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    Ray Chiappe

    Any word out there on how much longer Honda is going to be making 2 cycle parts??


    Matt Dixon

    Long enough…


    Benn Herr

    No reason to stop. They don’t actually make the all parts – vendors do most of them. And as for Toms favorite “out of production” motorcycle engine, I’d bet that all the parts are made to Honda specs by outside vendors. All Honda has to do is manage the process and that’s something they do with all their products. No new engineering costs, very low tooling costs, just some accounting and processing costs. As long as the demand is there and the parts are selling (and they’re making money) why stop?


    Tim Pappas

    I heard they were done at the end of 2014 because they are an out of production motorcycle engine.  We will all buy KZ’s and live happily ever after because they are a kart engine built to current specs that doesn’t have to be built.

    Really, I just read it on the internet.


    James McMahon

    I think the bottom line is nobody really knows. We can all guess and apply our own theories/rationale but I think that’s about it.

    Homologation info for the CRF250 package started circling about a year ago.


    Keith Bridgeman

    They will never stop making CR125 parts mainly due to all they money they make from shifter Kart kits in the US.   I mean, its like thoasands of dollars and Honda really needs that money. 

    The trustly 99 CR125 will make it to its 20 year anniversary for sure.



    Thomas Barth

    For automobiles the minimum period for building service parts is 7 years I believe. Don’t know if it’s same for motorcycles.


    johnny brooks

    Honda  is well known as the leader for supplying parts for its legacy products. They are still producing many parts for all their bikes going way back. A quick check at Service Honda and their online system goes back to 1974 with a folder named ‘models with no year’ below that with numerous models listed.

    My brother was able to order a carb kit for his vintage Honda Trail 90…..no problem.

    I think Stock Honda is safe for quite a while yet….plus you can still get service manuals! 🙂


    Chris Reinhardt

    I was just about done with MX when the vintage craze hit in the early 90’s.  When the demand started with parts for the old Elsinores, 73/74 vintage, Honda responded with creating replacement parts, even the original aluminum fuel tanks!!!!  With HPD involved,, they know what’s going on, if there’s a demand, they will still make parts….

    I figure about the time Honda decides to pull the plug 99 CR125 kits, 2 strokes would have been abolished from the planet,  welcome in CRF250!!!!



    Thomas Barth

    We won’t see Honda 4 stroke on a kart anytime soon (thank the Lord for little favors). And when it does come the service manual will look like the yellow pages.

    Why the concern about service manuals anyway? Are the Hondas that complicated?


    Jeff DeMello

    We are not wizards like you Tom


    Tim Pappas

    <div class=”d4p-bbp-quote-title”>Thomas Barth wrote:</div>
    We won’t see Honda 4 stroke on a kart anytime soon (thank the Lord for little favors). And when it does come the service manual will look like the yellow pages. Why the concern about service manuals anyway? Are the Hondas that complicated?


    johnny brooks

    News Releases

    2013 Honda North American Motorsports Overview
    3/20/2013 7:17:00 PM
    AHM and HPD make Honda CR125 engine parts and rebuild kits available to kart racers and builders throughout the United States via The Honda Racing Line. The Honda two-stroke engine is used in the popular Spec Honda/Stock Moto classes by a variety of karting sanctioning bodies. The Honda Racing Line offers racers a new source for CR125 parts, engine-rebuild kits and technical support. HPD works with sanctioning bodies to ensure the Honda CR125 program continues to grow and succeed.
    As in 2012, HPD will again offer support programs for competitors using the Honda CR125 engine package during the SKUSA ProTour and WKA Dunlop Tire Road Race series seasons, as well as all SKUSA PKC series.
    HPD also offers an exciting and innovative new package, a fuel-injected, four-stroke CRF250 engine, featuring a complete engine/chassis install kit to help get racers on track. The CRF250 provides longer intervals between top-end changes, and offers the ease of using pump gas, resulting in an unmatched driving experience.


    Chris Reinhardt

    Thank god karts will never get 4 strokes 🙂


    Valentin Yakimenko

    Never say never. .lol

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