA) – Crg/Crg

100 FSA: Roberto Toninelli (I) – Crg/Crg


4^ WINTER CUP 1999

100 Junior: Sodergberg (S) – Tony Kart/Vortex

100 ICA: Marco Ardigò (I) – Crg/Crg

100 FA: Dos Santos (BR) – Crg/Crg

100 FSA: Ronnie Quintarelli (I) – Tony Kart/Vortex


5^ WINTER CUP 2000

100 Junior: Carlo Van Dam (NL) – Trulli/Vortex

100 ICA: Davide Gaggianesi (I) – Crg/Crg

100 FA: Nelson Van der Pol (NL) – Tony Kart/Vortex

100 FSA: Davide Forè (I) – Tony Kart/Vortex


6^ WINTER CUP 2001

100 Junior: Filippo Tedeschini (I) – CRG/Parilla

100 ICA: Bart Kramer (NL) – Tony/Vortex

100 FA: Ben Hanley (GB) – Kosmic/Vortex

100 FSA: Mauro Piu (I) – Haase/Titan


7^ WINTER CUP 2002

100 Junior: Matteo Chinosi (I) – Maranello/TM/Vega

100 ICA: Edoardo Mortara (CH) – Tony Kart/Vortex/Vega

100 FA: Andrea Tressino (F) – Top Kart/Rotax/Vega

100 FSA: Sauro Cesetti (I) – Kosmic/Vortex/B’stone


8^ WINTER CUP 2003

100 Junior: Andy Zanella (I) – Top Kart/Comer/Vega

100 ICA: Oliver Oakes (GB) – Tony Kart/Vortex/Vega

100 FA: Davide Forè (I) – Tony Kart/Vortex/B’stone


9^ WINTER CUP 2004

100 Junior: Alessandro Ruggeri (I) – Italsistem/Italcorse/Vega

100 ICA: Atte Mustonen (FIN) – Birel/TM/Vega

100 FA: Ben Hanley (GB) – Maranello/Maxter/B’stone


10^ WINTER CUP 2005

100 Junior: Roberto Merhi (E) – Birel/Iame/Vega

100 ICA: Ollie Millroy (GB) – Birel/TM/Vega

100 FA: Sauro Cesetti (I) – Birel/TM/B’stone


11^ WINTER CUP 2006

100 Junior: Luca Genini (I) – Birel/Parilla/Vega

100 ICA: Ollie Millroy (GB) – Birel/TM/Vega

100 FA: Sauro Cesetti (I) – Birel/TM/B’stone


12^ WINTER CUP 2007

KF3: Viktor Oberg (S) – Gillard/Mrc/Vega

KF2: Yannick De Brabander (B) – Maranello/Parilla/Vega

KF1: Michael Christensen (DK) – Gillard/Parilla/Vega


13^ WINTER CUP 2008

KF3: Aaro Vainio (FIN) – Maranello/Xtr/Dunlop

KF2: Rob Foster Jones (GB) – FA Kart/Vortex/Vega

KF1: Yannick De Brabander (B) – Intrepid/Tm/Vega


14^ WINTER CUP 2009

KF3: Daniil Kvyat (RUS) – Tony Kart/Vortex/Dunlop

KF2: Brandon Maisano (F) – Intrepid/Tm/Bridgestone

SKF: Gary Catt (GB) – Tony Kart/Vortex/Vega


15^ WINTER CUP 2010

KF3: Egor Orudzhev (RUS) – Intrepid/Tm/Dunlop

KF2: Michael Heche (CH) – Intrepid/Tm/Bridgestone

SKF: Toman Libor (CZ) – Birel/Bmp/Vega


16^ WINTER CUP – 2011

KF3: Dennis Olsen (N) – Energy/Tm/Vega

KF2: Teemu Suninen (FIN) – Maranello/Maranello/Bridgestone

KZ2: Patrick Hajek (CZ) – Tony Kart/Vortex/Dunlop


17^ WINTER CUP – 2012

KF3: George Russell (GB) – Intrepid/Tm/Vega

KF2: Max Verstappen (NL) – Intrtepid/Tm/Vega

KZ2: Rick Dreezen (B) – Tony Kart/Vortex/Bridgestone

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