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    Usually when your master cylinder starts to bypass internally, so does the caliper seals.

    I always rebuild the whole system

    And yes, it is very  possible to have a small leak or hairline crack at the line fittings, check   those too.

    We always check the braking system, before we check our power plant, brakes should be the first thing to check before a track day, as a safety rule.

    Always flush and bleed hydraulic brakes.



    I agree with Walt, If it’s got that much carbon built up it’s probably due for a top end

    I also think it’s really funny that he places a dollar sign instead of an “X” after  “Rota”  Lol.

    If you don’t wanna break the seal by removing the head, you could just remove the spark plug and install the sea foam through the spark plug hole, But it is still very scary to think that some of the sea foam fluid/solvent will go down the crank case and become fatal.


    I honestly wouldn’t do it.



    I wouldn’t use it at all on 2 stroke engines, you’ll probably seize the top end before you finish cleaning the carbon deposits.

    If you really wanna clean it, just remove the head and soak it up with sea foam, use it as a solvent only with a brush, make sure nothing goes inside the crank case.



    Kevin, check your PM. I sent you some info.



    Why not just buy this one, and save all the time. frustration and money?

    Redding Ca is not that far, shipping through Fastenal is very affordable right now. Or meet the guy 1/2 way.

    You may end up spending a lot more money than you care before the project is even done ( just a thought )



    Tony and Tim have a valid point, and I agree with them also.

    It’s always a great idea to support fellow karters, racers, business and local shops.

    Those are also great options, and it will benefit us all. My 2 cents.  ;)



    This reminds me of CART and IRL, now known as Izod Indy Car Series

    That conflict went on for about 10 to 12 painful days, and it didn’t do the sport any good, by putting both series on a bind, allowing other forms of motorsports to get stronger while the battle went on.


    Now Indy car is doing ok, but those cars and their power plants suck! And They’re long and ugly.

    I know this is off topic, as I express my thoughts, but it totally reminds me of that era.

    I hope one or the other will be successful, keeping the consumer and racers in mind, and as the back bone foundation of karting. And PLEASE KEEP THE COST DOWN!!!!!!!!!



    Oh, cool!

    Let me know the date ahead of time

    I have some stuff that needs a new home. Thank you, man.



    Try your local FASTENAL

    Last time I used them to ship 2 karts on top of each other on a crate

    And it only cost me less than $250

    It only took a week to go from Cali to Missouri. My 2 cents. FastFreddy.  ;)



    Some time in February

    Do you guys have a 2015 Schedule ready?



    Awesome, Wes!

    I’m glad you got it to work!

    Happy new year, enjoy and be safe.




    Where are you located at?

    What type of experience do you have in racing/karting?

    Are you after 4 cycle karts, 2 strokes? KT100, Tag karts?

    Are you going for a new or used kart package?

    Telling us a little bit about yourself and your future plans will help us give you better advice.

    Welcome to the sport, and I hope you have tons of fun



    Usually manufacturers are not open to the public, there is a reason why there are dealers to distribute their merchandise.

    However, there may be a little room for negotiation, but I would never insist aggressively, or demand for a lower price, as mentioned above these dealers and shops have a huge overhead and very small margin of profits, and it is extremely difficult for them to survive, in fact most of them have to have a 2nd job to support their families.

    It would be in your best interest not to hit them so hard in case of a negotiation, but you could go easy, and have them sympathize  with you on the price. And who knows? You may get a smoken deal after all, just by doing the right approach in a positive way. And if they like you they may even throw in a few more goodies with the bundle.


    Keep in mind, it is always a good idea to be a likeable customer, you will get lots of support, advice and a good relationship. ( always have shops, engine builders/tuners on your side )


    My 2 cents. FastFreddy.  ;)



    Oh, Hi! Wayne!

    Yeah, with my fat butt I was thinking about it.

    I always appreciate your thoughts and input

    When are you guys planning to do a track day there? My Son and I don’t have a KPV 2 at the moment, but we’d be more than happy to come out and try a test day with our KT100’s

    How is the condition of the track, these days? Any maintenance and repairs done to it lately?

    When is a good time to come down?

    I’m changing clutches and pipe, and different weight too, I’d like to see how the old kart will do with those changes.

    Thanks for the reply, nice to hear from you man. See you soon.



    Oh,  yes!

    I forgot about Stu Hayner

    I would totally go there

    Good people, and with great reputation.




    If I remember correctly there is or was a karting shop located in Buena park, called Yamaha of America? on beach Blvd?

    Also Empire karts in Anaheim, or red hills?



    Get a new jug, or send that one out to get re nycasiled

    Order a new top end piston/ring, wrist kit, new head and a set of gaskets

    Once you put it back together make sure to clean the pipe and silencer real good from possible debris, cleaned out your carburetor, and check your jets for not too lean

    Check you cooling system for any malfunctions, before you hit the track for a break in session.




    Welcome back, we missed you. Lol  :)

    And yes, we need to talk to David Cole, and vote to remove the indoor karting section, and make it a FastFreddy section, not even “The Ask Freddy Section” But The “Freddy” section

    Now that would be cool, in agreement to what Sebastian mentioned. ;)


    And all kidding aside

    Tim Koyen said something very valuable about engine builders and their support at the track, In fact some of them even Bar-B-Q for their customers at the track.

    It’s always a great idea to keep a good relationship with people for mutual support, it can only help us all build a stronger sport.


    Thank you guys for sharing that.





    Everything Anthony mentioned is correct

    We only use Horstman 2 disc dry clutch and L&T Mini 2 disc dry also For Super Sr Sportsman class.

    And yes, please lubricate the bushing inside the driver/drum, and don’t forget the chain lube every session, always keep your chain tension at the proper adjustment.

    But don’t worry we’ll assist you at the track, just come out buddy.

    Will you be bringing a roller chassis, or you need a complete kart arrive and drive? As I notice you’re selling your chassis?

    Either way we can still help you, just let us know. Fast Freddy. ;)



    Yup, fuel, pre mix, plug, tires, radiator type, pipe, etc. I agree.
    Hey guys, thank you for all your help
    Unfortunately I’m not gonna be able to make it, as I sold the kart in broken condition. Sad
    A buddy of mine came over to my shop, saw the kart and fell in live with it, made me an offer and bought it.

    He will be seeing you guys up north in January at Laguna Seca, and Willow Springs, Button Willow, and Infenion.

    Thanks so much for all your input. God bless you all. Fast Freddy. :)



    I’m 6’2″, 42 years old, weigh 210 lbs, I am going to lose 30 lbs by Feb 2015
    I can assure you that if I lose my body fat, and eat healthy, don’t care what the doctor says I WILL NOT die, I can die a lot faster and hurt myself by eating crap, pizza, dough, chips, soda, deep fry foods, fast foods, etc.
    Your body will not consume itself if you continue to feed it right
    Please face the reality and facts, and start eating well. I’m not saying DON”T EAT, but please eat right.

    Anybody wants to hit the bike path with a road bike with me? ;)



    Our race season starts February.
    And we only race once a month
    Come out a day early so that you can practice and get familiar with the package, before race day.

    You can always unload all your gear and kart at our shop, that way you don’t have to worry about losers stealing your kart at the hotel, then in the morning we can all head out to the track and practice.

    I would have to wait on the 2015 race schedule to verify the dated, as some times we race at night time, under the lights.
    It would be great to have you over.




    Are you trying to do some early Christmas shopping for me? Please try no to stress too much, as I’m very easy to shop for, and very grateful for any graphics I can get, never picky. :)

    I would say hold off on the Ferrari graphics, and just wait till they reveil  the new F1 cars for the next season, and then I can give you my opinion and my mailing address too. ;)





    Once again

    Why not get into a healthier diet, get back into shape, and lose 20 to 30 lbs?

    If that seems to be the issue, then deal with that particular issue.

    Your body will thank you for it, after all.

    Athletes do it all the time

    Boxers, fighters, horse racers, swimmers, etc.

    I’m getting older these days, and I’m still planning to lose some fat myself for next season, so that I may compete in a different class.

    20 to 30 lbs is not impossible to lose, try not eating for about a week, hit the scale and see what happens. At least 10 lbs right? then try different food rather than ne nice large fries, big fat extra size burger, soda, etc.


    Not trying to be offensive here, this is reality, and this is the sport we love

    Noticed I mentioned “SPORT” That means it is a sport, and we do need to train, and discipline ourselves with better diets. ( including myself, my fat ass ).  ;)

    Most race car drivers train and work out endless hours, and pay close attention to what they eat. My 2 cents. :)



    20 Lbs isn’t that far off
    May be easier to lose weight, or deal with the extra weight, rather than start a new class, and get drivers to commit to it.

    We have the same issue here locally, and of course I have to lose 30 lbs, or deal with it, myself.

    Sorry, I wish there was something more comfortable, or an easier way. My 2 cents, and by no means trying to be disrespectful, as I am on the same boat.

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