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    Paul Kish

    I see or use to see karts on the web with wings on the back and read they were 250 cc karts.  Basically where can I go watch sprint type kart big stuff this next racing season.  Not lay down enduro karts, but the big engine stuff, what ever it happens to be in 2016.


    I saw a race listed in Indiana in July I’d like to go see which is close enough to day drive too.  But without a lot of research I couldn’t understand from the classes, engine size and hp potential.  Thought I’d ask on here to find out what the big engines of 2016 are, so I can make effort to go see a race.


    thank you



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    Todd Baker

    Where are you located? The NCK is hosting a race at Laguna Seca  on January 9th. There should be a large field of 250cc karts there.

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    James McMahon

    250 superkarts are what I think you are talking about? Some are single cylinder (ICE) some are twins. Many drivers run the likes of CRF450’s also. Even if that’s not what you’re thinking, it’s about as fast as you’re going to get. Jonny west had a gixxer based superkart TAG project going a few years ago that was positively insane.

    Anyway, you won’t see them on a typical sprint course, too tight for them to flex their power but they usually run in “unlimited” type classes in road racing on the big tracks like Mid Ohio, Infineon and so on.

    See if there’s a road race near you, tweak the search distance if you need to:


    I’m still working on adding the remaining road race events in the US. I think I have about 30% captured there right now.

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    Paul Kish

    Thank you, I’m east of Mid Ohio and the Race in Indiana I saw in July.  Mid Ohio is not a long drive for me.  Spectator wise, I quit going to long tracks because of not being able to see much of the track from any vantage point.  I do though want to make and see this year a big stuff left/right kart race.  Sounds like UAS power on a road course and sounds like fun to watch and for those riding the things.  … :)


    again thank you James

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