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    William Weiler

    I have a Toyota Corolla. I thought I would buy a trailer and hitch at Harbor Freight to transport my Kart when I get one. Is towing with this car model a really bad idea? My friend says I have to do 55mph by law. Is this true?

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    William Martin

    In California, yes, 55mph while towing. Try not to get run over by the BIG trailers going 70+! No idea about the choice of tow vehicle, it does seem kind of wimpy for towing though.


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    William, I’m a certified technician. Is this corolla equipped with automatic transmission, or manual ( stick shift )

    That little car is capable of doing that every now and then, the only issue is that if you do it very very often that little transmission will give out, even if the trailer is a small one, I still wouldn’t recommend it for too long.

    This may be an ok option for the time being, but eventually you will need a bigger pick up truck, van, or a combination of truck/van and enclosed trailer. My 2 cents. FastFreddy.

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    William Weiler

    It is automatic. That is the idea though, just for now. Not every weekend and 1hr to 2hrs one way. It has 2 lower speeds for hills and a button to take it out of overdrive.

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    John Mulvihill


    Mileage on the vehicle may make a difference. Change the ATF often (and correctly-not all shops do.  You need to get all old ATF out of the system and many shops don’t do it right. Sometimes only half.

    The bigger the diameter of the tires on the trailer the better.  Radials have less rolling resistance than bias.  Keep tire pressure high. Balance the tires.  They will last longer with less drag.

    Aerodynamics of trailer also make a difference.  Move air around the wheels like most tractor tire rigs with panels and suck in after the wheels.

    Keep trailer as narrow as you can to keep it behind the tow vehicle.





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