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    David Siller

    What happened to this American chassis company? Are they still around?

    I was very interested in their VKS12 model for LO206.


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    Tim Landon

    I think Bill McLaughlin at Top Kart USA used to sell them.  I thought I saw some when I worked there a couple years ago.  I don’t think they make them anymore, but could be wrong.

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    David Siller

    Does anyone know who made them and where in Indiana? I hate to see American kart chassis efforts fail…



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    Greg Wright

    They were built by Jeff Snelling in the Indianapolis area. As far as I know they were never actually in full production. I could be wrong on that.

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    David Siller

    Tim and Greg, thanks for your information.


    I applaud any “American” effort to compete and have long supported American chassis efforts in my day. Margay, Comet Eagle, iKart, Coyote and Ionic Edge should all be supported in order for them all to thrive, grow and prosper. Too bad karts from Emmick, Nelson, Burton, Trackmagic, Mako Shark, Cobra, and many others failed to survive during the import onslaught. The imports took over for a simple reason, they are faster but much more expensive. Also these imported flexi-flyers are more easily disposable due to their paper thin tubing, therefore costs are much less to manage for newbie karters to afford. LO206 seems to be a great tool to overcome the cost restrictions of entering this family sport.

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    David Cole
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    David Siller

    David, thanks for the article! It was very informative.

    I suppose Victory Kart is toast as the phone at the website is disconnected now.

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    Dave Sharp


    At the risk of sounding redundant, I applaud you for your applause! I also agree with your assessment of the 206 class. I am part of a manufacturing team right here in Noblesville, IN that is in production of a 206 chassis right now. Not only is it made in America, it is almost 100% made in one shop. If you are interested in any more information, please contact me anytime.

    The 206 class could be the avenue for reemergence of homegrown, American ingenuity.

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