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    Chris Wheeler

    As the days get closer to my first attempt at promoting an event, I find myself asking what the racers want? What to the parents or sponsors want? Just an open thought…

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    TJ Koyen

    The highest competition and professionalism.

    The USOoD looks like a cool event for sure. It’s something unique and it’s got my interest.

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    Walt Gifford

    Pay low entry fee and not get nickel and dimed with allot of hidden fees.


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    Ted Hamilton

    Good value for my money — lots of track time without hidden fees, and a family-friendly environment with good food and bathrooms.

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    Oliver Kell

    I went racing for the first time in years this spring.
    It was a MESS. No one could tell me when the track was going to open, drivers’ meeting etc.
    …and they wondered why turn out is brutal.

    Posting a schedule that is realistic and sticking to it shows a lot. Make sure you have adequate time between sessions and arr organized!

    pre registration makes life a lot easier and make sure your credit/debit processing machine works!

    Also doesn’t hurt to listen to racers if and when issues present themselves and provide good value.


    Britt Robinson


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    Roberto Perez

    Track Time……..
    These days we have way too many classes……….
    5 classes should only exist……..
    KIDS 5-7
    Sportsman 8-11
    Juniors 12-15
    Seniors 15-34
    Masters 35+


    Lance Duhon

    here is a sample of our schedule.


    We also have another series in Lafayette, La thats only 206 senior and junior.  So nice to have two series that dont take longer than 3/4 of a day.


    Evan Fraser

    I agree.  Organisation.  Clear scheduling.  Solid communication.

    And THE TRUTH.

    Evan Fraser

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    Tim Koyen

    Before trying to understand what your customers want, you need to first define who your customers are.

    If your customers are pro level dirt racers, they want something different than club level sprint racers.  Determine what your market is, then ask them what makes a great event.

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    andy graham

    here’s something that I’ve been wondering out loud about for the past few months, but havent found a solid answer to yet…consider this…..

    motocross, especially amongst youngsters (12 and under), is BOOMING in the state of FL and has been for a number of years.  One track near Tampa regularly draws 500+ entrants for it monthly local series races, most being kids under the age of 15.

    I’ve been wondering, why does MX, with all its known dangers draw so many while karting struggles to keep its head above water in the same state/area.  Would be interested to hear some thoughts on this.


    patrick j slattery

    It seems like many clubs and org’s. tend to try and please as many customers (racers) vs doing what is right for the majority.  The biggest problem as I see it is way too many classes with little track time for the dollar spent.   Someone mentioned 5 classes but really,  the tracks need to have as many entry’s as possible to survive.


    One kid kart class

    two sportsman

    two juniors

    two seniors

    and one Masters

    That is 9 classes, should be something for everyone and not to many to get some decent track time.  WKA thinks they are doing something great by going from 13 to 12 but that is still way to many IMHO



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