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    David Cole

    Go to for live audio. Qualifying for afternoon sessions starts at 4:30pm PST


    David Cole

    S1 Pro Qualifying

    1. Davide Fore – 45.104
    2. Fritz Leesmann
    3. Danny Formal
    4. Matt Jaskol
    5. Jordon Lennox
    6. Gary Carlton
    7. Sabre Cook
    8. Scott Hargrove
    9. Jordan Ford
    10. Nick Neri


    David Cole

    TaG Master Qualifying

    1. Kip Foster – 47.825
    2. Richie Hearn
    3. Will Power
    4. Leonardo Nienkotter
    5. Diego Pelosi
    6. Russell Francis
    7. Billy Cleavelin
    8. Hector Alvarez
    9. Christian Dischner
    10. Ethan Wilson


    David Cole

    S5 Junior Qualifying

    1. Trenton Estep – 46.688
    2. Jacob Loomis
    3. Raul Guzman
    4. Mathias Ramirez
    5. Jason Pettit
    6. Nicky Hays
    7. Patricio O’Ward
    8. Colin Long
    9. Callum Smith
    10. Hannah Williams


    David Cole

    S2 Semi-Pro Qualifying

    1. Kyle Kirkwood – 45.187
    2. Loris Ronzano
    3. Fernando Casillas Jr.
    4. Jarred Campbell
    5. Kolton Griffin
    6. Miguel Lopez
    7. Austin Schimmel
    8. Sky Finlay
    9. Lorenzo van Riet
    10. Jonathan Kotyk


    David Cole

    TaG Junior Qualifying

    1. Julien Andlauer – 47.438
    2. Logan Sargeant
    3. Christian Brooks
    4. Braden Eves
    5. JP Southern Jr.
    6. Gianluca Petecof
    7. Brandon Lemke
    8. Colton Herta
    9. Matias Fernandez
    10. Zach Holden


    David Cole

    TaG Senior Practice 4

    1. David Sera – 46.847
    2. Brenden Baker
    3. Remo Ruscitti
    4. Danny Formal
    5. Ben Stewart
    6. Joao Vieira
    7. Dalton Sargeant
    8. Blaine Rocha
    9. Yurik Carvalho
    10. Andre Nicastro


    David Cole

    TaG Cadet Practice 4

    1. Michael d’Orlando – 52.805
    2. Lochie Hughes
    3. Leonardo Marseglia
    4. Jack Doohan
    5. Broc Feeney
    6. Diego Ramos
    7. Jagger Jones
    8. Trey Brown
    9. Jak Crawford
    10. Oliver Calvo


    David Cole

    KZ2 Practice 4

    1. Jonathan Thonon – 45.223
    2. Gary Carlton
    3. Fritz Leesmann
    4. Bas Lammers
    5. Daniel Bray
    6. Jeremy Iglesias
    7. Patrik Hajek
    8. Davide Fore
    9. Paolo de Conto
    10. Kel Treseder


    David Cole

    S4 Master Practice 4

    1. Jimmy McNeil – 46.498
    2. Matt Hamilton
    3. Tim Ulmen
    4. Trevor McAlister
    5. Bonnier Moulton
    6. Jason Faint
    7. Mike Beeny
    8. Jordon Musser
    9. Howie Idelson
    10. Eddie Olpin


    David Cole

    S1 Pro Practice 4

    1. Matt Jaskol – 45.816
    2. Davide Fore
    3. Jake French
    4. Nick Neri
    5. Tom Dyer
    6. Jordan Ford
    7. Billy Musgrave
    8. Oliver Askew
    9. Danny Formal
    10. Fritz Leesmann


    David Cole

    TaG Master Practice 4

    1. Kip Foster – 48.611
    2. Ethan Wilson
    3. Will Power
    4. Richie Hearn
    5. Billy Cleavelin
    6. Christian Dischner
    7. Kevin Manning
    8. Olivier Meurens
    9. Diego Pelosi
    10. Eduardo Dieter


    David Cole

    S5 Junior Practice 4

    1. Raul Guzman – 47.533
    2. Trenton Estep
    3. Jacob Loomis
    4. Christian Brooks
    5. Patricio O’Ward
    6. Jason Pettit
    7. Mathias Ramirez
    8. Callum Smith
    9. Andretta Young
    10. Noah Grey


    David Cole

    S2 Practice 4

    1. Kyle Kirkwood – 46.053
    2. Loris Ronzano
    3. Nathan Adds
    4. Sky Finley
    5. Jason Faint
    6. Jonathan Kotyk
    7. Kolton Griffin
    8. Chris Jennings
    9. Fernando Casillas Jr.
    10. Miguel Lopez


    David Cole

    TaG Junior Practice 4

    1. Gianluca Petecof – 48.267
    2. Matt Solarczyk
    3. Braden Eves
    4. Tazio Torregiani
    5. Justice Lepe
    6. Hannah Grisham
    7. Christian Brooks
    8. Chase Farley
    9. Matias Fernandez
    10. Darren Keane


    David Cole

    Check out the Paddock Insider –


    David Cole

    There will be an official announcement regarding the broadcast for Torque.TV and CBS Sports Network on Friday. A few more things will be finalized then.


    David Cole

    Robert, check with Dallas Karting Complex / Sodi Kart USA


    David Cole

    Track construction underway for @superkartsusa #SuperNats18 #EKNatSKUSA

    A photo posted by eKartingNews (@ekartingnews) on


    David Cole

    That means if you don’t hit 2:31 in the Stock Leopard, your slow ;)


    David Cole

    If you want fields of 40, the only events you are going to see that are the SuperNationals and the Rotax Grand Nationals. 30 is a solid number for Rotax Challenge of the Americas, Florida Winter Tour, and the United States Pro Kart Series. Regional level, 20 is a good number for a field. Sometimes, I would prefer a solid group of 10 drivers to race against, if I know I have to be at my best to record a top result.

    Motorsports cost money, as i am sure you have seen. Rotax, IAME, Rok, Shifter, Yamaha…it doesn’t matter what you pick, your going to spend money. You can race Rotax at a reasonable budget, you just have to do your homework, just like any other engine.

    To please the masses, there really is no way to balance the performance of all these powerplants. It’s been tried for the last 15 years. Early on, it was simple. Now, with the advancement in technology, the tires, the chassis combinations, the consensus is multiple engine format does not work. Even Yamaha and KPV together was an issue, and they are both 100cc. It’s the nature of the beast.


    David Cole

    time with our families and friends at the track

    That sir is the most important part about the sport. This is, after all, a hobby. To be in this sport for over 30 years now, that is what you have to fall back on. If it is no longer fun and your family is not pulling on your shirt on Wednesday, asking if they can go to the track now instead of Saturday, then maybe its time to step away.

    Unfortunately, that can be the issue for people entering the sport. People are caught up in the results side, and what speeds you reach, and step further away from the real meaning of the sport.

    Now, regarding class structure, the industry is moving more and more toward single engine categories. Why, because of the example you stated. It is becoming too costly to have 3 different engines for certain tracks you go to, or to make a certain weight. There is no magic formula to make engines equal, it is the nature of motorsports.

    In your area, the Northeast Rotax Max Challenge is very strong, as is the Northeast Shifterkart Series. Depending on the age of your son, I’d look into those regional programs. Otherwise, keep going to the club track and enjoy the weekend with the family, creating your own ‘good ole days’


    David Cole

    Keep them coming Stewart.

    If anyone else wishes to post their predictions, go right ahead.


    David Cole

    Will we see live video feed this year?

    You will be able to catch all the live audio at EKN Live page – presented by IAME USA.


    David Cole

    Check out the bios of all the Team USA drivers at the EKN Event Page

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