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    Brian Terpstra

    I run a CRG Blackstar with a LO206 on asphalt sprint tracks.  My weights are:LF 75, RF 70, LR 106, RR 116.  The balance is 40% front and 60% rear.  A couple of questions.  What is the best and hopefully simplest way to balance out the front across and rear across?  In other words, 72.5 at both front wheels and 111 at both rear wheels.  Also, if I want to shift some weight forward to achieve more of a 45% front and 55% rear would I do this by lowering the front or raising the rear?

    thank you all

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    Chuck hurlbert

    Believe you want 42/58 front to back and 50/50 on the diagonal. You will never get all four corners the same.

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    brian downing

    Lowering the front or rear will change the center of gravity and effect side bite and handling. You need to leave this for chassis tuning.

    Can you move the seat?
    Do you already have added weights? If so start with moving those.

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    Brian Terpstra

    I have 5lb’s of lead mounted to the left side of the seat.  I was hoping there was an easier way than moving the seat.  What is the best way to move the struts that are welded to the frame?

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    Jim White

    What you have is cross weight. You can probably get pretty close by simply lowering the right front spindle one washer. That will probably add 3 to 5 lbs to the right front and left rear. If that’s not enough then raise the left front spindle one washer. Your chassis probably has a little bit of twist in it which is somewhat normal for a used chassis. Many times the twist can be easily taken out but will usually return if you run predominantly at the same track.

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    Gary Lawson

    If you have room to move the seat forward an inch or so that’s what you should do. Many times you can move the pedals forward the same amount and remain comfortable. If the seat is as far forward as possible then take your 5# weight and move it to the front. Your side to side is very close as far as seat position. Assuming your camber, toe, stagger, and air pressure are all set then the Rf needs bent down slightly. Probably about an 1/8″ at most. You can get the fronts even and the rear within 5 if you get it perfect.
    As mentioned do not move your ride height to change front weight. It won’t do much anyway.

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    Brian Terpstra

    Gary,  I do not have room to move the seat forward, I am 6’2″ and have a hard enough time already fitting.  How would I go about bending the right front down?

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