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    patrick j slattery

    Is it my imagination or has the amount of participation in this forum decreased significantly since they went to the new format


    David Cole

    Hi Patrick,

    Numbers decrease some before the move to the new forum, and yes, probably lost a few people with the move. Memberships continue to stream in, as the readership stays consistent. Many have gone from getting involved in conversations to just viewing. Many use social media instead. We still however are the hub of karting, and many new racers to the sport come here to ask the questions, get tips, and are directed to some of the best businesses in the industry to purchase their next product.


    tony zambos


    It is the off season here in Chicago as it is in Ohio and it’s too cold here to work in an unheated garage.  If people are not working on their karts maybe karting is not on their minds, hence the fewer.   I’m sure there will be more people on the EKN forums as the racing season approaches.   There seems to be a fair number asking questions and getting good answers.  While it’s a shame that EKN lost some if its participants because of the new forum format, it is still the best source of information next to your local kart shop and a lot easier to go to.


    Alan Michel

    and some may be blocked at the moment.    I wasnt able to post anythign or reply for a while until I wrote ekartingnews about it this week.


    reason:    I needed to change my profile name to show both First and Last name.  Funy thing… I had already done done months ago, but account was still blocked. 


    that MIGTH be another reason… not sure.



    It seems like to me it has slowed down to, especially since the change, it just doesn’t seem to have the same amount of participation from people. I hope it will pick back up soon.

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