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    Aaron LaRoque

    Ok Racingmom, you think your shaming me on EKN over me claiming Reece Gold’s motor.  The only thing your doing on behalf of your little embarrassing friend is making yourselves look like crybabys.

    You did not see me, Thome, or PJ Jones crying on EKN after our motors were claimed at Springnats in Phoenix this year.

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    Aaron LaRoque

    And also Racingmom, after my motor was claimed in Phoenix, I found who claimed it and I went to that person and shook their hand and said, no hard feelings, its the rules and I have no problem with him claiming it.  Guess I’m a poor sport.

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    Mark Traylor

    I also know that Alan Rudolph’s engine was claimed at Texas PKC also. I have never had one claimed but it would’nt bother me I would just go buy another one. I don’t have a large engine development program so I would not be out anything. I think the claim needs to used more often, just to let people know that it is ok to use the rule otherwise there is no reason to have the rule. Any “unwritten rule” just undermines what SKUSA is trying to accomplish with having the rule.

    Calling into question Diego LaRoque’s sportsmanship or character is ridiculous and just shows you do not know these people. Aaron and I have had our differences but he runs a hell of a race program with a hell of a driver on less money than a lot of people out there. (I don’t know his budget but I know what he does for a living and it isn’t like he is independently wealthy).

    people need to use their names and show some transparency

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    Patrick Roth

    The irony of arguing an unwritten rule against a written rule…  uh… sorry racingmom but the poor sportsmanship is clearly in your corner.  We all have to play by the rules, especially the written ones, regardless of whether we like them or not.

    Racingmom, I’m not one that usually gets in this sort of debate but you touched a nerve. I suggest you focus on learning respect and fair play.  Our sport could use more of it…


    joe morgan

    If someone is going to come on ekn and call someone out at least have the sack to use your real name.  In my opinion Aaron is one of the better sports in the karting world…always willing to help others almost to a fault.

    Whether you like the claiming rule or not the fact is it exist and is just part of the game. Sorry you are unhappy race mom that someone Else’s motor was claimed…… Seems either you are not who you say you are or you are the poor sport!!! Just sayin!!!


    Matt Martin

    Rules are written to keep things in check. Right?

    I don’t think a reply was even necessary. I think the person outed themselves as the bad sport without any extra attention.


    Greg Pierson

    RE “DIEGO LAROQUE POOR SPORT AWARD” post by ‘racing mom’

    Using the name of a 10-year-old boy in a negative post on a public forum is inappropriate and just plain wrong!

    And anyone that would suggest Diego or his dad Aaron are poor sports obviously doesn’t know them.

    Here’s the content of the post …

    “If you can’t beat em, buy em! Racing mom has learned that Diego Laroque’s dad has just CLAIMED Reece Gold’s motor at the Supernats. Everyone knows although SKUSA is a claiming race, it’s an unwritten rule that this JUST ISN’T DONE. If your child can’t win with his equipment, buying someone else’s isn’t going to help! No problem with Diego here, I’m sure he doesn’t even know his daddy is trying to buy him a podium. By the way, I’m not Reece’s mom, just a racing mom trying to keep it real. SHAME ON YOU MR. LAROQUE!”

    What’s going on here seems pretty simple to me. After qualifying 5th overall and going on to win all three of his heat races (simply a phenomenal performance), Reece Gold started the main on pole. For whatever reason, Reece ended up finishing 15th. I don’t know why as I was preoccupied watching my own kid struggle. Missed setup, mechanical issue, racing incident, the pressure got to a young driver … Whatever the cause, you were super disappointed. Fine. Who wouldn’t have been? And then to add insult to injury, the dad of a kid that finishes ahead of you claims your engine. I get it. But this is absolutely no excuse to create an account on ekartingnews to post this or ask someone else to do it for you. If you don’t already, I suspect you will regret doing this and hopefully you’ll give Aaron a call to apologize.

    Reece, you’re a great driver and I’m sorry the final results on Super Sunday didn’t reflect that. Keep your head up.

    Diego, You’re a great driver, a great kid and a good sport. Try to ignore what others say that don’t know you.

    More life lessons from the track.


    Greg Pierson

    Having never received the unwritten rule memo, I claimed LaRoque’s engine in Phoenix. He was a perfect gentleman about it and has subsequently said hi and shook my hand and every race.

    Again, anyone that would suggest Diego or his dad are poor sports clearly doesn’t know them.


    Dan Schlosser

    I love the claim rule – glad someone is putting it to proper use. If you don’t like the rule, don’t overspend on your engine package or pick another series to run. There are no “Unwritten Rules”, only written rules – Aaron followed the rule book to the letter as others have done when claiming his engines.  I may not be thrilled to lose a proven engine but I also know we trust our engine program and engine builders enough to know that in the other box we have an engine we can bolt on that will do the same job.

    The magic happens with the squishy thing between the seat and steering wheel and the amount of time Aaron and Diego put in to working on the driver is where their success comes from above all. A good engine never hurts either though. 😉


    Ed Portz

    Aaron LaRoque is the farthest thing from a poor sport.  The Claiming rule is the best thing ever, it would of saved Rotax if they implemented it 4 years ago.

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    Erik Gerlof

    Of everything that’s wrong in karting calling out the Aaron is the last thing I would think off. If all in the karting community would be like the LaRoque family we would not have this discussion.

    Shame on you anonymous person called “kartingmom”.




    Mark Just

    We are going into our second year of Karting. we ran the Briggs lo206

    My question is what is the “claiming” rule you all speak of.


    Asking because I really don’t know


    Greg Pierson

    In SKUSA, you can put up a certain amount of money (generally about $500 more than the cost of a new engine) to take (claim) another competitors engine. You fill out a form and put up the cash before the final race of an event, and when the competitor comes off the track tech facilitates the transfer.

    When engines aren’t sealed by the factory like they are in L206, engine builders seal them and racers can spend thousands looking for a few tenths of a horsepower. Claiming rules help keep this to a minimum.

    Here’s the actual rule for MiniSwift, the class being ‘discussed’ here.

    “Claiming: Any competitor may claim an engine entered in the event subject to the following conditions: Claimant must be entered in the race and have participated in at least two events in the class during the calendar year. For the first race of the year, participation in the last race of previous year will meet this requirement. Claimed engine must have cleared Technical Inspection for the event. It is not implied or a guarantee the claimed engine is legal or will pass future technical inspections — “let the buyer beware” engines are claimed as is. Claimant must provide certified funds or cash in the amount of $2500 USD. Claimed engine will be delivered to the Claimant under the supervision of the event Technical Director and Race Director at the end of the event. Claimed engine will be complete, less engine mount and chain/clutch cover.”

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    Walt Gifford

    Well did the claimed engine run any better?


    FAA certified jet engine and aircraft technician,
    Nicholson Speedway class champion 2001,
    Yamaha KT100 Service Center,
    41 years karting experience


    Mark Just

    Well did the claimed engine run any better? Gif

    this is wild. Like I said, this is our second season coming up and have only ran briggs. So this is something new to us.


    Thank you for the info Greg

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