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    Rick Davis

    After having my truck stolen while in route to buy karts, I, and probably most on here should look into some sort of system to protect their equipment. I had insurance on my truck, but that still doesn’t make me feel any better about the loss of my truck, it took me months to find the truck I wanted, just as it has for the karts I am buying. I want to keep my property, and at this point my wife won’t (rightfully so, don’t think I am not getting a “I told you so”) buy another truck and a trailer full of karting equipment without something to protect or track it down if it is stolen.
    Sorry for long rant, I am in the market for any and all this to protect my property. I would prefer to deal with the karting community, so any info, ideas, companies, or experiences would be greatly appreciated.
    Rick Davis
    PS: private messages are ok, but I would rather see this info posted for everyone’s benefit and use.

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    Contact Lyle from Trailer-alarms .com   he is on ekarting and facebook.


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    Lyle Clark

    Thanks Jim.

    Rick, feel free to give me a call/e-mail and let me know what you are looking for specifically. I can customize almost any kind of security solution.

    Check this for basic info. https://trailer-alarms.com/comparealarms.htm



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    Lyle Clark



    Many thanks for the order. It will be there tomorrow.




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