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    David Cole

    WKA website has link to the Mylaps results from last year:

    Watch out for my dad in Stock Leopard….hahaha


    David Cole

    Hi Paul, welcome back.

    You should be able to race the X30 Shifter in the Open Shifter class at the LAKC program. They just held their last race at the CalSpeed Karting facility last weekend. Also check to see if So-Cal Karters, Willow Springs or Buttonwillow have Open Shifter classes at their facilities.

    The key to maintenance is going over the kart after every weekend on track. Check the kart for cracks, make sure all the nuts and bolts are tight, brake components are working properly. Engine wise, I normally consult with my engine service provider to see what I am suppose to be doing between races.


    David Cole

    Welcome Matt to EKN.

    Pictures would help. Thanks.


    David Cole

    Hey John,

    Check with to see if they are attending Daytona. Many of the shifter kart drivers in WKA RR are on a DR Kart.


    David Cole

    Already taken care of. Thank you.


    David Cole

    Heat Races – Round #3

    Junior Rok:

    (A vs D)
    5. Ryan Norberg
    31. Luis Jose Forteza – DNF
    14. Olivier Bellanger
    28. Jacobo Camacho

    Norberg was up to seventh after starting 11th, and was the quickest driver on the track. He fought his way up to fifth, earning purple in sector 2 and fast lap of the race. Forteza retired on the opening lap, with Bellanger gaining four spots in the eight lap race.

    Super Rok:

    (A vs D)
    10. Remo Ruscitti
    17. Jordan Redlin
    23. Don McGregor (E30)

    Ruscitti gain one spot at the start and then jumped up to 12th by lap three. In the final laps, he gained to more to finish 10th. Redlin gained six spots while McGregor was fourth of the E30 drivers, moving up six total spots in the 10 laps.

    (B vs C)
    23. Dustin Stross
    34. Christian Pottolichio
    35. Chris Eagles (E30)

    Eagles retired on lap one, with Pottolichio out with three laps remaining. Stross was 25th after the first lap and gained two more positions.

    Mini Rok:

    (A vs D)
    16. Jagger Jones
    17. Ricardo Villasmil

    Jones was running inside the top-10 until two laps remained and he was shuffled back to 18th. On the final lap, Jones went purple in sector 2, running his fast lap to gain two spots by the checkered flag.

    (E vs H)
    1. Antonio Serravalle
    6. Lachlan DeFrancesco
    12. Mathias Ramirez
    14. David Morales

    Serravalle led early on but was then pushed back to second on lap five. On the final lap, the Canadian passed for the win. DeFrancesco was fifth after the first lap, ending up losing on spot. Ramirez had a stellar drive from the back, gaining 11 spots with Morales up two from his grid spot.

    (B vs C)
    9. Dylan Tavella
    21. Jace Jones

    Tavella did not move much in the eight laps, getting up to eighth at one point but fell back to ninth on the final lap. Jones was inside the top-20, but fell back toward the end of the session, dropping four spots from where he started.

    (F vs G)
    7. Gianluca Petecof
    14. Colin Queen

    Petecof fell back to seventh at the start after sitting sixth on the grid. He tried to fight his way forward, but remained in the same position. Queen was 12th after the opening circuit, but fell back two spots on lap four, where he remained to the checkered flag.


    David Cole

    AJ Myers – Qualified 13th in Shifter Rok


    David Cole


    Shifter Rok

    13. AJ Myers – 43.244 +0.219
    23. Augie Lerch – 43.571 +0.546
    26. Valdir Belizario (E30) – 43.771 +0.746
    29. Gonzalo Aponte (E30) – 44.070 +1.045
    31. Tom Hankinson (E30) – 44.429 +1.404
    33. Daniel Miglorancia (E30) – 45.129 +2.104

    Myers and Lerch took two laps to warm-up before laying down their fast times. Toward the end of the season, it seemed they were trying to find space on the track and were unable to, as they had sporadic lap times in the final two minutes. Myers was in the top-10, but fell to 13th in the final laps. Brazilian Belizario was best of the E30 crew, fourth overall of the elder drivers.


    David Cole


    Mini Rok (Group 1)

    23. Ricardo Villasmill – 51.134 +1.157

    Mini Rok (Group 2)

    3. Antonio Serravalle – 50.222 +0.181
    6. Gianluca Petecof – 50.309 +0.268
    23. Mathias Ramirez – 51.174 +1.133

    Mini Rok (Group 3)

    2. Lachlan DeFrancesco – 50.701 +0.157
    13. Colin Queen – 51.145 +0.601
    16. David Morales –  51.185+0.641

    Mini Rok (Group 4)

    6. Jagger Jones – 50.823 +0.336
    9. Dylan Tavella – 50.872 +0.385
    17. Jace Jones – 51.092 +0.605

    Serravalle flirted with fast time in group, ending up third but recorded the fast time of all the North and South American contingent on hand. His time put him an amazing 5th overall of the over 100 drivers. Brazilian driver and Rok Cup USA champion Petecof was right there, just a tenth off his time. Queen and DeFrancesco were toward the top early in Group 3, with DeFrancesco second in his group but nearly half a second off Serravalle’s time. DeFrancesco did go purple in sector 3 on his last lap for his group. Morales was quick on his final circuit, ending up just off Queen’s time. Jagger and Tavella moved up the order toward the middle portion of the session and remained in the top-10 of the final group, ending up about six tenths off Serravalle.


    David Cole


    Super Rok (Group 1)

    19. Remo Ruscitti – 44.820 +0.456
    25. Jordan Redlin – 45.081 +0.717
    31. Don McGregor (E30) – 45.595 +1.231
    32. Christian Pottolichio – 45.609 +1.245

    Super Rok (Group 2)

    25. Dustin Stross – 45.476 +1.194
    36. Chris Eagles (E30) – 47.056 +2.774

    It was a tough session for the American and Canadian drivers. Ruscitti was into the top-10 on the out laps, but fell back and did not return, ending up recorded the best lap of the six drivers in the 31st overall position. McGregor was seventh in E30 for his group, 11th overall. Both Eagles and Stross were able to get quicker at the end, but both are still off the overall pace.


    David Cole

    Qualifying – Junior Rok (Group 1)

    13. Ryan Norberg-45.416 +0.178
    16. Luis Jose Forteza III-45.434 +0.196
    22. Olivier Bellanger-45.558 +0.320
    29. Jacobo Camacho (Columbia)-46.053 +0.815

    Norberg and Forteza bounced around the top-10 all session, as a large group of drivers continued to post fast lap after fast lap. The highest position was sixth for both, ending up 13th and 16th in the group. Bellanger remained near the 20th position the entire time. Overall, after the second group was completed, Norberg and Forteza end up 21st and 24th.


    David Cole

    Qualifying – Rok

    30. Ariel Castro (E30)-46.142 +1.050 (10 laps)

    Castro was fourth in the E30 group, roughly 6 tenths off the group top qualifier in the 14th overall position. Castro is the only Rok Cup USA driver in the category.


    David Cole

    Straight from the Rotax Pan American Challenge – Ariel Castro is ready to race


    David Cole

    Olivier Bellanger on the grid before a practice session



    David Cole

    USPKS champion Dylan Tavella getting his kart ready with Tiffin Willareth and Charlie Swayne working on his Tony Kart


    David Cole

    AJ Myers ride is ready for this weekend


    David Cole

    Photo from Canadian Remo Ruscitti


    David Cole

    HERE is the preview story, including the number of drivers from North and South America in attendance


    David Cole

    Senior Max Final

    1. Ashley Rogero +0.774
    2. Dan Roeper
    3. Dalton Sargeant
    4. Zachary Claman-Demelo
    5. Luke Selliken
    6. Kyle Kirkwood
    7. Elliot Finlayson
    8. Morgan Healey
    9. Thomas Issa
    10. Zacharie Scalzo


    David Cole

    Junior Max Final

    1. Austin Versteeg +0.139
    2. Matthew Solarczyk
    3. Nick Brueckner
    4. Samuel Lupien
    5. Jack Black
    6. Christian Brooks
    7. Aiden Keel
    8. Darren Keane
    9. Mayo Livingston
    10. Andre Castro


    David Cole

    DD2 Final

    1. Ed Brand +1.048
    2. Pier-Luc Ouellette
    3. Gavin Reichelt
    4. Alan Rudolph
    5. Eugene Brittz
    6. Jonathan Kotyk
    7. Sabre Cook
    8. Nathan Adds
    9. Alessandro Bizzotto
    10. Dante Lerra


    David Cole

    DD2 Masters Final

    1. Luis Schiavo +5.289
    2. Andre Fonseca
    3. Camilo Matiz
    4. John Cariato
    5. Elvis Stojko
    6. Scott Roberts
    7. Ken Maxfield
    8. Robert Greene


    David Cole

    Mini Max Final

    1. Lance Fenderson +0.168
    2. Harry Coulton
    3. Enzo Fittipaldi
    4. Matthew Latifi
    5. Michael d’Orlando
    6. Devin Boutot
    7. Filip Niemkiewicz
    8. Riley Dickinson
    9. Nicholas d’Orlando
    10. Tyler Gonzalez


    David Cole

    Masters Max Final

    1. Max Papis +5.223
    2. Scott Roberts
    3. Chris Bogart
    4. Chad Wallace
    5. Derick Boyle
    6. John Robischeaux

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