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    Rob Howden

    Friday, October 24, 2014
    Prefinal / Third Round Heats / Finals

    Rok – Heat 3
    23. Ariel Castro (E30)

    Rok Shifter – Heat 3
    24. Gonzalo Aponte (E30)
    28. Augie Lerch
    29. AJ Myers


    Rob Howden

    Friday, October 24, 2014
    Prefinal / Third Round Heats / Finals

    Mini Rok – Prefinal A
    11. Jagger Jones (transfer to Final)
    25. Dylan Tavella (transfer to Final)

    Mini Rok – Prefinal B
    11. Mathias Ramirez
    17. Gianluca Petecof (will run B Main – Bridgestone Final)
    29. Colin Queen (will run B Main – Bridgestone Final)
    30. David Morales (will run B Main – Bridgestone Final)

    Junior Rok – Prefinal A
    16. Jacobo Camacho (transfer to Final)

    Junior Rok – Prefinal A
    5. Ryan Norberg (transfer to Final)
    13. Luis Forteza III (transfer to Final)
    28. Olivier Bellanger (will run B Main – Bridgestone Final)


    Rob Howden

    Heat Races – Round #2

    22. Ariel Castro (2nd in E30)

    Junior Rok:

    (A vs C)
    1. Ryan Norberg (HUGE WIN)
    32. Jacobo Comacho

    (C vs D)
    10. Luis Jose Forteza III
    16. Olivier Bellanger

    Super Rok:

    (A vs C)
    23. Dustin Stross
    28. Jordan Redlin
    30. Don McGregor
    32. Chris Eagles

    (B vs D)
    22. Christian Potolicchio
    35. Remo Ruscitti

    Mini Rok:

    (A vs C)
    18. Ricardo Villasmill

    (E vs G)
    9. Antonio Serravalle
    14. Mathias Ramirez
    24. Gianluca Petecof – DNF

    (B vs D)
    3. Jagger Jones
    13. Dylan Tavella
    23. Jace Jones

    (F vs H)
    4. Lachan DeFrancesco
    13. Colin Queen
    21. David Morales

    Rok Shifter

    16. AJ Myers
    21. Augie Lerch
    25. Gonzalo Aponte (E30)
    27. Tom Hankinson (E30)
    29. Daniel Miglorancia (E30)
    32. Valdir Belizario (E30) – DNF

    The Rok Shifter category started the second heat based on the results of the first heat race. Aponte and Miglorancia started inside the top-20, but fell down the order. Myers, who did not complete a lap in ‘Manche 1’, advanced 10 spots on the opening circuit to be 20th. He ended up gaining four more spots in the remaining nine circuits to set up a run toward the front in Heat #3 Saturday. Lerch gained five spots to finish just outside the top-20.


    Rob Howden

    Friday, October 24, 2014

    Heat Races – Round #1

    27. Ariel Castro (4th overall in E30)

    Junior Rok:

    (A vs B)
    6. Ryan Norberg (3.144 seconds)
    32. Jacobo Comacho

    (C vs D)
    8. Olivier Bellanger
    13. Luis Jose Forteza III

    Super Rok:

    (A vs B)
    26. Don McGregor
    28. Jordan Redlin
    29. Christian Potolicchio

    (C vs D)
    7. Remo Ruscitti
    20. Dustin Stross
    30. Chris Eagles

    Mini Rok:

    (A vs B)
    7. Dylan Tavella
    15. Ricardo Villasmill
    23. Jace Jones

    (E vs F)
    1. Antonio Serravalle
    10. Mathias Ramirez
    15. Colin Queen

    (C vs D):
    10. Jagger Jones

    (G vs H)
    6. Lachlan DeFrancesco
    8. Gianluca Petecof
    11. David Morales

    Rok Shifter:
    15. Gonzalo Aponte
    19. Daniel Miglorrancia
    26. Augie Lerch
    27. Thomas Hankinson
    29. Valdir Belanzario – DNF
    30. AJ Myers – DNF


    Rob Howden


    Official free practice was run this morning at South Garda Karting, and the drivers are now into the afternoon sessions, which is classified at Non-Qualifying Practice. Qualifying for tomorrow’s heat races will cap today’s on-track action.  The class order is Rok, Junior Rok, Super Rok, Mini Rok, Rok Shifter.  The midday temps are in the high 60s and the track is enjoying sunshine.

    In the Junior Rok class, Olivier Bellanger and Ryan Norberg were both in the front half of their session, Bellanger in 12th and Norberg in 14th, less than a half-second off the lead pace.

    The North American contingent struggled in Super Rok. Remo Ruscitti led the way, sitting 24th in the first afternoon session, right around 0.8 seconds off the lead pace in Group 1. Don McGregor is running in the E30 class (over 30 years of age) and was 27th, while Joran Redlin ran just two laps before being collected by a driver who went off track, then shot back into the racing line, hitting Redlin in the right rear and bending his axle. In the second group, Chris Eagles is also running in the E30 class and is 2.9 seconds back in 34th, and has work to do to find speed. Rok Cup USA champ Dustin Stross was in the pits early, having turning just three laps.

    In the first group of Mini Rok, Ricardo Villasmil was 23rd, back by just over a second. Canadian Antonio Serravalle looks good in Group 2, sitting 11th, less than three tenths off, while Mathias Rameriz was 21st. Lachan DeFrancenso led the North American contingent in Group 3, finishing up fifth, 0.373 off the fast time in the group, while David Morales was 25th. In the final group, Jagger Jones looks to be in the hunt, sitting fifth, just 0.195 back. Dylan Tavela was seventh (+0.309) while Jace Jones was 17th (+0.657).

    Of the six Rok Cup USA drivers is Rok Shifter, AJ Myers has the best pace, running sixth in the session, off by just over a tenth. Augie Lerch was 22nd, over seven tenths back. Four of the drivers are in the E30 class (Masters) and it was Brazil’s Valdir Belizario who was quickest, coming in 24th overall and third of the eight E30 drivers. Rok USA champ Gonzalo Aponte was 28th, while Tom Hankinson and Daniel Miglorancia were 32nd and 34th, respectively.

    Live timing can be accessed via the following link:


    Rob Howden


    I am quite certain that if Briggs Racing found out that a dealer was trying to sell you a $2700 ‘National-level’ LO206, they’d lose their dealership. We’re talking about an engine that is ridiculously well-built and dyno’d to be within the strictest of HP tolerances. That said, in this category, the motor plays almost NO role in performance. It’s all about the driver and the chassis set-up. The guys who run upfront and there because they’re the best drivers with the best set-up…plain and simple.

    Last year, I pulled two engines out of their boxes and bolted them on. I finished fifth in Masters at the Canadian Nationals at Goodwood and I finished eighth at the Rock Island Grand Prix in LO206 Senior. And I’m an out-of-shape 45-year-old who races 4-6 times a year. No special engines, no hand-picked parts. I was pleased with my performances and I only failed to perform better because of my driving and my chassis set-up. That is the bottom line.

    I also race a Honda at the WRKC and I think I’ve got good engines. But I also think that the Briggs LO206 is a better program.

    Don’t be fooled by the ‘national level’ engine scam. Buy an LO206, bolt it on, and focus on driver development and chassis set-up.


    Rob Howden

    Thanks for the input, guys! I appreciate you taking the time to post and I can tell you that much of what you’re discussing is coming down the pipe. The launch and fine-tuning of the new EKN site was the first project, and the second assignment is to turn things up a few notches in terms of original editorial and new components for the site. We have a few new components that we’re waiting for only the necessary time to put into place, and we have lots of ideas on the editorial worksheet. We’re really excited about our plans to ‘drop the hammer’ in 2015.

    Its funny because I was just chatting with David Cole this morning about all the stuff we’ll put into motion for later in the year and into 2015. and he quickly fired me over the link to this thread. I’m glad that you enjoy my ‘Morning Coffee’ columns, and there will be much more of them.

    Any input is appreciated. We want to provide our readership with the editorial they want to read, so by letting us know, it helps the decision making over here.

    And in regards to a magazine, I am planning to bring back ‘Super Kart Illustrated’ next year in a limited run. I think it will be pretty badass.


    Rob Howden

    Hi William,

    Asking a question in the forums, on a race weekend, a holiday weekend at that, will often guarantee that you’ll have to wait a little bit to get an answer. In the meantime, welcome to and welcome to the sport of karting. You won’t find a better sport in which to connect with your son and teach him so many life lessons.

    One of the first things any of our forum members will want to know if order to help you is your location. By filling us in on where you live, we can better assess the options that you may have in terms of tracks, available classes and race shops in the area. You want to find a club to check out, and we always recommend just heading out and watching a club race first hand. It will also be important to find a good kart shop to work with, as you can certainly buy a used package from the EKN forums or a local racer, but your kart shop owner will likely be your go-to guy for assistance and any parts you might need.

    It’s funny that you’ve posted this question, as we’re very close to rolling out the first installment of our ‘Karting 101′ series of articles, which will be designed to help educate people new to the sport and those looking to getting into it.

    So, let us know, where do you live and what club is that closet to your home?


    Rob Howden
    Editor-in-Chief / Publisher


    Rob Howden

    Thanks guys, we’ll look at it.


    Rob Howden

    Masters Max Saturday Qualifying

    1. Donald Durbin Jr. – 55.113
    2. Andre Erickson
    3. Ken Maxfield
    4. Brian Phillipsen
    5. James Dix
    6. Justin Peck
    7. Scott Ripslinger
    8. Stephan Gaundreau
    9. John Breidinger
    10. Chad Wallace


    Rob Howden

    Junior Max Saturday Qualifying

    1. Austin Versteeg – 53.967
    2. Kyle Wick
    3. Callum Smith
    4. Sting Ray Robb
    5. Chase Farley
    6. Enzo Prevost
    7. Christian Brooks
    8. Corrie Hiatt
    9. Phillippe Denes
    10. Horatio Fitz-Simon


    Rob Howden

    OK, I’m signing up…if only to bet against Michigan so I can piss off Cole. This did make it in, right, Cole? Please tell me they’re up against Appalachian State in the Round of 64!


    Rob Howden


    I’ve had good success with the Hilliard Inferno (not sure if Blaze or Flame model) and the MaxTorque during my two outings in the LO206 class.


    Rob Howden

    Junior Max – Final Practice

    1.Christian Brooks (46.876)
    2.Phillippe Denis
    3.Nick Brueckner
    4.Austin Versteeg
    5.Sting Ray Robb
    6.Jake Boyle
    7.Kyle Wick
    8.Max Fedler
    9.Walker Hess
    10.Jeff Fulham


    Rob Howden

    Rotax Masters – Final Practice

    1.Ken Maxfield (47.916)
    2.Brian Phillipsen
    3.Donald Durbin Jr.
    4.Larry Hayashigawa
    5.Kurt Fisher
    6.Justin Peck
    7.Jacob Zamora
    8.Dave Kunicki
    9.James Dix
    10.Richard Hensley


    Rob Howden

    MicroMax – Final Practice

    1.Diego LaRoque (0.062)
    2.Jak Crawford
    3.Austin Torgerson
    4.Sebastian Davis
    5.Tyler Ruth
    6.Branyon Tiner
    7.AJ Hernandez
    8.Cooper Becklin
    9.Corbin Emery
    10.Cole Keith Cotham


    Rob Howden

    Senior Max – Final Practice

    1.Louie Pagano (45.714)
    2.Jake Craig
    3.Phillip Arscott
    4.Luke Selliken
    5.Carlee Taylor
    6.Mason Marotta
    7.Blaine Rocha
    8.Phil DeLaO
    9.Joey Wimsett
    10.Andrew Wiener


    Rob Howden

    MiniMax-Final Practice

    1.Payton Durrant-49.815
    2.Jacob Blue Hudson
    3.Filip Niemkiewicz
    4.Griffin Dowler
    5.Zoey Edenholm
    6.Colin Queen
    7.Conner Wick
    8.Hannah Greenemeier
    9.Everest Fedler
    10.Trey Brown


    Rob Howden

    DD2-Final Practice

    1. Bailey Murphy-45.292
    2. Sabre Cook
    3. Gavin Reichelt
    4. Christian Bird
    5. Andy Lee
    6. Bronson Eggert
    7. Matt England

    DD2 Masters-Final Practice

    1. Alan Rudolph (45.109)
    2. Ben Johnston
    3. Mike Urban


    Rob Howden

    We are on-track with the Friday afternoon Pre-Qualifying Timed Practice sessions. The order is:

    DD2/DD2 Masters
    Senior Max
    Rotax Masters
    Junior Max

    We’re working on some equipment upgrades for the live broadcasts and will likely be doing our usual tea, streaming for the laster sessions.


    Rob Howden

    You know, Justin, it just seems like the FIA keeps adjusting the specs and the designers keep manipulating them to the best of their abilities. The simple fact is that the resultant lines are just flat-out ugly. It doesn’t matter what changes the FIA makes, maximizing aero is the goal, not matter what the form.

    And I agree…the new F1 cars really brutal…almost embarrassing. LOL


    Rob Howden

    Hey Rodney,

    Just our luck. David was off today on a family getaway and I’m on the West Coast, so I’m three hours behind on firing up the laptop. It’s a conspiracy for sure!!! 😉

    We’ll address it for the future, that’s for sure.


    Rob Howden

    The Maranello karts continue to be run with great success in Canada, as the foundation for Trevor Wickens’ Prime Kartsport team. He’s focused on running a small squad, but they do extremely well with the Maranello, including back-to-back Canadian National Championships in DD2 Masters with Stuart Clark.

    Clark also won the Eastern Canadian Karting Championship (ECKC) on his Maranello in DD2 Masters, and Brendon Bain and Fred Woodley were second and third in the ECKC behind Ben Cooper.

    Results point to it being a strong chassis, and in talking to the Prime guys, they love it.


    Rob Howden

    Hey Walt,

    Our advertising program is not designed around the ‘pay per click’ approach. We use a monthly fee for our program. I have worked aggressively in recent years to develop a wider spectrum of benefits for our advertising partners, and the marketing packages they purchase include many different deliverables to fully leverage what we can offer.

    EKN is fortunate to have a list of great marketing partners who have worked with us for countless years. It’s all about value, in my opinion. If we help them be successful, then we’re success in return.


    Rob Howden

    Thanks to everyone who is supporting Wesley on the fundraiser site. It’s incredible to see. I’m sure than Sandra will give us a new update soon.

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