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    Yup, I agree with Wade

    I’ve used the same set of tires all season on my L0206, so far 6 races, and may still get one more.

    The beauty about buying a complete L0206 kart/engine package is that it will be affordable, you get to try it while the class gets some traction, and before you know it there will be lots of people doing it ( I know for fact ) And if you find out you don’t like your kart, then you can sell it for what you paid for.

    Buy if you buy an older TAG kart with and older Rotax or Leopard engine (boat anchor motor ) and you decide you don’t like it, then selling it again might be a bit difficult, you may sit on it for a while and you won’t get the majority of your money back. Almost nobody in the country runs those anymore.

    Listen to the good advise given here by some of us, been there done that.

    You trust us, and can almost be 100 percent that if you and your buddies start going to the track with your L0206 it will grow big, don’t be intimidated by the lack of kart counts. There is a reason why there are so little numbers in your town for TAG karts, but if you invest a little time and money on L0206 it will take off fast, and you will benefit from all the many participants that will start doing it too.




    Email sent, Let me know buddy.



    No, he hasn’t

    He said him and his partner needed to come up with the money, or something

    Yes, they are still available, and all the clutches too, along with whatever yamaha stuff I can find, we don’t use it anymore.



    World Formula is really good too, in my opinion just as fast if not faster than Yamaha KT100 pipe.

    And yes I noticed the numbers are pretty low here too.

    I think just the simplicity, it’s nice not to carry a heavy starter, plus the fact that the L0206 you can’t touch the engine ( sealed motor/spec motor ) more of an even playing field, especially for the beginner. And the world formola you have different builders, different set ups, different power bands, etc.

    And the whole idea of going L0206 was so that new karters, beginners, entry level drivers, or experienced drivers that wanted to keep it low key could do so, with out all the complicity.

    But yeah, I hear you, I was wondering the same thing myself too.



    Yup! Lol

    And just because they seem slow doesn’t mean it’s easy to get up front, there are lots of super fast guys running up front.

    I hope it does good in your town buddy, I honestly think it will, it wasn’t too long ago it started here as a small group, and now you can’t throw a rock in any direction and not hit an L0206, now all the big shots running fast karts are doing L0206 because they see how much fun we’re having.



    I understand, Lol.

    We race shifter karts too. We know the feeling.

    Unfortunately we can’t afford to run 3 classes, so we can only do shifters and L0206, and we’re having fun.

    We’re getting ready to go race here on our next race



    I agree

    L0206 is very successful everywhere in the country, and yes in the beginning people were skeptical about it, including myself, and now you look at it!!

    Here in Cali, they had to split it in 3 classes so that it won’t get too crazy with 46 plus to 60 plus karts on the grid, I also see it growing everywhere.

    It won’t be long before many people jump on board.

    Just buy a couple of karts you and your buddy and go to the track, if you come to a place where you thing it wasn’t for you, then sell the whole package for the same amount of money you bought it for. Nothing to lose and a lot to be gain if it works out.

    I wish both of you guys lived here in Cali, I would totally hook you up for a track day or a race day, and you would love it.

    And Brad.

    You should really look into buying a few karts with L0206 packages, start an arrive and drive program, and see what happens. ( Monkey see, Monkey do )

    Won’t be long before everybody starts buying an L0206 package and start racing soon. This is how clubs and classes get started, someone has to take the initiative about it, especially when the sport is not doing too good in your town. There is just something special about that package that makes it so much fun.

    Easy to drive

    Cheap to own and maintain

    Cheap on tires (4 to 6 races )

    Motors will last 3 to 5 years before you throw away ( heck! I can buy a new motor with the money I spend on race gas in one season Lol. )

    Easy on new drivers ( no tuning, no car or clutch adjustment )

    Only concentrate on driving

    You can’t go wrong with it. Just go for it.




    Well, looks like most of the experienced guys here in the forum have given you the info and advised to the best of their knowledge and personal experience.

    Looks like at this point you’re just gonna have to decide where and when to pull the trigger.

    I still think that if you and your buddies that wanna start racing should start with L0206, and as soon as the local guys see how much fun, simple and cheap to run they are, they all are gonna wanna buy one and start racing. This may require of you guys to get the ball rolling, talking to people, etc, and once they see it in action they will develop an interest about that class, and who knows you may just start a new thing there.

    Good luck to you both.

    Oh! And if that is what you wanna try, then I have about 6 complete turn key karts available and ready to race. 2 of them are brand new, and 4 of them are 2014’s and 2015’s. It will be a lot cheaper to run, trust me, and the tires do last about 4 to 6 races, depending on track .



    You can’r read the spark plug like on a 2 stroke and expect it to be brown or darker. these motors are just like a car motor.

    The idle issue you may be having is most likely a vaccumm leak at the intake manifold or gasket, the engine cannot breath anywhere else other than the air filter area (front of carburetor)

    Run that engine, let it idle on the stand, spray small amount of car/brake cleaner around the suspected air leak area, and see if anything changes after you spray.



    Bump, still available



    Just get a group of people to start that L0206 class, it will grow like weeds after people see how much fun it is.

    Most clubs require  at least 3 karts to make it a class anyway, and after that it won’t take long to grow. There are already 2 of you, just talk to your buddies or guys at the track and see if they wanna run L0206. This class is already big at most tracks and clubs throughout the country.

    Heck I have 4 kart and 2 brand new karts, all L0206.



    Oh yeah! It feels like when you press the push to pass button, or the DRS at the straighaway!!!!!!

    Lol. No, I’m just kidding, sorry Jim, I just couldn’t help it.

    But don’t worry, Walt Giff will be here soon to chime in.



    Sure, I understand that.

    I just find it hard to believe that there aren’t many classes in NJ

    What are the names of those tracks near you buddy?




    Yamaha KT100 would be another option, if they still run them in your town

    The rebuilds are a little more affordable, but will be needed every 3 to 4 races if you wanna stay competitive.

    TAG will be overkill for a new driver.



    email sent. Thank you.



    Well, sorry, I had no Idea how low in numbers you guys were in your town, here in Cali we have plenty kart counts, just in LO206  last year we had 36 karts, and keeps growing, most states in the country are embracing that class and it’s growing very rapidly, I’m really surprised it hasn’t taken off in your town.

    Some of the TAG motor packages you guys mentioned are boat anchors here, and at many race tracks are no longer supported, or any class available for them, yes they let them run with other TAG motors but there’s no class for them.

    My buddy had a brand new TAG X30 package, he only used it about 2 to 3 times, then ran one race with us at the LO206 class, he loved it so much he sold his 3 race old X30 package. Keep in mind we have ran many classes in the passed, now we only focus on LO206 and shifter karts SKUSA only.

    I would highly recommend to look harder and make absolutely sure what strong classes run at your local track, or even if you have to travel 1 to 2 hours to get to a good track with a big class it may be worth it.

    Sorry, I’m just trying to help, and no I would not like for you to do hot laps by yourself either, but you did mention you were considering LO206 That’s why I recommended it that’s all.

    Do you guys have a massive amount of TAG karts there? What are the numbers each race weekend?

    This is what it looks like here in Cali for SKUSA  or Tri-C Karters

    About 86 shifter karts on the grid



    Just run LO206, there is something about that class that is too much fun!!! Hard to describe, but we have ran many different classes and engine packages through the years, and LO206 is so much fun, with out all the stress of engine/clutch tuning etc. Just set up your correct gear ratio, put gas and go.

    It is so cheap to run, all you gotta do is change the motor oil every race weekend, they use cheap pump gas.

    TAG, Yamaha KT100 can get pretty expensive with rebuilds every 3 to 4 races if you wanna stay competitive, new clutches are around $365, plus you have to run race fuel and pre mix every race, ad another $95 to $105.

    Just do LO206 for a season or 2 till you get real good at it, then switch to whatever engine you want.


    Anyhow just my 2 cents.



    No worries, buddy

    Good luck and have fun.




    I can go on and on trying to explain different angles for geometry and alignment techniques, maybe I don’t understand your question, and I apologize for that in advance.

    I you’re racing or not, and you are planing to do many different set ups for testing, you should really get a sniper, otherwise take notes, adjust one line on the sniper pills, drive the kart, change it again, take notes, drive it again, etc.

    If I’m not mistaken when you look at tire and it lines up straight up and down, and it’s perfectly straight, then you have +0 degrees, and if it’s tilted like an Indy car set up for temporary road course, and it measures on the snipe 2 or 3mm chances are it is about -1 to -1.5 degrees.

    I could go on and on for caster and tow, and give you the definition of steering axis tilt, but you don’t have a sniper. Plus every time you’re gonna be testing and adjusting your pills to try how it performs, you’re gonna be changing your tow, unless you’re planning to set up your tow every time with a string or a measuring tape?

    If I understand correctly you just wanna adjust your camber form 0 degrees to 1 or 2 negative degrees and drive it, just to see how it does, Right?

    Here’s a video on how it works, I’m just trying to help buddy.



    Translation is very simple to achieve, all you have to do is google and type in a conversion table or calculator on how to convert MM to inches, degrees or fractions.

    But if what you’re actually looking for is how to set up your kart’s camber, caster and toe, then you’re really gonna have to buy a set of snipers, you can’t just go by the lines the pills have, that won’t tell you how far you actually are off, or if the chassis is bent, you need laser beam snipes to see how far off it really is, and take measurements from there.

    Yes 1 line on the pills means something, but you could count one line on one side, and another line on the other side, and still have very different negative or positive camber due to a bent spindle or yoke, or frame.

    The turns on the screw don’t mean anything either, however you do wanna make sure that both sides have close to equally amount of adjustment, meaning the snipe pills are pretty much centered, and that the adjustments given from left to right at both sides of the axle do match. You can’t have the left side in the middle and the right side all maxed out.

    I hope this was helpful, and if I totally misunderstood your question, please disregard this love letter.



    Available complete turn key, or with out engine ( Roller )



    Those master cylinders do not look Tony Kart style, maybe they were replaced by something else?

    You can use plastic lines, but the fittings will be hard to find in metric, and nearly impossible to attach them to banjo fittings.

    Look for good used ones on ebay, besides those brake hoses may still be good. They are nylon as well, they’re just cover in steel breaded mesh, and a nice rubberized coating that’s all.



    Here you have it, you may wanna call them to verify the parts you need.

    You may wanna hold and support those 90 degree fittings with another wrench next time so that they don’t break off, they are pretty fragile.




    Contact Italian Motors USA

    Even though you don’t see any parts available, it doesn’t mean they don’t have one or 2 laying around, from old stock.

    I wonder if any TM “J” arm will fit?

    I would post this on the “WTB” section, you’d be surprised, someone may have one out there.



    I still have this engine available, along with a good running engine and another engine that popped the crank seal off.

    I also have several clutches available at least 5 of them

    Make an offer for everything, or for a single item, otherwise I’ll take $1,500 for all.

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