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    Jim Russell, Jr

    some kind of Briggs on a Clark yard kart tearing up the empty field next to the shop. Then when I turned 10 Briggs on dirt oval.

    Been on just about anything you can think of since then.


    Bill Cox

    Started as an adult.

    HPV.  But my size and weight were a penalty.  Still a good place to begin.

    Moved to the 80cc shifter; then to the Stock Honda 125cc shifter (dream ride).

    As an adult, I would point anyone to the TaG as a good place to begin.


    Bret Moreland

    Started with a Mac 91 (1978), then a Mac 91A.  Also drove a K88, Open Mac 91 and an Open Mac 101 (an absolute Rocket).  Ran everything Sprint, Dirt, and Laydowns and Sprints on RR tracks.  Left karting in 1984.  Got back into karting in 2011 with a PRD running TAG and open 125, tried sprints (not my cup of tea to old and fat), but RR only now and love it.


    Kerry Matthews

    Like Bill, I started late in life, at 45 y.o.  I started with a TaG, then bought a second one for my then g/f.  Ran the TaG’s for the first couple of years sprint racing, but discovered road racing late in my second year running karts.  As soon as I went road racing, I knew I needed a Stock Honda.  Bought one a year later.  The TaG’s were driving me nuts with all the problems keeping them running.  The Honda’s are SO nice to run!  And people wonder why I have a spare Honda in my trailer…  It’s because I used to run TaG, and you needed a spare engine!  Man, after running those pain in the butt TaG’s for a couple of seasons, I can’t say that I’d be too quick to steer anyone towards one, especially a beginning karter. I’d probably steer a new karter towards a KT 100.


    Ryan Schartau



    johnny brooks

    1969…got to drive my brothers A-Bone w/ Mac 91A…Sundays in parking lots…age 14. Only a few times that summer.

    Nothing else until 16 years later, found the Woodbridge Kart Club and started racing with a used Elite laydown powered by an LMR 100cc controlled.


    James McMahon

    Jumped in the deep end with a Formula A. Not the way I’d recommend as there’s not many driving experiences that compare.


    Joel Giacometti

    2 cycle

    West Bend 510 bushing PTO




    Lyle Clark

    Mac 91A in the late 70’s on the dirt tracks in south east Iowa.


    John Crider

    My first motor was a Mc-10 I got for X-Mas when I was 13. When I was told it was obsolete and non competitive it broke My heart but it was still fast and fun and I wish I still had it. It’s worth a bit more then the $35.00 My Dad paid for it. So I saved My paper route money for 3 or 4 months and got a Mc-91A. As for a new Karter. If Your Enduro racing either a B&S Animal or any good Piston Valve motor is easy to get Your feet wet with then decide for yourself what Your goals and aspirations are. This is all My opinion and You know what’s said about them. Happy Karting.


    Britt Robinson

    Harbor Freight clone. Raced that for 3 years. Now happily starting my 3rd year of shifting.

    '13 Velox SK1 - CR125 -
    4th place finisher on a good day @ Tri-City Kart Club, Richland, WA


    Eric Gunderson

    The Comer K 80, Jr.1 in a Tecno Kart. Wonder where it is now….



    Evan Fraser

    Started at age 26 after a lot of volunteering experience around the local sports car track.  Vortex Rok 125 on a 2002 Tonykart Mitox.  Broke a lot, learned a lot.  If I were to do it over again I would start with (and recommend) an LO206, it just wasn’t very prevalent at our track at the time.

    Evan Fraser

    #43 - Formula K FK01 / Briggs LO206

    West Coast Kart Club


    patrick hubbell

    Mac 91B1 , ran Reed Jr.   next was a Yamaha KT100 piston port sr.  Honda 80cc. And Horstman HPV.  Tag Leopard.


    Oliver Kell

    Jumped in the deep end with a Formula A. Not the way I’d recommend as there’s not many driving experiences that compare.

    First kart I drove, same thing. FA. I still remember being out with friends for dinner 2-3 hours later. I was literally bouncing around the booth from the adrenaline still pumping through my system.

    My first kart was a TK Extreme with a PCR engine the same generation as a TT75. I HATED the pos Mikuni carb on that thing!


    Paul Lopez

    im 28 and when i was 10 i started with a 5hp flathead briggs. Most fun ever!

    Keeping the sport of kart driving fun and pure. Creator of Lo Speed Karting Team a cool non-competitive bunch of local people. Check out our site "LoSpeedKarting.weebly.com"

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