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    Bob Spedding

    We have only been able to practice and not race this season.  WE have run out of fuel.  For a race I know the track supplies the fuel but since we haven’t made a race and have only been able to practice I can’t get any.  Is there an alternative?  Can I go to my local Shell and buy 93 octane to practice with and then if and when we make a race, I can buy fuel at the track?  Don’t want to mess anything up but not sure what to do.


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    Walt Gifford

    You can run high test from the gas station no problem. You can also use it at a race if you think you will be a back marker and want to save a few bucks.


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    patrick hubbell

    A KT100 needs a bit more octane or you run the risk of detonation. Not too much more, say something like 100or 103 is ideal.  But don’t use pump gas on a race day, pump gas has too many other chemicals in it’s formulation that will get you disqualified.

    Some tracks and local kart shops sell race gas, check with your club first, they can tell you exactly what they use and where you might be able to pick a gallon or two.

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