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    Jason Santander

    Leaving the sport and selling all, lack of road race opportunities, race dates on unseasonable weather dates, dates on undesireable tracks, ive lost interest.

    Pictures are on Ebay  search CRS ICC

    DOES NOT NEED ANY REBUILD. Ready to race

    This is a 2 motor deal

    CRS 1, my main prized motor:

    new Billet clutch basket/billet clutch drum, alum clutch floaters, ign coil

    completely rebuilt, all parts from CRS Italy, new crank, rod, bearings seals, piston etc. rebuilt by TSRacing in FL. have invoice to prove.

    one race day used after full rebuild. extremely fast, faster than every single 125cc at Sonoma this thanksgiving! youtube.com/infinion3

    with z58 pipe (rpm pipe), silencer, carb, airbox. cylinder is moded, inspected and perfect , 53.94 piston to spec.


    CRS2, bought this brand new in original wooden CRS crate in 2008!

    spare motor but monster fast also, motor only with ignition, new billet clutch basket. (no exhaust, carb)

    completely rebuilt, new crank rod, bearings seals, then had a piston seize, sent to TSR for bottom rebuild, verified good, cleaned and sealed.

    cylinder was sent to Millenium, then sent to Joe White for lite mod work.

    new piston top end/cylinder work.

    roughly 20 minutes of run time after all work, timing set by Cambrian.

    Both motors stock timing, stock carb, stock exhaust.

    comes with 2 fuel pumps, extra lightly seized cylinder, fixable by Millenium, head and top cover. extra new reed, reed cage.

    Will come with custom 19 & 20t gears alone cost $300 each!


    serious only jason 408-718-1756  $3000 im absolutely firm with $3000.

    These motors are stil being built in Italy, parts are actually available and not as expensive as you might think. TSR orders parts for these motors.

    I had a TM K9B on my birel and a CRS on my other birel and the CRS was a faster motor in big tracks.



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    Jason Santander

    posted on ebay

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    Jason Santander

    you road racers, this is the motor you want if you want to fly.

    google the homologation on a crs s88,


    gearbox ratios make it real suited for road racing.

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