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    Eric Penaranda

    I picked up an excellent Tony EVR that happened to come with a Vortex RAV 3 motor which I cannot get running. It turns over quite well and at a high enough RPM to initiate detonation. Perhaps I am missing something but all wires have been checked, main plug wire trimmed back and reinstalled. Spark plug checked, etc.

    The real question is would this motor be worth keeping since the new ROK TT motors are plentiful? Any help on this motor its history and reliability would be great. Seems I cannot find anything online since the new motors have taken over. Thanks

    ~ Eric

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    Walt Gifford

    If it turns over too freely it might have a stuck ring so no ah compressiononi. If it’s definitely getting a nice blue spark you could try priming the spark plug hole with a cap full of fuel and see if it fires. If it fires and quits you might have a fuel feed problem.


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