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    Keith Bridgeman

    First off, Ekarting is the best and has been since SKI was being shipped to me.

    But,  There needs to be some new ideas of articles or something.   It seems like a very basic race weekend write ups are the norm.

    Back in the SKI days there was the page that had cool tech stuff that was seen around the pits.  What new creative stuff are being doing to their karts.   Lets get some more technology stuff on here.

    Do some equipment comparisons

    How about a spotlight on racers that are moving karting forward or helping others at the track in some way.  Let people write in their ideas.  (Example someone who lets two others use his karts so they can race instead of going home or lets other drive a kart he as to see what its like)

    Instead of writing about the race let a few drivers do a weekend write up on their view of how thing went.  Kind of like Gary Carlton as always done.  These are good reads.  Do these from many different series so it puts the spotlight on that series.

    Top euro guys were over and drove our Stock Moto engines at one of our larger events.  What did they think.   That would have been interesting.

    Put up a page or area on the site where any series can submit a write up on their weekend races.

    The morning coffee article was a good idea.

    I don’t know, many of these things might have been done at one time or another but I’m just kind of board.   The forums are pretty dead now so try out some new stuff.



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    Nick George

    tech stuff would be cool.. “how toos”  and “tech” articles..

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    Nick George



    How to:  align front end

    How to: rebuild stock moto

    How to: properly shim clutch

    How to: make your Kart race ready

    How to: Setup help

    How to: properly read a spark plug

    Proper Tire wear

    99 vs 01 honda – pros and cons

    how to bullet proof your Comer

    etc… etc…


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    TJ Koyen

    I miss KartSport Magazine and the badass attitude and style it had. And the amazing photos of karts but also grid girls and track babes. Karting needs that kind of style and badassery.

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    Tim Pappas

    Those kartsport guys were a bunch of clowns.

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    Rod Hawkins

    Agree 100%!!!! I have a few other hobbies and visit sites on a regular basis to feel my interest and learn more. This sport has by far been the hardest to learn about. And it isn’t even close.

    I understand the lack of magazines on the shelf, but I am really surprised at the lack of tech info, product tests, and DIY stuff.

    Know how hard it is to tune a kart without some pro sitting next to you all day at the track. Just to find baseline info and ask questions regarding, “if my kart does …… Around these types of corners, how do I begin to solve that problem?”.

    Lukily I know a couple people that do give me some advice, but I get tired of bugging them, so I go back to guessing.

    Examples. What should the baseline set up be for me at XYZ track running my Birel R31 with a kpv?


    Since I hate the OTK brakes so bad, how can I improve the braking power and how could one modify it to put a Birel brake on an OTK (I have seen this done using a custom bracket, but I don’t feel too comfortable asking how to do it, since the person is so busy, but it seems like an easy enough modification people would talk about it.).


    How to modify the 180mm OTK brakes to the 206mm?

    The list goes on. I google a lot, but this sport, as technical as it is, has very little information.

    Maybe all the experts that set these things up like to keep the secrets to themselves, that’s the only thing I can think of?

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    Jeff Cross

    Just take a look at the Motocross Action Site. I know that they have a magazine to fall back on. But it’s “all” that you guys are looking for!

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    Austin Garrett

    Hey, if any manufactures want to give me free stuff to demo and write reviews, i’ll gladly write articles :) :) for starters i could use a external starter for my tag kart, a few engines, axles, etc…You get the idea..


    In all seriousness this site could benefit from some fresh material. Even a weekly or monthly blog from a well spoken racer would add something. I like the review idea but you do need to have support from manufacturers in order to do a lot of that and have a non biased opinion of the items.


    tech tips are always good.

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    Taylor Young

    Agreed. This site is mostly race write ups and press releases. It would be nice to see some more content related to the state of karting in the US, how changes in Europe could effect us (new engines, new front bumper etc), interviews with drivers, tech articles, etc. I’ve been even hearing for a few years now about how there was going to be an article about all of the newer US kart manufacturers but never saw it. I visit this site every day, most of the time it’s only for a second because the newest article is about a race that I have no interest in.  I’m sure advertising dollars would increase if there was more content to keep readers on pages longer so it would be worth the investment.

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    Rob Howden

    Thanks for the input, guys! I appreciate you taking the time to post and I can tell you that much of what you’re discussing is coming down the pipe. The launch and fine-tuning of the new EKN site was the first project, and the second assignment is to turn things up a few notches in terms of original editorial and new components for the site. We have a few new components that we’re waiting for only the necessary time to put into place, and we have lots of ideas on the editorial worksheet. We’re really excited about our plans to ‘drop the hammer’ in 2015.

    Its funny because I was just chatting with David Cole this morning about all the stuff we’ll put into motion for later in the year and into 2015. and he quickly fired me over the link to this thread. I’m glad that you enjoy my ‘Morning Coffee’ columns, and there will be much more of them.

    Any input is appreciated. We want to provide our readership with the editorial they want to read, so by letting us know, it helps the decision making over here.

    And in regards to a magazine, I am planning to bring back ‘Super Kart Illustrated’ next year in a limited run. I think it will be pretty badass.

    Rob Howden - eKartingNews.com Publisher / Editor - @RobHowden

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    mark waller

    Ha.  As TJ said, more badassery is good.

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    Keith Bridgeman

    The Super Kart Illustrated mag limited run got my attention.  That would be cool.


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    Walt Gifford

    Knowledge is power, where’s the pay off?

    I wrote up a thread about how to blueprint and modify a KT100, it got like 2 comments.


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