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    patrick j slattery

    I heard this rumor, who thinks that is a good idea?  The wheel Manufactures,   Tire importers, maybe but for the average karter I see it as a costly move with no benefits.

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    Tim Koyen

    USPKS announced earlier this year that they and Route 66 are going to the 7.10 for juniors in 2015.  The 6.0 tire is made really for the US market, and there doesn’t seem to be a real reason to keep it around.  Just more of a pain for shops and karters to have more rims and tires in stock.

    I don’t know anything about the WKA rumor, but if the trend continues as it has, they will follow USPKS.

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    patrick j slattery

    Hey, it 5 bucks more per tire and what are we to do with all the 6:00 rim tires. I have some cheap if you know anyone that is interested


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    Ron Towles

    Rain tires? Unless they start making 7.1 rains!

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    Dan Schlosser

    Smart move all the way around. From a shop’s perspective it is less inventory to carry. We normally sit on $1000+ of 6″ tires for just one class. From a new racer perspective that is a lot of used, cheap rubber around to learn and practice on.

    The used 180mm wheels on the market will get gobbled up for rain tires in short order.

    This was a move we had inquired about probably 5-7 years ago – just seemed like a smart move for the sport in the long run.


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    patrick j slattery

    Dan, we will have to agree to disagree

    I see no benefit for the karter, only more expense.  For a kart shop, and tire importer yes,  more wheel sales and higher prices for the 7:10 tire for the karter is all I see

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