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    Dustyn Foster

    I am interested in getting into the karting scene and have started researching used Karts.  I found and k3 with a  LO206  close by but outside of engine wear I am unaware how to tell if I am getting a decent chassis or a good deal. Is there a wear threshold on a frame like X amount of races? Or should I treat it like a typical frame and check for stress cracks?  Any help would be appreciated.


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    David Cole

    Welcome to EKN Dustyn. If you are referring to a Margay K3 kart, I’m sure you can find out what year it is. Find more about them at http://www.margay.com/

    It’s a great chassis to start off in the sport, along with the Briggs 206 engine.

    If it’s a good deal, go for it and you can always upgrade the chassis when you become more familiar with the kart and racing.

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