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    Paul Lopez

    Does anyone know of or where to get or have long shaft spindles with a 17mm shaft thickness and 8mm thickness kingpin bolt? I own an Easykart and i am trying to achieve a wider front track width. MY spindle currently has a 3.25 inch shank. This measurement is from the step to the beginning of the threads.  I would like to know if there are any other spindles out there that have a longer shank.

    Any other questions or input is greatly appreciated. I am not well versed in this area so i am trying to explain what i am looking for and the measurements as accurate as possible.

    Thank you


    Dan Schlosser

    Are you running front hubs or using direct spindle mount wheels?  If you aren’t using hubs currently you can achieve what you want a lot easier and probably cheaper with a set of 17mm hubs and hub mount front wheels.

    The Easykart is just a Birel R30 though and any of the newer style Birel spindles are heftier and give you additional width.

    If you are really set on changing spindles though here is a page from Comet Kart Sales showing the different Freeline options.  You have #1, the #3 is an easy swap and still has a 17mm shaft to accommodate your current wheels or hubs. The #5 is a nice piece but will require new 22mm hubs as well as the spindles.




    Brian Degulis

    Wildkart makes 3 17MM hubs with bearings pressed in. Short medium and long. The medium is what’s on most sprint karts it will give you the width your looking for. Just get a pair of them around $50 and some metric pattern wheels and your all set.



    Paul Lopez

    thanks guys for your suggestions. Also i was concerned about the offset of the wheels that mount to hubs. I do have two sets of hub mount front wheels with different widths and offsets. I can get the measurements up soon.

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