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    Samir Shah

    What do you think of ‘brake checking’ by the kart in front, when a driver in the rear is rapidly catching up.

    Is this something that that should be protested? Is it legal?

    Most rules require protests to be in writing right after the race, in a limited amount of time, so too late to do anything now, but I’d be interested in your opinions.

    Thanks, Samir.


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    Greg Wright

    The rub comes with identifying what constitutes a “brake check”. It’s very hard to prove when the offender is just going to say “I let off, hit the brakes and he nailed me from behind!!”

    Unless totally blatant it’s a hard call to make, not supporting the practice but I doubt it will stop.

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    Samir Shah

    The problem is that the flaggers have so much to watch for, they miss stuff like this. On the video from my son’s gopro which I only reviewed last night after discussing why he lost time on the car ride back, it’s pretty clear. But will any official even look at that? Video does not seem to feature in any rule book. Any is there any point complaining about it after a day?


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    Greg Wright

    Honestly I don’t think so.

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    Samir Shah

    I just uploaded the video, would like your thoughts on whether that was brake checking. Around 12:04.

    Thanks, Samir


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      William Martin

      It’s amazing how much speed is scrubbed by a kart that gets “sideways” for a moment! Think that’s all that happened there.

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    Mike Bruce

    Looked like good racing to me. My guess is the guy in front of your kart lost momentum causing a chain reaction. JMO

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    Samir Shah

    Thank you. Really appreciate the input. I’m actually happy that you guys think that it’s fair racing and not ‘dirty’. I’ve been very impressed by this group of racers, and want my son to be able to trust them when he is pushing.


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    Gary Lawson

    He was tryng to cross underneath the guy in front of him and the guy pinched him into the curb so he lifted and your son got into him. Definitely did not look intentional.

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    Yeah, that was totally non intentional, looks like they had a good battle going on, passing each other back and forth before your Son got there.

    This is the typical factor that takes place when 2 karts on the lead are battling for position, they start losing time and the kart behind them benefits from all that fighting they’re doing.

    And yes, he was trying to recover and cross the other driver when your Son got there. Good driving from all of them by the way.

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    TJ Koyen

    Doesn’t appear to be a brake-check, just someone having to lift for the kart in front. I concur with the rest of the guys here.

    Honestly, I would say that I’ve never seen anyone brake-check another kart before. It’s just not a legitimate strategy in most cases.

    Now, I will say at Badger Raceway, the last corner sets up some interesting driving. It’s a tight 180 hairpin and one of the tricks there when defending is to drive in on the bottom “park it” right in the middle of the corner if someone is close to you. They’ll have no choice but to give you a little tap and help you off the corner, giving you a gap. It’s not really brake-checking, more just slowing down mid-corner to make sure you hit the apex with your early entry line. Otherwise they’ll cross you over on exit and drag race you down the front straight.

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