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    Robert Fisher


    I am putting my engine back on the kart, and I forgot to take pics before I took it off so now I’m not sure about my wiring (Rotax FR125 not Evo). The primary question is where does the wire circled in red go? Is it a ground wire and if so, can it just be bolted anywhere on the engine? I’m thinking it goes where the green circle is but I’m not sure.  Second question is the one in the green. I think it goes where it is but I’m not sure. It’s a little hard to see where it comes from but it comes from the connector to the right of it (where the gold wire is).One in blue I’m pretty sure it’s right but…

    Are they all ground wires that can go anywhere that isn’t a “hot wire”???

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    tony zambos

    Remove the nut circled in GREEN, attach the lug circled in RED and reinstalled the nut. The engine is now grounded to the wiring harness. Because the coil is mounted to two rubber isolators, the jumper wire is necessary to bring the ground over to the coil.
    If you have a harness with a second ground, just coil it up and secure it to something. It’s used with a DD2 engine.
    Safe link to operator’s manual: http://www.spellfame.co.uk/acatalog/rotaxrepairmanual.pdf

    LAD Specialties customer / tony kart / rotax / kt100

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    Robert Fisher

    Ah, fantastic thanks! The diagram in the document you posted is different then the other ones I was seeing, hence my doubt. This one seems to be the best one I’ve seen.

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