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    I am trying to rebuild my crg brake calipers but unsure what model they are. Wondering if anyone could help me with that. Since i cant post a pic it may be hard. Anyways its a 05 kali shifter chassis. The calipers are black mogo aluminum? i need to know if they are ven05 or ven99. Any help would be great!

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    Chris Rock
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    Well my calipers have allen screws to bleed. So they shoukd be ven99. Any chance they could be anything else?

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    Eric Alexander

    The CRG Kali 125 chassis around that year may have used 2000-up brakes as well.  2000-up has double calipers on a drilled rotor.  Also the 2000-up on the 125 chassis’ utilized twin master cylinders with independent brake lines run to each caliper.

    Take a picture and post it and I’m sure someone can positively ID.

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    I’m going with ven99. Don’t have drilled rotors and from the pics I believe it is that style. thanks for the info.

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