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    andy graham

    Just wondering out loud….x30s seem like such a great option for tag, but I rarely hear about one on the podium….I’m sure someone hear could enlighten me…I gurss the leopard revs higher so more competitive, and I understand skusa doesn’t allow them bout lots of other bodies do.  So for a seemingly great package that’s been available for years, why not more success in tag classes?

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    Mark Dismore Jr.

    Because if the Leopard went away you’d have a lot of people with $3000 boat anchors. The X30 is a quality package but making everyone switch wouldn’t be good for karting, it would have to be a gradual change over.

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    Mike Unger

    Well put.

    The X30 is certainly the motor for the future.

    At at the same time the Leopard is going to be around for a while.

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    TJ Koyen

    It hasn’t been available for nearly as many years as Leopard has. And there are a LOT of Leopards out there. The majority of people aren’t going to run out and buy a brand new 3k engine as Mark said when they have a perfectly good Leopard still running competitively.

    Having driven both, I can say they are both great engines and both can win big races.

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    Matt Dixon

    They are already offering a buy back/ trade in deal right now, plus I understand that they stopped producing parts.

    IMO the phase out has already begun

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      Jeff Salak

      Matt I think your right. From what I heard IAME wants to discontinue Leopard. The only thing stopping it would be US market. Im sure there are enough Leopard engines and parts at shops in stock to keep it going for a few years. At what point do they stop running Leopard. Most likely when dealers have run out of parts.

      At some point National level they will change to x-30. Club tracks will allow Leopards for many years to come I would think.

      Just like the Sonik and other Tag engines, it will be a boat anchor.

      Dennis I road race CES series and dont believe Ive seen an X-30 on track. Maybe WKA racers have raced them. I would think they would do good on a road track. Us CES guys love our Rotax engines!!!

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    Dennis Chappell

    Has anyone road raced the x30 yet? If so what are your thoughts.

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    Dennis Chappell


    We run CES also (Shifter, sometimes Rotax) and have never seen the X30. Was wondering if anyone else had. Yes Rotax is a good package for road racing. We have one for sale (with a tub full of new parts) if you know anyone looking for one.

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    TJ Koyen

    As far as seeing it ran in WKA. I believe Chris Wehrheim ran one at Norway in Man Cup and lost to his teammate who was on a Rotax. So if you’re going to tell me the X30 is better than the leopard, why didn’t it out perform the Rotax?

    Exactly. We all know that a single race event with 20 competitors entered the class is the end-all-be-all determining factor on which engine is fastest.

    I raced directly against Chris there on a Leopard and battled all race long with him. He beat me. It wasn’t engine necessarily though, and I don’t think anyone said the X30 was faster than a Leopard on this thread.

    The X30’s positives don’t necessarily lie in it’s raw speed or power. It’s more reliable (supposedly), smoother to drive, and a better put together package.

    And if you look at national results from Australia where they run a similar TaG class to us and the X30 has been available for longer, the X30 is the dominant engine at the same weight as Leopard.

    The powerbands on the two engines are slightly different so a Leopard might be better on some tracks and the X30 will be better on some tracks. Overall in terms of speed, they’re pretty equal though. Like I said, I’ve driven both. I finished 5th in TaG at Daytona a couple years back on an X30 and I finished 2nd last year on a Leopard. Both are good engines.

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    Mark Dismore Jr.

    Derek Dignan won a WKA race with an X30 at Mooresville.

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    Jim Russell, Jr

    Regarding the rumors I keep hearing about parts discontinuation of the Leopard.

    85% of the X30 parts are shared with the Leopard. So the X30 would also discontinue if the Leopard parts stopped.

    I have no clue who or why these rumors start but remember the IAME factory is in the business of making and selling parts and engines. They still produce the K55, a 30+ year old engine, and its parts because customers are purchasing them. Same will be true for any engine that production volume will be high enough to meet minimum quantity units.

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    Bill Wright

    I added the X30 to FWT Formula Kart Racing TaG Senior and Junior classes in 2011. We’ve seen them on pole and on all steps of the podium on multiple occasions.

    Of course it’s TaG, and we have to monitor the performance and make weight adjustments depending on the track, but I’d say our results speak for themselves regarding parity.

    Comments I’ve heard is the X30 reliability is considerably improved over the Leopard.

    Daytona should be interesting…….


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    Kirk Towles

    New WKA class is parilla junior…leopard 25mm header, X30 29mm header. bet you will see a swing in the market soon

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    Michael Rutter

    From what I have heard the X30 gets blown away by most leopards,
    The difference is really on the blueprinting, the leopard’s rules are much more “open” than the X30.

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    Michael Rutter

    Jim Russel is correct, I purchased two leopards and saw them for the first time tonight, The clutches are marked “X30” and a few other bits I could find the X30 markings.  I hope that my leopard won’t become a “$3000 boat anchor” but ya never know these days.

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    Myles bland

    I believe IAME wants to phase out the leopards just because of money…Figure IAME has made a ton off of the leopard. The market is flooded with leopards, so you get everyone who has bought a leopard to buy an X30 and you’re a genius! Even with the buy back IAME is still making money since the X30 and leopard are fairly similar. Since everyone and their sister has a leopard, lets phase it out and get everyone and their sister to buy the X30! Marketing brilliancy!

    On the flip side take Briggs and Stratton for example. The Raptor flathead in comparison to the market with the leopard was the same and a very sucessful engine, ..Very flooded and everyone who raced 4 cycle had one. Briggs announced the ol reliable flathead would no longer be produced and the animal wasn’t a huge success like the flathead. That backfired on B/S very quickly, but they took the risk thinking that everyone who had a flathead would buy the animal, and unfortunately it didn’t take off.  The point of it was that the development had plateaued and the profit vs cost for B/S wasn’t there anymore, because everyone already had one! Create a new design and hope people buy it. I know at that time everyone here in Kansas City had a Flathead, and when the flathead went away we all switched to 2 Cycle, didn’t see the desire and benefit of the animal.

    As far as seeing it ran in WKA. I believe Chris Wehrheim ran one at Norway in Man Cup and lost to his teammate who was on a Rotax. So if you’re going to tell me the X30 is better than the leopard, why didn’t it out perform the Rotax?

    I don’t think you’ll ever get rid of the leopard and rotax’s. Very cost effective and very reliable unless you’re on the national level cranking every bit of power out you can, but that’s racing!

    In my belief I will always own a leopard until something comes around and puts it to shame.

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