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    David Cole

    It’s simple: Keep the engine rules like the rest of the country – following the Briggs rule structure that hasn’t changed in the last few years.

    Next, use standard safety rules like WKA uses, and let it rip. Don’t worry if its a CIK kart or a laydown seat. It really doesn’t matter as long as there is a class for racers to get into the sport or come back out of retirement. When you get 20-30 on a grid, then you can start worrying about what chassis rules to follow.

    Remember, this is karting. Make it simple and people will come.


    David Cole

    I have heard that update information regarding the SuperNationals will be forthcoming from Superkarts! USA.


    David Cole

    Here is a more affordable tool :

    Otherwise, it’s all hard labor. Some use screwdrivers, others can just do it by hand.


    David Cole

    Yes, making the jump from indoor karts to competitive karts can be tricky, thus why you want to start at the entry level, then jumping right up to the elite level.

    Yes, but instead of looking at ebay, look at the classifieds here, or just buy it right from the shop so you know there is no question that the engine is what it is, and you can get your parts right from them –


    David Cole

    Your best solution is to find out what entry level classes either of the tracks have. Going with a Rotax is a big learning curve, both on and off the track.

    Here is a local shop –

    Or you can also look at –


    David Cole

    Quick advice, don’t put a $4,000 engine on a $500 chassis

    Personally, that Corsair is for a Briggs LO206 or Clone class, something to just get you started in the sport. It’s cheap because parts are probably non-existent. I have heard of the name, but not sure who or where you would get parts that fit the brand.

    Are you brand new to the sport?

    If so, LO206 is probably a better direction for you. You could get this kart, put on an engine for about another $1,000, and have some fun.

    Otherwise, I would look into something more recognizable if you are going toward the Rotax route. You will also want to find a local kart shop to work with, as you will likely have questions and need to buy parts.


    David Cole

    Hello Alex, where did you find it? That’s the best way to understand what you are looking at is if we can see it too.

    What are you looking to do with the kart – 4-Cycle, 2-Cycle, TaG racing?

    Where do you plan to race?


    David Cole

    Thanks Derek.


    David Cole

    Here you go Derek:

    I have moved over a few of the recent posts, and hopefully there will be more in the future. Thanks.


    David Cole

    Here is another option, which is now legal in SKUSA and other sanctioning bodies


    David Cole

    Hey, you have to get your 15 minutes of fame somehow ;)


    David Cole

    Watching last night’s NASCAR races is much like watching a reality show…the whole Danica/Hamlin discussion looked very familiar.


    David Cole

    Schedules are HERE


    David Cole

    Junior Max Sunday Final

    1. Sting Ray Robb +1.013
    2. Nick Brueckner
    3. Trey Brown
    4. Michael Mischoff
    5. Jeff Fullum
    6. David Ilavia
    7. Max Fedler
    8. Toni Breidinger
    9. Evan White
    10. Dante Yu


    David Cole

    DD2 Sunday Final

    1. Matt Jaskol +0.618
    2. Sabre Cook
    3. Michael Ilavia
    4. Ben Schermerhorn


    David Cole

    Micro Max Sunday Final

    1. Diego LaRoque +0.245
    2. Leland Honeyman
    3. Carson Morgan
    4. Josh Pierson
    5. Cole Keith Cotham
    6. Tyler Ruth
    7. Noah Warren
    8. Ashton Torgerson
    9. Anthony Willis
    10. Ethan Ho


    David Cole

    Mini Max Sunday Final

    1. Payton Durrant +2.945
    2. Jak Crawford
    3. Austin Torgerson
    4. Sebastian Alvarez
    5. Marco Kacic
    6. Hannah Greenemeier
    7. Jacob Blue Hudson
    8. Tyler Cole
    9. Filip Niemkiewicz
    10. Grant Langon


    David Cole

    Senior Max Sunday Final

    1. Mason Marotta +1.181
    2. Luke Selliken
    3. Christian Brooks
    4. Gustavo Menezes
    5. Josh Kurtz
    6. Jake Craig
    7. Bryce Choquer
    8. Brenden Baker
    9. Louie Pagano
    10. Justice Lepe


    David Cole

    Masters Max Sunday Final

    1. John Crow +1.051
    2. Paul Bonilla
    3. Scott Falcone
    4. Ken Maxfield
    5. Christopher Patterson
    6. Chad Wallace
    7. John Breidinger
    8. Matt Newton
    9. Perry Needham
    10. James Weaver


    David Cole

    Junior Max Sunday Prefinal

    1. Sting Ray Robb +1.056
    2. Trey Brown
    3. Nick Brueckner
    4. Michael Michoff
    5. Kellen Ritter
    6. Zoey Edenholm
    7. Matthew Taskinen
    8. Toni Breidinger
    9. Evan White
    10. Max Hewitt


    David Cole

    DD2 Sunday Prefinal

    1. Michael Ilavia
    2. Sabre Cook
    3. Ben Schermerhorn
    4. Matt Jaskol


    David Cole

    Micro Max Sunday Prefinal

    1. Diego LaRoque +0.293
    2. Josh Pierson
    3. Leland Honeyman
    4. Cole Keith Cotham
    5. Anthony Willis
    6. Tyler Ruth
    7. Noah Warren
    8. Ashton Torgerson
    9. Dylan Hajicek
    10. Enzo Scionti


    David Cole

    Senior Max Sunday Prefinal

    1. Mason Marotta +2.216
    2. Christian Brooks
    3. Brenden Baker
    4. Luke Selliken
    5. Louie Pagano
    6. Stepanova Nekeel
    7. Jim McKinney
    8. Josh Kurtz
    9. Jake Craig
    10. Carlee Taylor

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