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    Todd Kageals


    I’m chasing a lean condition on my CR125 shifter and am trying to eliminate all possibilities.  I have noticed that I am missing the rubber boot that goes on the top of the carburetor around the throttle cable.  Where can I get this part?  It did not come with carb and I just assume it’s not a Honda part since the PWK I have on there is not the original Honda carb.



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    Bill Schmidt

    Any place that sells keihin carb parts will have that part for sale.

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    James O’Brien

    These are nice too Todd


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    Brad Alan

    If you’re back at the track before you get the appropriate boot, just wrap it with electrical tape.  It will work for the day and will let you know if that’s the problem quickly…

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    Rod Balding

    The boot might help , but I doubt it , you will still be sucking a certain amount of air through the cable housing , you can use a piece of fuel line and a zip tie to hold the cable housing to the carb top

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