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    Walt Gifford

    Do you think a kart can be so worn out that no part of it is worth saving? What happens to a kart that is completely shot. Do they end up in the back of someones basement or back yard, do they go to the junk yard? There must be a ton of karts out there somewhere rusting.



    James McMahon

    I think its a great question and I’ve often wondered myself. I guess most endup buried in garages. Shame in many ways as they could be given to schools, youth programs and soforth and have a new lease of life.


    Roberto Perez

    There is a 1997 PCR somewhere in the attic in my garage, probably has spider webs …




    How about an iRacing Frame. I’m looking for an old trashed out frame that I can blast, paint and mount some monitors on. It’d be perfect.


    Clark Gaynor Sr.

    We usually sell them before they’re  junk.  But my son converted an old shifter chassis into a bomb proof yard kart, with a Honda 4 stoke on it.  Can’t break a racing chassis in the back yard!!  I almost feel sorry for it, but it does NOT break—and you can get parts for it!

    The Play Station/IRacing seat idea has some merit.  But even a bare frame isn’t light or easy to store.  I think some of the purpose built game chairs might be a better buy, AND they’re all ready to go.

    Just sayen’



    Gary Smith

    Well, this brings up a sore subject. I gladly threw my 2003 Biesse B3  away after only 25 hours on the chassis. It broke at the rear bearing hangers on both sides of the frame rails. Of course I stripped it of all valuable hardware except that vulnerable lower steering shaft bearing that would wear out after 3 hours of use and is different than any kart made. I did manage to retro-fit the 50mm axle rear brake assembly onto a 40mm axle kart.


    Honda CR80 #55


    Russ Kemple

    We would gladly take your old kart for an Arrive and Drive kart at Mid-State Kart Club.

    We also re-cycle trophies.  If you have boxes of old trophies in your attic or garage, we would like to have them.   Russ Kemple – Mid-State Kart Club


    Lawrence Doty

    Donated a couple of cadet chassis’s to the local club for Arrive-n-drive.

    Traded an old Emmick to another forum member so he could fix it up and hang it on the wall. I got an old LTO kart that I wish I had more time for…

    Currently run another old Emmick just for fun in the 4cycle class at the track.



    John Matthews

    I think they mostly go to guys who think it’s a good idea to put some giant motorcycle engine on them….


    Some people shouldn’t be allowed to reproduce.


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