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    Mike Bruce

    Someone please help me understand why we run so much toe out on sprint chassis. I raced circle track for years and had gotten to the point that I knew when I had to much toe out in the car. But we only ran about 1/16″ of an inch.

    Now that I’m in a sprint kart, I am being told to run 2mm each side which seems to be a lot to my inexperienced mind. Especially when the ackerman  adjustments have the front wheels turning so much apart from each other.

    I’m not doubting history and chassis gurus, but I don’t understand why we toe out 4mm total then have ackerman toeing it out another wild amount when we turn the steering wheel 10 degrees?




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    Steen Carstensen

    The 4 mm toe out would be the measurement with the kart on the stand. Put the kart on the ground with the driver in it, and you will see the difference.

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    TJ Koyen

    As Steen said, when you put the kart on the ground, that 2mm per side will come back in to about 1mm or neutral each side.

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    Mike Bruce

    Ok, thanks guys !! I have not checked toe with me in the kart. Makes sense.

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    Gary Lawson

    All the info given is spot on. Sprint kart are much more flexible than oval karts so the gain more negative camber under load which leads to more toe in. A kart I drove today gained 3mm total when loaded

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